Kobane canton appeals for medical assistance and secure supplies of food and power

Today, the administration of Kobane issued this appeal to the international community calling for humanitarian aid, medical assistance and help securing power, food and water supplies for the city.

Appeal from the cantonal government of Kobanê to the United Nations and the international community

2 December 2014

The attacks of the Islamic State on Kobanê, a Kurdish town in northern Syria, have been ongoing since the 15th of September 2014. As a result of the war, large parts of the city and the surrounding villages have been destroyed and devastated. The humanitarian emergency is exacerbated due to the de facto existing embargo. Since all routes to Kobanê are blocked, it is not possible for humanitarian supplies to reach the city. Due to the plight of refugees from Kobanê located in Turkey, more and more people are returning to Kobanê. The municipality of Kobanê is run by volunteers.   Continue reading