For Immediate Release

13 February 2018

Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

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Peace in Kurdistan Campaign has today sent a petition signed by leading academics, trade unionists and activists from across the world, to Staffan de Mistura, UN Special Envoy for Syria, calling on him to ensure there is proper representation of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (DFNS) at the UN sponsored peace talks.

To date the Kurdish-led DFNS has been excluded from the talks despite the fact they administer approximately one third of all territory in Syria under a democratic system. This exclusion delegitimises the talks and has emboldened Turkey to invade Afrin. It also makes a lasting political solution significantly less likely. The process of a Syria-wide peace resolution requires at the very minimum a Syria-wide representation of all the communities whose future depends on the outcome. Continue reading



Kongreya Star Committee for External Relations

Information File

Status Date: 08.02.2018
Kongreya Star Committee for External Relations

Navenda Dîplomasî ya Kongreya Star
مركز العلاقات الدبلوماسیة لمؤتمر ستار
European Representation of Kongreya Star:


On the night before January 20, 2018, the Turkish military and its jihadist allies jointly attacked the Afrin canton. The Turkish army calls this war of aggression “Operation Olive Branch” and claims to defend itself from attacks. International lawyers disagree and in fact, the opposite is the case. In 2017 alone [see attachment 2: chronology of Turkish attacks on Afrin 2017], the Turkish military attacked the area around the northwestern corner of Syria at least dozen times with artillery in order to provoke a war. In this sense, the beginning of the attacks on January 20 was not unexpected but rather planned long ahead of time. Continue reading



We, the undersigned academics and human rights activists, insist that the leaders of Russia, Iran, and the U.S. ensure that the sovereignty of Syrian borders is not breached by Turkey and that the people of Afrin in Syria, be allowed to live in peace.

 Afrin, whose population is predominantly Kurdish, is one of the most stable and secure regions in Syria. With very little international aid, Afrin has taken in so many Syrian refugees in the last five years that its population has doubled to more than 400,000. Afrin is now surrounded by enemies: Turkish-supported jihadi groups, al Qaeda, and Turkey. Continue reading

Barcelona Mayor and over 100 academics, politicians, and human rights activists call for immediate halt to Turkish aggression toward Afrin in Syria.

For Immediate Release: 7 February 2018

Barcelona Mayor Ada Colau, has joined Noam Chomsky and leading academics, including Judith Butler of U.C. Berkeley, Michael Hardt of Duke, Michael Walzer of Princeton, David Graeber of the London School of Economics, and a number of politicians, union leaders, and human rights activists from Argentina to Italy in calling for Russia, Iran and the United States to stop Turkish aggression toward the peaceful enclave of Afrin in northern Syria. The statement, initially signed by 15 prominent academics and supporters of the Kurds, has quickly grown to include more than 100 additional signatories from leading universities and institutions across Europe and the United States. Continue reading

War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity, in Flagrant Violation of the Rules of International Law

                                      The Hostilities on Afrin

Foreign Relations Authority            afin logo 2



The security requirements of public order are not inconsistent with the rules of international law, which governs the conduct of public and military operations. However, such laws cannot be invoked to justify security-related acts if human rights and the sovereignty of a state are violated, especially by neighbouring countries. Respect for the rules of international law during armed conflicts requires all states concerned to implement these laws to contribute to the cessation of unjustifiable hostilities. Continue reading


March and Demo
Saturday 27th January 2018 Assemble 1.00pm at BBC Portland Place, W1A 1AA, Oxford Street tube station
Rally 3pm at Downing Street, Westminster 
“The battle symbolizes the two options that the peoples and communities of the Middle East face today: between militarist, patriarchal, fascist dictatorships on the one hand, controlled by foreign imperialist interests and capital, or the solidarity between autonomous, self-determined, free and equal communities on the other. The defense of Afrin is an opportunity for the left to unite against fascism and mobilize against militarism, occupation and war.”
Dilar Dirik
Organised by Defend the People of Afrin Platform 


“There is no justification for the Turkish attack on Afrin” says Joan Ryan MP

Joan Ryan

PR Issued for immediate release 25 January 2018

Joan Ryan MP has called on the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary to make urgent representations to their Turkish counterparts, to end the Turkish military’s assault on the Kurdish region of Afrin in Syria.

In a letter to Theresa May and Boris Johnson, Joan Ryan MP also urged the UK Government to work with NATO, the EU and the UN to prevent a potential humanitarian crisis. Continue reading


Instead of selling arms to the genocidal Erdogan regime, Johnson should be supporting the Kurds who have been pivotal in defeating ISIS says GMB

GMB, Britain’s general union, has condemned Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s ill-informed and hypocritical comments about Turkey’s illegitimate attack on Afrin.

Mr Johnson said that Turkey was right to want to “make its borders secure” and that the UK and Turkey have a shared goal of “reducing violence”. The reality is that Turkey’s invasion of Syria is just one more chapter in their long history of persecuting the Kurdish people. During the conflict in Syria, Afrin has been the calmest region in the country and poses no threat to Turkey whatsoever. Continue reading

UNISON letter to Boris Johnson

UNISON Centre, 130 Euston Road, LONDON NW1 2AY Tel: +44 20 7121 5767 Fax: +44 20 7121 5101 Email: General Secretary Dave Prentis

Dear Foreign Secretary,

Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street
London SW1A 2AH        UNISON logo.png

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Re. Turkey’s attack on Afrin

On behalf of UNISON’s 1.3 million members working in public services in the UK, I am writing to express our deep concern over recent Turkish military attacks on the Syrian Kurdish area of Afrin. Continue reading