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There is  worrying news surrounding the health of the Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan. For two days, news has been spreading on social media that Mr Ocalan has died in prison. We as the Kurdish people are deeply concerned about Mr Ocalan’s life. Continue reading


Belgian Court Rules that the PKK is Not a Terrorist Organisation.

Case Commentary.
On the 14 September of this year a judgement was handed down in the case of a group of Kurdish activists who faced trial on terrorism charges in Belgium. The defendants were acquitted as the  court found that the PKK is not a terrorist organisation but rather a party to an internal armed conflict in Turkey.

This case in the Belgian Court of Appeal centred around the Defence proposition that the activities which the prosecution relied on to make out a case of terrorism occurred in the context of an internal armed conflict in Turkey and should therefore be governed by the rules of international humanitarian law rather than domestic terror provisions.

The question that fell to be considered by the court was whether or not the PKK was involved in an armed conflict in Turkey. If it was, then the domestic criminal law of Belgium would not apply and the matter would be subject to the Geneva Conventions, in international law. Continue reading

 Worldwide actions for Hasankeyf! Stop Ilisu Dam!

+++ Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive +++

23.09.2017, Statement on the 2nd Global Hasankeyf Action Day

Today in 16 cities actions have been organized against the Ilisu Dam at the Tigris River, one of the most worldwide controversial dams. If completed the Ilisu Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant Project with its expected grave social, ecological, cultural and downstream impacts would become a large scale disaster.
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Resisting dictatorship in Turkey and building a democratic alternative in Syria – the critical role of the Kurds in defining a new Middle East.

Tuesday 26 September, 12.30 – 14.00

The Charlotte Room, The Grand Hotel, Brighton


Chair: Simon Dubbins – Director of International UNITE
Julie Ward – MEP
Bedia Özgökçe – HDP MP for Van, Turkey
Havin Guneser – International Initiative Freedom for Ocalan – Peace in Kurdistan
Dilar Dirik – Activist of the Kurdish Women’s movement and Cambridge University
Ibrahim Dogus – Director, Centre for Kurdish Progress
Paul Maskey – Sinn Fein MP

All Labour Party delegates and friends welcome

Buffet lunch and refreshments provided Continue reading

  Call for “2nd Hasankeyf Global Action Day”  

+++ Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive +++
23 September 2017

We call activists, social movements, NGO’s and all others in the world to join the second global action day for the defense of Hasankeyf and the Tigris River on 23rd September 2017! It is under threat by the Ilisu Project; lets protest this one of most controversial dams in the world! Continue reading


Dear Sir

We understand that you have notified two Kurdish run television channels, Sterk TV and Ronahi TV, they must stop broadcasting through your satellite following a demand from the Radio and Television Supreme Council of Turkey. We note that you believe that the closure is in line with requirements of the Council of Europe Convention on Transfrontier Television and is based on allegations of support for and glorifying terrorism. Continue reading

Dear Prime Minister… Letter to Theresa May from Peace in Kurdistan.

The Rt Honourable Theresa May MP

10 Downing Street
27th April 2017

Dear Theresa May,

We are writing to you to express our deep concern and indignation about the nature of the current relationship between the UK and Turkey. We will touch on four matters namely the Referendum of 16th April, the Turkish State’s War against the Kurds and the plight of political prisoners in Turkey, a large proportion of whom are Kurdish and finally arms sales to Turkey.


Having won by the slimmest of majorities and without any criticism from your government, President Erdogan now has his mandate to derail Turkish democracy and set in stone the repressive measures he had imposed by virtue of a series of emergency decrees. The OSCE official election observers, as you will know, have reported that the Referendum of 16th April 2017 did not meet Council of Europe standards, was not a genuinely democratic process and that the mass arrests of journalists and the closure of media outlets denied the Turkish people a real choice. Continue reading

Hunger Strikes in Turkish Prisons: Information Note

Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Prison Committee
10 April 2017

The hunger strike protests of political prisoners in Turkish penitentiary institutions have reached a critical point. The protest was initiated in Izmir Şakran High Security Prison on 15 February 2017 to draw attention to gross human rights violations and inhumane living conditions in prisons, the isolation on the imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan, and Erdoğan-AKP Government’s renewed politics violence and war in the Kurdish issue. It soon spread to other prisons across Turkey. Continue reading