1. Swedish Left Party MP sends letter to Öcalan

2. Turkish state to build colonial roads to invaded territory

3. Muslim: Our goal is for TEV-DEM to organize the 3rd territory

4. Afrin people protest human rights organizations for their silence

5. Turkey police fire tear gas at mothers’ protest

6. ‘Kurdish-led delegation holds fresh talks with Syria govt. in Damascus’

7. Turkish star witnesses against US pastor Andrew Brunson are his expelled congregants


1. Kurds hit Turkey-backed rebels in Afrin’s countryside

2. Russia-Turkey-Iran pact can end over Idlib

3. Syriaʹs Kurds hold the cards

4. The Kurds- Erdogan’s Favored Target, and Turkish Democracy’s Greatest Hope

5. ‘I met my IS captor on a German street’

6. Nurtured by the state

7. Turkey’s President Erdogan Vows to Win ‘Economic War’ With U.S.

8. Turkey: Erdogan’s rule is built on quicksand

9. The fallout from Turkey’s crisis will cause damage far beyond its borders

10. The reason Turkey’s economic collapse is so scary is that Iran, Russia, and Syria are waiting in the wings

11. World Markets Brace for Impact of Turkish Lira Crisis

12. The US-Turkey Crisis: The NATO Alliance Forged in 1949 Is Today Largely Irrelevant

13. Turkey’s repressive regime turns academic’s life upside-down

14. In colonised Kurdish society even the flowers can be labelled terrorists

15. Journalism in Exile: “Turkey had turned into hell for journalism”

16. It feels like everyday life under the revolution: Growing a new world in Rojava.

17. Why Moscow left Kurds. Five reasons

18. The Rojava experiment


1. Freedom of Expression Weekly Bulletin
17 August 2018

2. Freedom of Expression Weekly Bulletin
03 August 2018

3. What happened in Turkey in July 2018

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1. Six thousands refugees returned to Rojava in two months
2. YJŞ: Organized women are the best response to the genocide
3. Turkey turning ‘blind eye’ to Syrian rebel abuses in Afrin
4. Austrian Kurd arrested at Turkish airport for critical Facebook posts
5. Municipality of Florence demands freedom for Öcalan
6. Syria: Turkey must stop serious violations by allied groups and its own forces in Afrin
7. Turkey’s Ilisu Dam will flood 12,000-year-old Hasankeyf settlement
8. KCDK-E: Shengal’s autonomous status must be recognized
9. Erdogan’s Most Charismatic Rival in Turkey Challenges Him, From Jail
10. Kurdish leader reveals details of first meeting with Syrian government
11. Rojava Kurds will support Assad in Idlib – if it helps them retake Afrin
12. Congress wants to halt F-35 sales to a NATO ally over Mattis’ objections, and it’s a sign of growing tension

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1. YPG Spokesperson: We are a model for entire Syria
2. PKK: Rojava Revolution paved the way for democratic Middle East
3. KCK: Rojava Revolution will be the foundation of Democratic Syria
4. Turkey looks set to swap one state of emergency for another
5. Turkey’s huge scale of arrests and detentions condemned
6. “Ordinary” Turkey worse than under state of emergency
7. The ball stays in Turkey’s court: U.S. pastor to remain in jail
8. Austrian Chancellor: Turkey’s accession talks should end
9. Saleh Moslem refutes claims of a meeting with Syrian official
10. 22 internationalists join the human shields action in Qandil
11. Erdem Gül acquitted
12. Durham Miners Festival dedicated to Öcalan continues
13. UN report details large-scale human rights abuses in Afrin
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1. After election boost, Turkey’s Erdogan may reward nationalists with cabinet jobs – sources
2. “The house always wins in Vegas” – analysts assess Turkey’s elections
3. Demirtaş: It is a great success that the HDP is in the Parliament
4. U.S. says respects Turkey’s vote results
5. Commentary: Five Questions: ‘Turkey is no longer a democracy’
6. Despite all the pressure, HDP prevailed in Turkey’s elections
7. OSCE should avoid ‘biased’ analysis of Turkey’s election, Foreign Ministry says
8. Turkey elections impacted by restrictions on freedom, says OSCE
9. Voters had genuine choice in Turkish elections, but incumbent president and ruling
10. Turkey, Early Presidential and Parliamentary Elections, 24 June 2018: Statement of
11. (VIDEO) Turkey’s Historic Election: What to Expect Next?
12. Turkey election: there is almost no one left who can speak truth to power
13. The impact of Turkey’s election: Erdogan’s sweeping new powers
14. Turks in Germany praise ‘our leader’ after two-thirds vote for Erdogan
15. Turkey’s Erdogan claims victory in presidential and parliamentary elections
16. Turkey election: Erdoğan strikes combative tone in victory speech
17. Demirtaş: Authoritarian regimes eventually collapse; sometimes it happens quickly, sometime it takes longer
18. HDP’s Diyarbakir candidates breathe eve of poll optimism
19. German, Swedish OSCE election observers denied entry to Turkey
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* The first 5 items in this news bulletin are contributions from members of the recently-returned Women’s Delegation to Rojava, detailing different aspects of their visit.


