Call for an International Day of Action against Feminicide

Let’s make August 3rd the International Day of Struggle

against Feminicide through our joint organization!

On August 3rd 2017 is the third anniversary of the genocidal attack by the so-called Islamic State (IS) on Êzidi (Yazidi) Kurds in the Northern Iraqi city of Sinjar. Starting on August 3, 2014 the attacks and massacres caused a humanitarian catastrophe but importantly had the genocidal objective of eradicating the whole Êzidi community. Women were systematically targeted within this genocide and therefore it also constitutes a feminicide.
On August 3, 2014 the world became witness to a genocidal attack by IS, having the ultimate goal of eliminating one of the oldest religious communities in the world, the Êzidis. Rendered helpless and defenceless when the peshmerga troops of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) withdrew from their positions in Sinjar without prior warning, the Êzidi community suffered systematic massacre, rape, torture, displacement, enslavement of girls and women and forced recruitment of boys as child soldiers.
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 Four years have passed since the murders of Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan and Leyla Saylemez in their office at the Kurdish Information Center in Paris. The women died by gun shots to their heads at close range, assassination style on 9th January 2013[1]. The suspect in the case, who was linked to the Turkish security services in Ankara, died in prison suddenly on 17th December, a month before his trial was due to start. There had been no prior indications of ill health. Continue reading


1. Suspect in Kurdish activist killings dies in Paris
2. Kurdish women continue their diplomatic efforts in Germany
3. Êzidî Kurdish women that escaped ISIS cruelty receive Sakharov Price
4. YPJ fighters: We will liberate not only women but also men
5.  Iran: Release Zeynab Jalalian and give her the urgent medical care she needs
6. Ocalan’s ‘Liberating Life: Women’s Revolution’ Published in Tamil
7. HDP Co-chair Yüksekdağ sends a letter to women to mark November 25
8. November 25 message from the imprisoned KJA Spokeswoman Ayla Akat
9. Kurdish female fighters commemorate International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women
10. International Women’s Alliance expresses solidarity with Kurdish women
11. A center of Free Women Body opened in Sheikh Maksoud
12. Women in Iran get lashes instead of personal freedom

1. HDP Parliamentary Women’s Group: We will resist your rapist laws
2. How one woman is standing up to Turkey’s purges
3. VIDEO: Turkey’s War Against the Kurds – Women in War YPJ and the struggle for Women’s Rights in Syria. VIDEO  The Experiment of the Rojava System in Grassroots Participatory Democracy: Its Theoretical Foundation, Structure, and Strategies Continue reading

Statement on the Closure of Women’s Organisations on 12th November in Turkey.

Peace in Kurdistan Women’s Alliance for Kurdistan, Iraq and Syria 


Peace in Kurdistan Women’s Alliance deplores the latest assault on Kurdish women’s movement in Turkey. Women such as those in KJA (Free Women’s Congress) have been waging a battle for women’s freedom for over 40 years, in the face of extreme opposition.

They have undoubtedly been instrumental in breaking down the barriers that have traditionally trapped women in the private sphere; they have been at the fore front of the movement to break down the barriers, inspiring women across the region to demand their equal rights and to participate equally in society, to seek equality in political office, for example, with each post being held jointly by a women and a man. Continue reading

The Closure of KJA

Dear Women and Friends,

 On 12 November 2016, at 08.30 am, Turkish state security forces circumvented the KJA (Kongreya Jinen Azad – Free Women’s Congress) center in Diyarbakir and at 11.00 am, based on a statutory decree article issued under the State of Emergency rule, Turkey’s Ministry of Interior has suspended the KJA activities, and sealed and shut down its building.   Continue reading


At the close of the conference entitled AFTER GENOCIDE: FROM TRAUMA TO REBIRTH: A GENDERED PERSPECTIVE held in Yerevan on September 16- 17-18-19th
2016 and organised by Women in War, in partnership with the Institute of Archaeology and
Ethnography in Yerevan and AGBU (Armenian General Benevolent Union) and DVV International (Yerevan), the international participants and organizers passed the following resolution: Continue reading

Building solidarity with the Kurdish struggle for democracy, equality and freedom: Fringe Meeting at Labour Party Conference 2016

“This was a very well attended and successful fringe meeting and the first one that has been held at the Labour Party. It builds on the great work that UNITE, GMB and other unions have been doing with Peace in Kurdistan to build solidarity with the Kurds in their struggle for democracy, equality and freedom. It also builds on the path-breaking emergency motion that the TUC passed during its September conference in which all UK unions joined the call for the release of Abdullah Ocalan and the restart of the peace process. We intend to hold another fringe at next years party conference and to continue to push the case and spread the message.” Simon Dubbins Director of International for UNITE

The Freedom for Ocalan campaign held a fringe meeting at this year’s conference, co-sponsored by the GMB, UNITE and Peace in Kurdistan campaign. The Union movement has been very supportive of the campaign to free Ocalan, and in this, his 18th year of incarceration, it has passed an emergency resolution calling for, among other things , “the restart of the peace process that was unilaterally terminated by the Turkish government in June 2015, and for the release of imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan as an essential element for such a process to be successful.” Continue reading

REPAK Information File: Women of Resistance targeted by the state

Below is an excerpt from the latest information file published by the Kurdish Women’s Relations Office (REPAK. It details how women have been targeted by the Turkish state over the last several months.

You can download the full report here

Information File:

‘Women of Resistance Targeted By the State’
Turkish State Terror in Kurdistan and Feminicide

As of 11 January 2016


I. ‘Fight against terrorism’ or state terror against the people? Political evaluation and call

II. Chronology: Curfews

III. ‘Shoot the women first!’ List of women killed during curfews or by extralegal execution

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Video: Janet Biehl addresses seminar in London on pedagogy in Rojava

Pedagogy for Revolution: The Case of Rojava
With author Janet Biehl

Public meeting and discussion with author Janet Biehl who talked about the new women’s science of “Jineology” and the revolutionary transformation of education. She has visited Rojava twice and reported on her recent visit. Organised by Peace in Kurdistan Campaign and Roj Women Group at Doughty Street Chambers on 23 October 2015. The meeting was chaired by Elif Sarican, Kurdish Student Union.


Pedagogy for Revolution: The Case of Rojava With author Janet Biehl from Saman Gareeb on Vimeo.

Free women are the basis for a free society!

This article was originally published in the Kurdistan Report.

by Roza Nudem

weqfa logoOn 21 September 2014, the International Day of Peace, a women’s organisation for feminism in the Middle East was founded. The Foundation of Weqfa Jin Azad in Rojava (Foundation of Free Women of Rojava) was established, in a region in which war reigns, which has shocked the world through its brutality, but also in the context of a great and radical social change and revolution, especially as regards the role of women, which has inspired the world. The Foundation works with the motto “The free woman is the basis of a free society.”

The goal of the Foundation is ambitiously high. Through their work, they want to support women in Rojava, Syria and South Kurdistan in the process of emancipation. They are working for a comprehensive psychological and medical support for women and children, managed by women themselves. Through their nurseries they are forming education for children of all ethnicities in every mother tongue, with the goal of equality between sexes, peoples and religions, and for ethnic and democratic coexistence. They make it possible for women to enter into the economy through establishing cooperatives, creating training opportunities and work for women in different fields, and open up spaces in which women can sell their handwork. Not last, they create living space for women, in which they have the possibility of working through their traumatic experiences of war and to develop their own abilities and talents.

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