Transitional self-management in West Kurdistan – PYD statement

Latest statement from the Democratic Union Party – West Kurdistan Council:


The formation of a preparatory committee to establish the Transitional Self-Management project in western Kurdistan, encompassing all components of the region

30 November 2013


The revolution in Syria, which began as a popular movement three years ago, has been hijacked by foreign powers which have enabled and further worsened the tragedy of Syria.

The revolution reached Western Kurdistan as well. It was initiated on the 19th of July in 2012 in Kobanê and quickly spread as people took control over cities and villages. Despite the imminent danger to their lives people accepted this new development, which brought with it a life of isolation caused by embargos and great suffering. They built new institutions which would include all peoples of Syria and which would enable peoples to lead a dignified and just life.

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Conference on Democracy, Self-Determination and Liberation of Peoples

Held at the European Parliament, 23 September 2013. The final outcomes of the conference, set out in a declaration, are published below.


European Parliament
Brussels, Belgium
September 23, 2013

BRUSSELS, Belgium—Over a hundred representatives from various countries, civil society groups and grassroots organizations gathered at the European Parliament to hold the Conference on Democracy, Self-Determination and Liberation of Peoples last September 23, 2013. Organized by the offices of Members of the European Parliament Jürgen Klute and Iñaki Irazabalbeitia, IBON International and KONKURD (Confederation of Kurdish Associations in Europe), the conference aims to reaffirm the fundamental principles enshrined in the various UN declarations on the collective rights of peoples to self-determination and liberation.

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PYD calls for international community to protect multi-ethnic Syria from attack

Appeal to the International Community to protect multi-ethnic communities in Syria.
We, the Foreign Affairs and Relations Office of the Democratic Union Party, would like to draw the attention of the international community to protect the civilians – Kurds, Arabs and other Syrian multi-ethnicities, Assyrians, Armenians, Christians – against the brutal ethnic cleansing attacks taking place against the peacefully co- existing ethnicities in the Kurdish region
in Syria.

Since 18 July 2013, the Salafist armed groups, Jabhat al-Nusa and Islamic State of Iraq and al-Alsham affiliated to Al-Qaida, have launched brutal attacks on Kurdish neighbourhoods in the Tel-Abeyd Area, killing, kidnapping and shelling with heavy weaponry the Kurdish neighbourhoods and calling publically to kill, kidnap and loot Kurds and force them to leave their
homes and properties.

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Statement of the Democratic Society Movement on 19th July liberty revolution in Western Kurdistan


The Executive Committee of Democratic Society Movement( TEV-DEM)
18 July 2013, Qamishlo.
19th July is the liberty revolution and building of democratic self-governance. The Democratic Society Movement has issued a statement on the occasion of the first anniversary of the 19th of July Revolution, which was launched from Kobani where the Kurdish people freed their cities from the Baathist regime remnants.
The Executive Committee of Democratic Society Movement congratulated all the peoples of the region on this occasion: the first anniversary of the 19th of July Revolution: “We share our people’s joy of their liberation and all its achievement that was a dream but has become true, thus we call you all to protect these gains which they were as a result of the sacrifices and blood shading of the bravest young of our people.
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Amed conference for Democracy and Peace, final resolutions

The Amed (Diyarbakir) Conference for Democracy and Peace, one of four being held across Kurdistan and the diaspora, took place 15-16 June 2013. The conferences are being organised as part of the ongoing peace process.


Northern Kurdistan Unity and Solution Conference

Final Declaration

Our Conference, in which representatives of various political, ethnic and religious groups participated in Amed [Diyarbakir] city on 15-16 June 2013, has taken historically significant decisions, and concluded successfully. We, representing all the different hues of Kurdistan, are sharing the conclusions and decisions reached after intense debate and discussion.

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Ankara conference for Democracy and Peace, final resolution

The Ankara Conference for Democracy and Peace, one of four being held across Kurdistan and the diaspora, took place 25-26 May 2013. The conferences are being organised as part of the ongoing peace process.

Final Resolution – Conference for Democracy and Peace, 27.5.2013

The final resolution of the Conference for Democracy and Peace, which took place from 25 – 26 May in Ankara, has now been published. The purpose of this conference was to analyse the steps required to solve the Kurdish question during the negotiation process. Different groups came together and emphasised in the final resolution that ‘the successful continuation and development of the negotiations are linked to the health, security and freedom of Abdullah Öcalan, who has very limited room of movement at this stage. Further, means of communication between different groups has to be guaranteed.’

In addition to the proclamation that these negotiations must continue resolutely, the following resolutions were published:

‘We Alewites, Armenians, Arameans, Kurds, Turks, Sunnis, Arabs, Roma – in other words all different peoples and religious groups, atheists, intellectuals, academics, young people, women, workers, unionists, political parties and groups have decided to work together. We want to create a sustainable peace and a democratic and just future, to develop a proposal for a viable solution to the conflict and create a collective peace movement.

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Happy Newroz! Newroz Piroz Be!

Newroz20093Peace in Kurdistan Campaign would like to send its salutations to all its friends on the occasion of Newroz, the ancient Kurdish spring festival.

The arrival of spring naturally always brings with it feelings of hope and renewal; this year Newroz comes at an especially momentous period in the history of the Kurdish struggle for freedom and self-determination.

The opening up of dialogue between Turkey and Kurdish leaders represents a much anticipated opportunity for a real breakthrough in the peace process.

The hopes and aspirations of the Kurdish people in Kurdistan and in the diaspora will inevitably be raised at this historic moment when steps towards a lasting solution now look to be unfolding after years of bitter conflict.

Peace in Kurdistan Campaign is proud to join the Kurdish people in their Newroz celebrations and remains steadfast in its commitment to the search for a peaceful democratic solution to this historic struggle which has inspired generations and peoples throughout the world who are denied the basic rights of liberty and human dignity.    

Happy Newroz! Newroz Piroz Be!

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KHRAG commemorates Halabja and celebrates Newroz

The Kurdish Human Rights Action Group has published a statement on behalf of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and their other members who stand in solidarity with the Kurdish people, as they commemorate the horrors of the Halabja attacks in 1988, and celebrate Newroz 2012: Continue reading

Stop the War Coalition Motion takes a stand in support of the Kurds

By a near unanimous vote the Stop the War Coalition, the leading anti-war movement in the UK, has adopted a clear and unambiguous position in support of the right of the Kurdish people to self-determination.

At its annual general meeting held in central London on 3 March, delegates from STWC branches and affiliated groups from all over the country, including trade unions, overwhelmingly backed the detailed motion moved by Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC) and the Kurdish Federation UK, which contains all the main demands of the Kurds for a peaceful resolution of the conflict.  Continue reading