Event: The KCK prosecutions and resisting Kurdish Politics

Peace Council: Britain along with the Kurdish Studies and Student Organisation are holding a seminar next week, called ‘The KCK prosecutions and resisting Kurdish Politics’.

The panel will focus on the on-going KCK prosecutions in Turkey which have seen the arrest and prosecution of thousands of Kurdish politicians, lawyers, deputies, counsellors, human rights activists, academics, journalists and many more members of civil society organisations. Continue reading

Turkey vs. Democracy

The following is the first part of a paper presented by Professor Katchatur Pilikian at a recent seminar at SOAS, entitled Again and again Turkey: Freedom of expression under attack, Solidarity Meeting for imprisoned journalists, human rights activists Academics, Publishers, Elected Kurdish Politicians. The event was held on 3rd February 2012, and was organised by the Kurdish Society at SOAS and the Kurdish Studies and Student Organisation.

You can download the paper in full here. Continue reading