‘Mandela struggled for freedom and democracy all over the world’ – KCK

The KCK writes a statement on the sad loss of freedom fighter Nelson Mandela:


Kurdistan Democratic Communities’ Union -Info Koma Civaken Kurdistan – Info


We were deeply saddened to hear about the demise of the great democracy and freedom fighter and the friend of the Kurdish People, Nelson Mandela. We convey our heartfelt condolences to his family, peoples struggling against racism and colonialism, and particularly the people of South Africa. Nelson Mandela will always be remembered, his aspirations and his struggle will continue till the entire world is free.

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“Dismantling the walls an indispensable part of the freedom and democracy struggle” – KCK

Latest statement from the KCK:


Kurdistan Democratic Communities’ Union -Info Koma Civaken Kurdistan – Info

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After building wall on the Rojava border in Nusaybin, the Turkish state is now fencing with barbed wire the Turkish-Iraqi border near Roboski village. Building walls and setting barbed wires show the opinion of the Turkish state towards the Kurds. The Kurds are regarded as potentially separatist. These practices show that there have been no changes in the attitude of the AKP towards the Kurds.


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Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers defends Turkish colleague


The Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers has written an open letter to the President of Turkey expressing grave concern over charges against their colleague Ramazan Demir, a lawyer and member of the Istanbul Bar who is facing disciplinary charges for allegedly “offending the dignity of a public authority in the performance of its duties” while defending his client in court during the KCK trial of 44 journalists in Istanbul. 

To: President of Turkey, Mr. Abdullah Gül, Cumhurbaskanligi 06100 Ankara, Turkey; Email: cumhurbaskanligi@tccb.gov.tr

27 November 2013

Letter of Concern regarding Av. Ramazan Demir/Istanbul Bar


Dear Mr. President,

On behalf of the Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers I am writing to express our serious concern about the charges against our colleague Advocate Ramazan Demir. We know Adv. Demir as a highly responsible lawyer and we are greatly concerned to hear of these attacks on his professional integrity.

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KCK Statement: These massacres will lead to the escalation of Rojava people’s struggle for freedom and unity


Latest statement from the KCK on the massacre of 14 civilians in a car-bomb in Rojava:


Kurdistan Democratic Communities’ Union -Info Koma Civaken Kurdistan – Info



A car-bomb attack in the city of Kobani, Rojava Kurdistan, killed 14 civilians and wounded 24 others. We condemn this massacre, express our condolences to the families of the martyrs, and hope quick recovery for the wounded. This massacre has been done by the enemies of Rojava revolution. This inhumane and cowardly attack has been carried out by those who have suffered great defeats against Rojava revolution. Those who failed to hold out against the Rojava revolution have resorted to such a treacherous attack.

No matter who they are, those carrying out this massacre are the enemies of humanity.

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Statement by the Executive Council of the KCK

The Executive Council of the KCK has released a detailed declaration, published on 9 October, which expresses their view of the Kurdish liberation movement, present developments and how they envision the conflict can be resolved. They list three main demands:

1. The constitutional and legal safeguarding of the Kurds’ existence, identity and culture, and recognition of the Kurdish identity and freedom of expression and association.
2. Acceptance of the Kurds’ existence as a society and their own administration, that is, acceptance of democratic autonomy.
3. The acceptance of mother tongue education at every level on account of their being a people subjected to cultural genocide.

The statement is also available for download (doc)


Kurdistan Democratic Communities Union (KCK)


9 October 2013


The Kurdish question emerged as a result of the Turkish state’s policy of Turkification through its denial of the Kurds’ existence and subjecting them to cultural genocide. All the Kurds’ objections to this policy have been violently crushed. Once the Kurds had been silenced and reduced to a state where they could not protest, the cultural genocide was accelerated using economic, social and cultural policies. By the 1970s the Kurds had been left with no option but to become Turkish in order to perpetuate their lives. A political, social, economic, cultural and psychological environment had been created that drove Kurds away from Kurdishness, putting it on the path to extinction.

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Bronwen Jones reports on 6th hearing of KCK lawyers’ trial


Full report on the KCK Trial of Lawyers in Istanbul

By Bronwen Jones



Hearing of 6 November 2012

The court building at Koaeli Prison in Silivri is an approximately two-hour journey from Istanbul.

There was a significant Jandarma (gendarmerie) presence at the court.  International observers were required to surrender mobile phones, but were not searched on entry into the court building or show any identification, and were all permitted to sit inside court and were allowed access to court facilities.  Visiting Turkish lawyers showed their bar cards and were also permitted inside the courtroom.