It is our political responsibility to ensure that the Rojava experiment does not end, so that it does not lend itself to yet another defeatist narrative that inequality and capitalist greed are part of human nature. No. Rojava shows us the beauty of life when it is lived co-operatively; when we grow the food we need and live in harmony with our surroundings, when we respect all ethnicities and give them equal say in a truly democratic society, when we put women in equal charge of our destinies.

Another world is not only possible, it is here. But this world is struggling to take breath. We have to keep it alive for all of our sakes. Even if it is simply to refresh and reconfigure our own struggles. This is our revolution too.  Rahila Gupta March 2018

1. Building a new society against all odds: Scots activist tells of the hopes and challenges facing Kurds in Syria
2. Afrin and Manbif- A Tale of two Cities
3. Remembering Rojava
4. Speech by Julie Ward MEP at European Parliament: On return from Rojava with Women’s Delegation.
5. Julie Ward MEP and Sarah Glynn interviewd by ANF about the Women’s Delegation to Rojava.
6. One year in the Internationalist Commune of Rojava
7. The Revolution is Female
8. Jin War – The Rojava village built by women, for women
9. Kurdish women protest after being told by Turkish-backed militias to wear the Hijab
10. World failing Yazidi women forced into sex slavery – charity head
11. Documentary on YPJ commander premiers at Sheffield documentary festival .
Commander Arian.
12. Girls of the Sun review – Heavy-handed story of Kurdish women fighters
13. Kurdish female fighters film ‘Girls of the Sun’ sparks furious Cannes row
14. Ballad for Syria. Film.
15. Witch, slut, child murderer – Shaming and other tools of patriarchy
16. New Book Out: A Road Unforeseen – Women Fight the Islamic State

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1. Reality Check: The numbers behind the crackdown in Turkey

2. Why Erdogan is entering key elections with a far-right ally

3. Can Erdogan’s economic record help him keep seat amid challenges?

4. Ahead of Turkey’s ‘biggest opinion poll’

5. Turkey elections 2018: everything you need to know

6. Jailed Kurdish leader may hold key in Turkish elections

7. The impact of Turkey’s state of emergency

8. The Turkish government has issued an arrest warrant for the father of an NBA basketball player from Turkey.

9. Former PM, accused of having ties with Turkish mafia, campaigns for Erdogan

10. Demirtaş’ TV speech from prison

11. Turkey’s jailed pro-Kurdish candidate in first TV appearance for 20 months

12. HDP’s preliminary report on the attack in Suruç

13. Turkey’s elections according to the experts: a primer

14. Turkey election: Four dead in clash as pre-poll tension rises

15. How My Father’s Ideas Helped the Kurds Create a New Democracy

16. Turkey’s Erdogan says will lift state of emergency if re-elected

17. The BBC just insulted democracy with its video about Turkey’s upcoming elections Continue reading


1. KNK: Stop the Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan
2. SDF fighters liberate a village east of Shaddadi
3. HDP MP candidate and two others detained in Istanbul
4. Southern Kurdistan people protest against Turkish invasion
5. Report on torture by Turkish soldiers in Şemdinli
6. Caricaturist Kurtcebe arrested for ‘insulting’ President Erdogan
7. YPG: “Last advisory group withdrew from Manbij”
8. Turkey Threatens Strike on Kurds in Iraq
9. Syrian Kurds to leave Manbij under delicate US-Turkey deal
10. Turkey: Kurdish Militants Leaving Syria’s Manbij will be Disarmed
11. 16 Turkish soldiers killed in guerrilla actions
12. U.S. and Turkey Agree on Kurds’ Withdrawal From Syrian Town
13. Turkey threatens to invade Kurdish stronghold of Qandil mountains soon
14. Free Journalists Initiative releases monthly report
15. It was a bad weekend for the BBC, as protesters accused it of ‘complicity’ in Turkey’s invasion of Syria
16. Syrian Democratic Forces capture Turkish militant sleeper cells SOFREP Original Content

