• Belgium’s Court of Appeal rules that the PKK is not a terrorist organisation


    In a significant ruling made on 14 September 2017, the Belgium Court of Appeal ruled that the PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ Party) is not a terrorist organisation as defined by Belgian law. Rather, the PKK is ‘a party to an armed conflict as defined by and subject to international humanitarian law’. The government of the United Kingdom classified the PKK as terrorists in 2001 and the European Union did so the following year. It is testimony to the determination of the Kurds to fight for justice and the legitimacy of their cause that the Belgium Court of Appeal has now reversed the previous definition. It is to be hoped that the Belgium Court’s decision will set a precedent that other judicial bodies will follow. Continue reading


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    16. Wall Street Journal says reporter convicted in Turkey Continue reading

  • Petition for Representation at Geneva Peace Talks.

    We call for the representation of the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria (previously Rojava) on the Geneva Peace talks

    The seventh round of the Geneva Peace talks on Syria concluded in July 2017 without a resolution. This is partly due to the obduracy of Assad’s envoys who are reluctant to discuss a transitional political process and partly the inefficacy of the UN. Nonetheless this remains the only non-military option on the table and must be seriously pursued. Continue reading


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  • Belgian Court Rules that the PKK is Not a Terrorist Organisation.

    Case Commentary.
    On the 14 September of this year a judgement was handed down in the case of a group of Kurdish activists who faced trial on terrorism charges in Belgium. The defendants were acquitted as the  court found that the PKK is not a terrorist organisation but rather a party to an internal armed conflict in Turkey.

    This case in the Belgian Court of Appeal centred around the Defence proposition that the activities which the prosecution relied on to make out a case of terrorism occurred in the context of an internal armed conflict in Turkey and should therefore be governed by the rules of international humanitarian law rather than domestic terror provisions.

    The question that fell to be considered by the court was whether or not the PKK was involved in an armed conflict in Turkey. If it was, then the domestic criminal law of Belgium would not apply and the matter would be subject to the Geneva Conventions, in international law. Continue reading

  • Maxine Peake joins Peace in Kurdistan Campaign and demands justice for the Kurdish people.

    Maxine Peake is an inspiring figure and it is great news that she is adding her voice to the demands for justice for the Kurdish people. Peace in Kurdistan is honoured that she is supporting our campaign work.

    Maxine Peake

    We are delighted to announce that Maxine Peake, the celebrated multi-award winning film, television and theatre actor has consented to become a patron of Peace in Kurdistan. Continue reading