“ISIS/ISIL is terrorist group created by CIA and Mossad” – Shujaat Ali Quadri

The Muslim Students Organisation of India recently held a conference in Lucknow, UP,  called ISIS: A Threat to Global Peace, in which the speakers slammed the CIA, Mossad and Saudi Arabia for creating the terrorist group. Below is the press released we received from the conference organisers.


Lucknow, India 28th Dec 2014.

“ISIS/ISIL is terrorist group created by CIA and Mossad” – Shujaat Ali Quadri

This assembly in the National Conference on, ISIS: Threat to the Global Peace  on 28th Dec 2014 (Sunday), at UP Press Club, Lucknow UP India, organized by Muslim Students Organization of India MSO, (an apex youth body of majority of Muslims belonging to peaceful ideology of Sufism).  Continue reading

KHRAG send open letter to US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton

The Kurdish Human Rights Action Group have sent an open letter to the US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton calling for the US to demand the freedom of Abdullah Ocalan:

We are writing to you this open letter regarding the Kurds, a people of over 40 million, and its incarcerated leader, Abdullah Öcalan. In 1999, your government, through the CIA, abducted the revered and popular Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan, who was on his way to South Africa to seek political asylum. He was abducted in Kenya and handed over to the Turkish authorities. This was supposed to bring an end to the uprising of the Kurds in Turkey who have been fighting for their basic democratic rights for decades. But the Kurds cannot be expected to relinquish their most basic human rights like full citizenship rights, freedom of expression, freedom of association or the use of the Kurdish language as their mother-tongue in public schools. Continue reading