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1. Pro-Kurdish Peoples Democratic Party Launches Election Manifesto
2. Human rights abuser Erdoğan is set for a rocky last day of his UK state visit
3. Turkey bans nine books on Kurds, ranging from genocide, Barzani, and Mahabad to Ezidi faith
4. State broadcaster gives AKP’s alliance 37 hrs, pro-Kurdish HDP 0 hrs of coverage
5. Erdogan faces protests in London
6. Reading protest: Kurdish teen ‘hurt in police clash’
7. Campaigners call for UK to act on rights as Turkish president arrives
8. Turkey, UK aim for $20 billion in trade volume, Erdoğan says
9. Joint operation by the SDF and Iraqi army at Iraq-Syria border
10. Body of Ezidi man murdered in Afrin found
11. Turkish invasion forces kidnap 5 more people from Afrin
12. Turkey Using Illegal Cluster bombs
13. EXCLUSIVE: UK has sold $1bn of weapons to Turkey since coup attempt
11 May 2018 / Middle East Eye
14. UK prepares to roll out the red carpet for Erdogan
15. Turkey arrests 150 soldiers in latest crackdown on coup network
16. PKK and Turkish army clash in Sidakan
17. Turkey opposition candidate visits jailed Kurdish leader
18. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan to visit UK next week | The Independent
19. Critics demand Theresa May stand up to Turkish President Erdogan over human rights abuses
20. State of emergency must be lifted for ‘credible elections’ in Turkey, says UN rights chief
21. #Tamam trends in Turkey against President Erdogan
22. Rojava parties urge Kurdish unity in face of threats
23. Erdogan tells Turkish media to gloss over domestic abuse
24. Syria’s Kurds put IS on trial with focus on reconciliation
25. Erdoğan vows fresh military action against Kurdish militants
26. Turkey’s Erdogan vows new military border operations after Syria offensives
27. Turkey: Going for the guns
28. Turkish opposition parties unite against Erdoğan in elections
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1. PYD Co-Chair: We’ll expel the Turkish invaders from Afrin
2. Turkish policy of Turkification and demographic change in Afrin
3. Luxembourg calls on NATO to discuss the Turkish invasion
4. Elderly man witnessed of brutal practice by Turkish gangs in his village
5. Syrian writer: Erdogan devotes dictatorship based on religious ideology
6. War crimes in Afrin: 58 people including 26 Êzidîs abducted
7. Turkey to hold snap elections on 24 June, says Erdoğan
8. Salih Muslim warns of ‘dangerous’ demographic change in Afrin, calls on UN to respond
9. Turkey: Cumhuriyet journalists and executives heavily convicted for changes in “editorial policy”
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1. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan: a dictator in all but name seeks complete control
2. KCK: Occupation and war policy will meet resistance
3. Asrın Law Office: “CPT should visit Imrali as well”
4. TEV-DEM co-chair: A new phase has begun in Syria
5. An organizer of September 11 attacks captured by YPG
6. Turkey’s anti-war protesters detained: ‘Everything is a crime’
7. HDP’s Buldan: Kurdish unity is a historic responsibility
8. PKK case heard in CJEU
9. EU warns of curtailing rights under Turkey’s state of emergency
10. Turkey wants to depopulate Kurdistan
12. Ferhat Tunç Prosecuted for ‘Commemorating Musa Anter’
13. Turkish attacks on southern Kurdistan continue
14. Families of Arrested Boğaziçi University Students: Stop Unlawfulness
15. I visited Kobanî and saw how UK-armed Turkey is trying to destroy our ally against Islamic State | Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle for Evolve Politics

16. British officials visit Syrian Kurdistan, vow solidarity with Kurdish authorities
17. British delegation calls Rojava ‘beacon of light’ on Syria visit
18. President of Iraq: ‘We are Fearful of an Afrin Operation Being Repeated in Shingal’
19. British delegation arrives in Rojava
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