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PANEL DISCUSSION: Anti-terror Legislation and the Obstruction of Justice

Please find below information on our next  meeting, which is free and open to the public. All welcome!

Anti-terror Legislation and the Obstruction of Justice

The Implications of Mass Trials in Turkey for the Peace Process with the Kurds

Wednesday 9 October 2013, 6.30pm

Venue: Garden Court Chambers, 57-60 Lincolns Inn Fields, London WC2A (closest tube Holborn)

Chair: Prof Bill Bowring School of Law, Birkbeck, University of London; President of the European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and Human Rights (ELDH); International Secretary of the Haldane Society and Founder and Chair of the International Steering Committee, of the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre (EHRAC).

Panelists: Margaret Owen OBE, barrister/Door tenant, 9 Bedford Row Chambers; Bronwen Jones, barrister, Tooks Chambers; Tony Fisher, solicitor and Law Society Human Rights Committee member; Hugo Charlton, barrister, 1 Grays Inn Square Chambers; Ali Has, solicitor/advocate and member of the Law Society Human Rights Committee International Action Team; Mark Jones, barrister, St Ives Chambers.

Organised by Peace in Kurdistan Campaign and Campaign Against Criminalising Communities (CAMPACC), Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers, European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and Human Rights (ELDH)

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Register here

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Kurdish Lawyers on Trial in Turkey: A Travesty of Justice

Press Statement, 24.09.2013

Six UK lawyers*) formed part of the 30-strong delegation of European human rights lawyers, from several countries, that, on the 17th September, observed, at the Silivri prison court, the 6th hearing of the trial of 45 Kurdish lawyers, who face criminal charges under Turkey’s anti-terror laws.

It has been 22 months since these lawyers were rounded up in dawn raids by Turkey’s anti-terror police. Throughout this period many of the defendants have been held in pre-trial detention, without any reason being given. From time to time, some have been bailed, but 16 lawyers still remain incarcerated.

The next one-day hearing will not be until December 19th, but trials such as these could be prolonged so as to go on for many years.

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Margaret Owen observes 6th hearing of the KCK trial of lawyers, 17 September 2013

This week a UK delegation of six barristers and solicitors travelled to Istanbul to observe the sixth hearing of the KCK trial of lawyers, a major anti-terror trial in which 46 lawyers representing Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan are being tried on mass for their association with him as their client.

In this hearing the final 16 defendants whose case had not yet been heard were able to present their defence. None were released on bail, and so must endure continued imprisonment on top of the 22 months they have already spent in pre-trial detention until the next hearing, scheduled for 19 December.

The delegates included international human rights barristers Margaret Owen OBE, Hugo Charlton, and Mark Jones of St Ives Chambers, as well as Tooks Chambers’ Bronwen Jones and Law Society Human Rights Committee member, Tony Fisher and Ali Has, solicitor and representative of the Law Society Human Rights Committee International Action Team.

We will bring you reports and statements by the delegates in the near future. In the meantime, Margaret Owen has written three blog posts giving her observations of the highly political hearing, which are below.

All of our delegates reports and statements on the trials, as well as our actions here in the UK to bring the issue to wider attention, can be found on the International Observation of the KCK trial of Kurdish Lawyers page.

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KCK releases new statement on peace process


On the basis of the 40-years-old struggle in Kurdistan and the democratic struggle carried out for tens of years in Turkey, Leader Apo and Our Freedom Movement, addressing the public opinion in Kurdistan, the Middle East and world, declared their “Democratic Liberation and the Establishment of Free life” project believing that it would help the democratization of Turkey and ensure the settlement of the Kurdish Question. “The Democratic Liberation Manifesto” declared on the 21st of March, 2013,  was the result of the negotiations carried out in Imrali. Leader APO has held the belief that the circumstances in Kurdistan, the Middle East and the world provide the necessary conditions for the implementation of this project.

From 1993 till the present day, Leader APO has made great endeavors for the peaceful settlement of the Kurdish Question and the democratization of Turkey. These attempts have created a very important ground to achieve those ends. As a result of this approach, many unilateral cease-fires have been declared and non-conflict environments have been created.  The last non-conflict situation characterized by a 9-month-long cease-fire is the result of such a historical process. The majority of the Turkish and international public opinion have observed and appreciated the Kurdish Freedom Movement’s determination and its twenty-year-long efforts for a peaceful settlement.

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