Set journalists free in Turkey: EFJ campaign update

The Committee for the Protection of Journalists has written a special report on the imprisonment of journalists worldwide – and Turkey occupies the proud position of number one jailer in the world. As ever, the EFJ has been ensuring that this information get circulated widely as part of their Set journalists free in Turkey campaign, and has provided a link to the report below as part of their weekly update.

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) launched an international campaign to set free all journalists in Turkey.

11 Dec 2012 – For Turkey, world’s leading jailer, a path forward, CPJ. Full link.

11 Dec 2012 – Number of jailed journalists sets global record, CPJ. Link to full report.

11 Dec 2012 – A record-number 232 journalists are imprisoned worldwide and Turkey has the highest number, ABC News

10 Dec 2012 – Operation in Istanbul : 2 journalists (Zozan Eser and Sadiye Eser) under arrest, Bianet (in Turkish)

10 Dec 2012 – Turkish cinema asks: Which human rights?, Hürriyet Daily News Continue reading


Set journalists free in Turkey: EFJ Campaign update

Here is the latest news update from the Set journalists free in Turkey campaign, organised by the European Federation of Journalists:

  • (18 Oct 2012) No let-up in judicial harassment of journalists since July reform
    Despite Law 6325’s adoption in July, the media continue to be the target of constant judicial harassment, in which the KCK and Ergenekon trials are just the most visible cases. full report link
  • (18 Oct 2012) Ankara Under Fire for Journalists’ Treatment
    The European Union has strongly criticized Turkey for its record on media freedom in its annual report on the progress of prospective EU members. The EU says “increasing concerns” about court cases against reporters endanger Turkey’s bid for membership. The rights group International Federation of Journalists reports there are around 75 journalists currently jailed in Turkey, mainly because of how they covered issues deemed by the government to be controversial. full report link
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Set journalists free in Turkey: EFJ Campaign update

The European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) has begun an international campaign to demand freedom for detained journalists, called Set Journalists Free in Turkey.

EFJ unions across Europe have already been paired up with individual detained journalists in Turkey and are doing what they can to support them and campaign for their release.

The EFJ website says:  “Over 700 individuals and organisations around the world have joined the “Set Turkish Journalists Free” campaign thanks to your support. Thousands of human rights activists have sent a petition letter to the Turkish Prime Minister, Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan, calling for the release of the jailed journalists in Turkey. As of today, 76 professional journalists still remain in Turkish prisons with many waiting desperately a fair trial. Please keep supporting our campaign and share your solidarity with our jailed colleagues in Turkey.” Continue reading