Free Media Union reports on chemical weapons attacks in Rojava

The Free Media Union, an independent body of Rojava-based journalists and activists, has released new report documenting the extreme violence and torture against Kurdish civilians in Kobane and surrounding areas. The reports also look into allegations of the use of chemical weapons against Kurdish fighters by ISIS. The report includes graphic and disturbing images.

Free Media Union: ISIS violations and chemical weapons on civilians in Kobani canton (pdf)

KHRAG commemorates Halabja and celebrates Newroz

The Kurdish Human Rights Action Group has published a statement on behalf of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and their other members who stand in solidarity with the Kurdish people, as they commemorate the horrors of the Halabja attacks in 1988, and celebrate Newroz 2012: Continue reading

Final declarations from the Halabja conference in European Parliament

Last week, the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) held an annual conference entitled Remembering the Halabja genocide and the use of chemical weapons against Kurds in the European Parliament. Contributions were made by members of the European Parliament, representatives from a variety of Kurdish civil society organisations, political parties and by medical experts and victims of the chemical attacks. You can download a copy of the programme here (doc). Below are the final declarations from the conference, which are also available for download here (doc), as well as an article about the conference reposted from AK News. Continue reading

Dossier: Stop the political genocide and femicide against the Kurds in Turkey!

The following is a dossier produced by CENI Kurdish Women’s Office for Peace and the KNK, which provides a useful account of recent developments in Turkey, the actions of an increasingly repressive AKP government and the role and significance of Abdullah Ocalan’s arrest and continued imprisonment for a solution to the Kurdish Question. You can download the dossier here (pdf).

February 2012


Stop the political genocide and femicide against the Kurds in Turkey!

Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan!


1. Political Genocide and Femicide – the AKP Regime

Continue reading

Has Anything Changed in Turkey? From Hrant Dink in 2007 to Ragip Zarakolu, 2012

Below we reproduce an article written by Desmond Fernandes, which was presented to the Hrant Dink Commemoration event in Parliament, 18 January 2012. The event was sponsored by Baroness Randerson and organized by Solidarity with Prisoners of Conscience in Turkey and the Forum for Stateless Nations and ‘Other’ Minorities:

Has Anything Changed in Turkey?: From Hrant Dink in 2007 to Ragip Zarakolu, 2012 -The targeting of the “Other” in Turkey – By  Desmond Fernandes.[i] Continue reading

KON-KURD Info File on the attacks at Roboski available for download

Nearly three weeks after the massacre in Roboski village, Uludere, which killed 35 civilians were killed by the Turkish air force, KON-KURD, the European umbrella group of Kurdish organisations, has published this Info File on the attack. The file contains a letter to US representatives written by KON-KURD, as well as as a useful collection of statements and press releases written by a variety of Kurdish political and civil society organisations in response to the massacre, including the BDP, the KNK, and the report by the Turkish Human Rights Association (IHD). It also contains the names and images of the 36 guerrilla fighters who were killed in October 2011.

You can download the Info file here: Dosya KON-KURD 12 (pdf).

KNK Press Release: Massacre by Turkish state continues!

Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Press Release

Massacre by Turkish state continues!
Turkish war planes bomb Kurdish village and massacre 40 children and youth in Sirnak, South East Turkey.

Turkish war planes bombed Roboski village, a Kurdish village in the South East province of Sirnak, Turkey, killing at least 40 civilians, many of them children and youth, late last night. 24 of those killed belonged to the same family. Continue reading

Public declaration: Turkey must adhere to the ban on chemical weapons and the Chemical Weapons Convention!

With regards to renewed suspicion on the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish army, we demand an immediate clarification of what took place.
It is necessary to seriously take account of the repeated allegations that the Turkish army uses internationally banned weapons. The incidents must be investigated, especially in the knowledge of the background that Turkey in 1997 ratified the chemical weapons convention of the United Nations. Continue reading