TJA Statement to remember the Yezidi Genocide of 3 August 2014

Dear Women, Friends

On August 3, 2014, Êzidî (Yezidi) people, who have fought for existence, experienced the 74th genocidal massacre in their history in the witness of the whole world. Tens of times, Êzidîs have been subjected to attacks and massacres carried out by the male-dominated mindset having been in power for thousands of years with the help of the national state and fascist militarist understanding and exploitation of belief. Daesh, a form of deposited, ganged and militarist ruling male-dominated mindset,  drove Êzidî community to the brink of annihilation and carried out the most profound massacre on August 3 against the women, who are  the essence of life and the existence of the community. Continue reading

The 73rd genocide of the Yazidis, and building a new life – 1

Thursday, 2 Aug 2018 – 08:00


4 years have passed since the 73rd genocide of the Yazidis in Sinjar (Şengal), but tens of thousands of people are still displaced from their homes, and thousands remain captive in the hands of the terrorists who perpetrated this crime against humanity. However, the people of Sinjar survived and emerged from the genocide to build a new life.

Throughout history, the Yazidi society has faced many genocides, and in 2014 this happened once again – this time occurring in front of the eyes of world. On the fourth anniversary of this genocide, though the wounds of Sinjar have not completely healed, the Yazidi society has created a new life for themselves after surviving the killing, kidnapping, torture, and pain of this most recent genocide. Continue reading