IPRI releases comprehensive report into status of peace process

The International Peace and Reconciliation Initiative (IPRI) has released a report from its fact-finding mission into the peace process in Turkey. You can read the executive summary below. The full report is also available for download.

A press conference with the authors, Judge Essa Moosa, Francis Wurtz and Osman Kavala, was also held in the European Parliament for the release of this report. You can watch the press conference here.


Executive summary

The primary motivation for the formation of the International Peace and R econciliation Initiative (IPRI) has been to advance the peace process in Turkey as a corollary to the scope of a broader peace in the whole of the Middle East. IPRI was launched in December 2012 in response to an international call made by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu for the resumption of talks between the Turkish government and the imprisoned leader of the PKK, Abdullah Ocalan, for the peaceful resolution of the Kurdish Question in Turkey. Continue reading

KHRAG December newsletter published

The Kurdish Human Rights Action Group, based in South Africa, has released its December newsletter and it is available to download here. The newsletter includes an article by a Cape Town activist who recently travelled to north Kurdistan on the invitation of the DTK. Judge Essa Mossa, chairperson of KHRAG and member of the International Peace and Reconcilliation Initiative (IPRI), will be speaking at this year’s EUTCC conference which is taking place this week.

KHRAG Newsletter, December 2014 (pdf)

The long road to peace and reconciliation in Turkey

Report by David Morgan, Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

A seminar on ‘’the long road to peace and reconciliation in Turkey’’ has taken place in London with guest speaker from South Africa, Judge Essa Moosa, who was on a brief visit to the UK.

The seminar addressed the current opportunities for dialogue between the Turkish government and the Kurds within the context of the slow moving peace process which was in danger on stalling.  

The event organised by Peace in Kurdistan in association with SOAS Kurdish Society, was held at SOAS on the afternoon of 16 November and attended by students, academics and people from wide spectrum of organisations who take an interest in Kurdish issues.

Judge Moosa, a distinguished law maker and a veteran of the anti-apartheid struggle, was introduced by Birgul Yilmaz, Teaching Fellow at SOAS, Faculty of Languages and Cultures, who chaired the event. He was joined on the panel by Akif Wan, Kurdistan National Congress, UK Representative.

In his address Judge Moosa, who heads the International Peace and Reconciliation Initiative, IPRI, argued that the historic developments in South Africa were a benchmark to understand how the conflict between Turkey and the Kurds might be resolved. (see article entitled “Democratic Solution to the Armed Conflict”)

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Judge Essa Mossa speaks on Kurdish struggle for peace

Last week, Judge Essa Moosa, prominent South African human rights lawyer and chairperson of the Kurdish Human Rights Action Group (KHRAG) in Cape Town, was in London to speak at a seminar about possibilities for peace and reconciliation in Turkey, and his work with the  International Peace and Reconciliation Initiative. The IPRI was launched after a call from Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu last year for Turkey to reopen talks with the Kurdish leader, Abdullah Ocalan.

While here, Mr Moosa was interviewed by Monocle 24’s news show Midori House about the part he played in dismantling Apartheid in South Africa and his work in support of the Kurdish movement, which includes the newly formed International Peace and Reconciliation Initiative. The interview is in two parts and is available to listen to online – just follow the links below.

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Seminar Notice: The long road to peace and reconciliation in Turkey

SOAS Kurdish Society in association with Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

The long road to peace and reconciliation in Turkey: Opportunities for genuine dialogue between Ankara and the Kurds  

Seminar on Saturday, 16 November 4-6pm

SOAS, University of London, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London WC1H OXG, Room L67, Main Building

Speakers: Judge Essa Moosa, International Peace and Reconciliation Initiative, South Africa

Akif Wan, Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) UK Representative

Chair: Birgul Yilmaz, PhD Candidate in Linguistics & Teaching Fellow, SOAS, Faculty of Languages and Cultures

The key speaker at this seminar will be Judge Essa Moosa, a distinguished human rights advocate from South Africa, who is making a brief visit to London and will bring his considerable experience of involvement in the successful anti-apartheid struggle to contribute towards a peaceful democratic resolution of the Kurdish question, in this case in Turkey. Mr Moosa will discuss his work with the new International Peace and Reconciliation Initiative, established a year ago in response to a call from Archbishop Desmond Tutu for the Turkish government to begin negotiations with the Kurdish movement.

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KHRAG publishes November newsletter


khrag logo-ht1
The South Africa-based Kurdish Human Rights Action Group (KHRAG) has published its November newsletter, which is available to download (pdf). KHRAG’s chairperson, Judge Essa Mossa, will be speaking in Belfast next week as part of the Challenging the Oppression of Lawyers in Conflict conference at Queen’s University.



Download the newsletter here.

New international initiative calls for peace talks

A new initiative was launched at a press conference on Monday with a call for the reopening of dialogue between the Turkish government and the PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan. The call, made by Archbishop Emeritus and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Desmond Tutu, has the support of a number of world leaders.

The International Peace and Reconciliation Initiative  was launched with statements from South African Judge Essa Moosa and Ngodup Dorjee, representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and the joint call was signed by such prominent dignitaries as former President of the USA Jimmy Carter and Sinn Fein President Gerry Adams. The joint appeal can be read in full below.

The IPRI will work towards finding a lasting and durable peace in Turkey through a process of dialogue and negotiations between the Turkish government and Abdullah Ocalan representing the Kurdish people. Its main objective is to facilitate a lasting peaceful solution to the Kurdish question by providing an international forum to highlight key issues in the Kurdish question and inform policy makers and the public of development on this issue. Continue reading