Global Rally for the freedom and reconstruction of Kobane

many_rally_in_rome_in_solidarity_with_kurdish_city_of_kobane_crop1446327675978.jpg_1718483346Thank you to everyone who took part in the Global Rally for Kobane on 1st November – now World Kobane Day. It is the second year in a row that thousands of people in dozens of countries have raised their voices for Kobane, which still suffers the consequences of a brutal 6 month ISIS siege which caught the conscience of many across the world. This time, over 400 separate actions took place in over 25 countries as far apart as India and Brazil, Denmark and Australia, Venezuela and Afghanistan, all calling for people and governments to support the reconstruction of Kobane and the lifting of the blockade. Demonstrations also took place in Rojava. Once again, it was a remarkable demonstration of solidarity and the spirit of internationalism. We send our thanks and solidarity to all those who took part and hope that collective efforts will lead to freedom and a new future for Kobane – and Rojava.

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Rallies set take place across the world in the biggest show of international solidarity for Kobane yet



31 October 2014

Thousands are expected to gather in London’s Trafalgar Square this Saturday following a global call for action by signed hundreds of internationally renowned academics, writers, lawyers politicians and activists.[1] The final list of signatories is attached.

The rally, which will take place from 2pm until 5pm, has been organised in solidarity with the defence of Kobane, a city in the democratic autonomous region of Western Kurdistan in Syria (Rojava) which has been the scene of a fierce battle with ISIS militants in recent weeks. Continue reading

PYD: Kobani will remain a symbol for the defense of human values



Kobani, the small city on the Syria-Turkey border, forms a part of the civilization of Mesopotamia and is inspired by the long-standing human values that came into existence in Mesopotamia.

During the Syrian people’s revolution, Kobani was the first area in the West of Kurdistan (Rojava) that was liberated from control of the Baath regime. Practically, that was the first step toward establishing the democratic system in Rojava. This system has the potential to offer a model for a future democratic, pluralistic and decentralised Syria. Kobani became a safe haven for Syrian IDPs who fled their homes during the bloody civilian war. As a result, Kobani has become a target of the enemies of democracy, freedom and the values of humanity. Continue reading