Special News Briefing : International Forum on ISIS.


The Rojava Centre for Strategic Studies (NRLS) hosted the three-day International Forum on ISIS (Da’esh) which focused on security, social, economic, and legal issues currently facing the region as a result of the five-year war. International intellectuals, academics, and political experts from 15 different nations travelled to the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) to participate and hear from local military, civil society, and administration officials. This is the second forum the NRLS has held, the first of which focused on the on-going ethnic cleansing in Afrin after it fell to Turkish backed militant groups in March 2018 during Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch.

  1. Press Kit International Forum On ISIS
    6 July 2019/Rojava Information Centre
    Today the International Forum on ISIS began, bringing together 200 participants – approximately 30 from Europe and North America, 75 from other countries in the Middle East, and the rest from the civil society, military and administration of North East Syria – to explore challenges and solutions for bringing ISIS to justice and restoring stability to the region and globally.
  2. ISIS victims call for justice during international forum in Syria
    7 July 2019/Kurdistan 24
    Victims of the so-called Islamic State from different backgrounds who survived attacks and massacres at the hands of the terror group called for justice during an international forum on Saturday in the Kurdish town of Amude in northern Syria.

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Turkey’s Latest Invasion Plans Must be Stopped – Rojava Must Survive


Statement, 17 December 2018

President Erdogan of Turkey has once again set his sights on an invasion of Rojava to eradicate the Kurdish administration there which Turkish leaders describe as a “nest of terrorists”.

In a speech on 12 December, Erdogan threatened to launch a major military operation “east of the Euphrates” within “a few days” to cleanse the territory of Kurdish forces.  There are now real fears that the invasion is imminent. Continue reading “Turkey’s Latest Invasion Plans Must be Stopped – Rojava Must Survive”

The Yezidi people are exposed to genocide in Afrin and their holy places violated

Foreign Relations Commission

Yazidis in Afrin

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The Yazidis have a historical presence in Syria that goes back to thousands of years, and they are indigenous to the region. Despite attempts to obliterate the Yazidi identity and history and to hide and distort archaeological sites, archaeological discoveries in several areas of Syria, including the “Lilon Mountains” in the Syrian northwest, The Yezidi religious symbols found on the walls of the temples and the monuments discovered in Afrin are the best proof of the existence of Yezidis there. Continue reading “The Yezidi people are exposed to genocide in Afrin and their holy places violated”

The file of Religions and nationalities in Afrin

Body of Foreign Affairs – Afrin Region 2

A Glimpse of Afrin Region:

Afrin is 63 kilometers from Aleppo. It located in the mountainous area of north-west of Syria. It is bordered on the western side by the “Deep Plain” near the Iskandron and the Black River. It is bordered on the north by the railway line that passes from Midan Akbis to Kilis. In the eastern side is Izaz Plain, and the mountain of Samaan from the south.

In the region of Afrin the mijority are Kurds with a population density of about half a million people, according to statistics in 2010. Continue reading “The file of Religions and nationalities in Afrin”