REPAK: Turkish state is committing crimes against humanity!

We received this statement from the Kurdish Women’s Relations Office today:

Urgent call: Turkish state is committing crimes against humanity!

The AKP government-state, which lost its majority at 7 June 2015 general elections due to the success of pro-Kurdish Democratic Party of the People (HDP), is plunging the whole country into misfortune. While dividing all people that live within the borders of the Republic of Turkey in followers and opponents, AKP has declared a total war against all people that do not stand behind. Main target of this total war is the Kurdish political movement as main force for democracy. Continue reading

ELDH sends lawyer to Cizre following Diyarbakir Bar Association call for action

We welcome this action by ELDH European Association of Lawyers for Democracy and World Human Rights, in response to a call from the Diyarbakir Bar Association regarding the urgent situation in Cizre, where a curfew has been in place since 4th September.

Italian-based lawyer Ms Barbara Spinelli, will go to Turkey support the democratic forces in Turkey by attending a peaceful march to Cizre. She will monitor the situation there in order to produce a report addressed to European institutions and civil society, as well as to the organs of United Nations, especially those competent for protection of women’s rights. She will arrive tonight. She has been working for months on the situation of women in Rojava where she led a fact finding mission in March this year. Her report has been presented to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Here are the statements:

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