KNK Statement on South Kurdistan

Turkey continues its genocidal and colonial policies in Kurdistan in defiance of its
international responsibilities

The Turkish state, in its guise as the inheritor of the Ottoman Empire, is not pulling out of Kurdistan and is intensifying its military operations there. On the one hand it is bombarding Kurdish civilian areas with heavy artillery and fighter jets, and on the other hand, it is spreading its occupation to the rest of Kurdistan in Syria and Iraq. The Turkish state has just widened its occupation by entering Western Kurdistan (Northern-Syria). First, it entered Jarablus, El-Bab and most recently it entered Efrin with all its military power and is now committing ethnic cleansing in the city. Continue reading


International campaign in defense of Afrin/Global call for action

 Stop Turkey’s war against the Kurdish People in Afrin!

Defend Afrin!

Supporting the resistance is an historical imperative!

Join us for the first Global Action Day for Afrin on 24 March 2018!

The criminal assault on Afrin constitutes a new phase in the Turkish state’s war on the Kurdish people. This invasion and genocidal attack has been carried out in front of the eyes of humanity. This assault would not be possible without the complicity of the major powers. The heroic resistance of the Kurds in the struggle for Kobane triggered the breakdown of the peace process and a spill-over of the war in Syria into the Kurdish region of Turkey. The past two years have witnessed human rights atrocities in the Kurdish region of Turkey, with thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands displaced. Continue reading


The Turkish state is now intensifying the massacres to which it is subjecting civilians in Afrin. The Turkish State has sped up the ethnic cleansing in Kurdish city of Afrin by exploiting the opportunity that has arisen from the withdrawal of SDF, YPJ and YPG, who had intended to prevent harm to the civilians and even bigger massacres.
The real aim of the Turkish State is to eliminate the Kurdish people altogether and to prevent any political status for them. It is obvious from their practice in the invasion of Afrin that the Turkish State will continue its policy of ethnic cleansing with all the jihadist murderous gangs with which it is in alliance.
The state terror being perpetrated by the Turkish State and the barbarism of the jihadist with whom it is aligned is taking place before the eyes of the whole world. All international forces and primarily the USA, Russia, the EU and the UN are responsible for this invasion and the ethnic cleansing. Continue reading

The Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Turkey and the Kurds

For immediate release:

The Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Turkey and the Kurds is underway in Paris. The session is examining alleged violations of International Law and International Humanitarian Law by the Turkish Republic and its officials in their relations with the Kurdish People and their organisations.

The Tribunal comes a year after the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights published a report detailing allegations of massive destruction, killings and numerous other serious human rights violations committed between July 2015 and December 2016 in southeast Turkey, during Government security operations that affected more than 30 towns and neighbourhoods and displaced between 355,000 and half a million people, mostly of Kurdish origin. Continue reading

The file of Religions and nationalities in Afrin

Body of Foreign Affairs – Afrin Region 2

A Glimpse of Afrin Region:

Afrin is 63 kilometers from Aleppo. It located in the mountainous area of north-west of Syria. It is bordered on the western side by the “Deep Plain” near the Iskandron and the Black River. It is bordered on the north by the railway line that passes from Midan Akbis to Kilis. In the eastern side is Izaz Plain, and the mountain of Samaan from the south.

In the region of Afrin the mijority are Kurds with a population density of about half a million people, according to statistics in 2010. Continue reading

War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, in Flagrant Violation of the Rules of International Law

                                      The Hostilities on Afrin

Foreign Relations Authority            afin logo 2



The security requirements of public order are not inconsistent with the rules of international law, which governs the conduct of public and military operations. However, such laws cannot be invoked to justify security-related acts if human rights and the sovereignty of a state are violated, especially by neighbouring countries. Respect for the rules of international law during armed conflicts requires all states concerned to implement these laws to contribute to the cessation of unjustifiable hostilities. Continue reading


March and Demo
Saturday 27th January 2018 Assemble 1.00pm at BBC Portland Place, W1A 1AA, Oxford Street tube station
Rally 3pm at Downing Street, Westminster 
“The battle symbolizes the two options that the peoples and communities of the Middle East face today: between militarist, patriarchal, fascist dictatorships on the one hand, controlled by foreign imperialist interests and capital, or the solidarity between autonomous, self-determined, free and equal communities on the other. The defense of Afrin is an opportunity for the left to unite against fascism and mobilize against militarism, occupation and war.”
Dilar Dirik
Organised by Defend the People of Afrin Platform 


The threat to Turkish democracy – Paul Maskey MP

On early December 2017 I joined an international delegation to observe trials the Turkish government had brought against leaders of the HDP (Peoples Democratic Party). The party’s co-chairs Ms. Figen Yüksekdağ and Mr. Selahattin Demirtaş were tried on 6th and 7th December respectively.

Throughout the delegation, which consisted of representatives from over a dozen countries, our contact with leading HDP officials was frequent. Deputy Chair, Mr. Hişyar Özsoy MP, was responsible for the general coordination of the international delegation. Continue reading

Turkey must not be allowed to attack Afrin

It is our duty to support the Kurds!
A major military operation by the armed forces of Turkey on the Kurds in Syria looks imminent.
Reports of the build up of Turkish forces to intervene in Kurdish run Afrin Canton come at a time amid renewed tensions across Syria.
The decision of the US to back a border force in cooperation with the Kurds has enraged Turkey provoking President Erdogan to threaten to “drown” the “army of terror”.
Erdogan has claimed that Turkey is acting with the support of Syrian rebel forces, by which he means the extreme Islamist factions with whom Ankara has long been aligned.
Fears are growing that the world will remain silent while Turkey carries out yet another atrocity against the Kurds. A Pentagon spokesman has been reported as stating that the US would not oppose a Turkish military action against Afrin.
Continue reading