1. YJA Star: We will prevail in 2017 with the spirit of Newroz
    2. PKK: Let’s celebrate Newroz with the spirit of resistance
    3. How Erdoğan’s ruthless drive for more power is shaking a divided Europe
    4. Kurdish voters still undecided on Turkish referendum
    5. Kurdish supporters in Frankfurt protest against Erdogan
    6. Academic Freedom Must Be Defended
    7. PYD’s Muslim at Newroz rally in Frankfurt: Victory will be ours
    8. Turkish police detain 740 Kurds over alleged PKK links: minister
    9. PKK Prisoners Around Turkey Start Hunger Strike to Free Ocalan
    10. Turkey bans Kurdish New Year celebrations in Istanbul, Ankara
    11. Erdogan is ‘stoppable,’ pro-Kurdish lawmakers say
    12. Dozens including 3 journalists, 2 deputies detained in anti-HDP operations
    13. Dozens of pro-Kurdish officials arrested in Turkey crackdown
    14. Syrian Kurdish police fears ISIS attacks during Newroz celebrations
    15. Kurdish YPG leader says attack on Raqqa city to start in April
    16. UN says no ethnic cleansing by Kurds in northern Syria
    17. Syria conflict: Unravelling the puzzle
    18. US-led coalition says no plans to incorporate Rojava Peshmergas in fight against ISIS in Syria
    19. British YPG member says ISIS leadership fleeing Raqqa, Turkey excluded from the operation

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  • Newroz 2017: No to Dictatorship – Yes to Peoples’ Democracy and Freedom


    Statement, 20 March 2017

    It is at a most inauspicious time that the Kurdish people everywhere are now celebrating Newroz. Embattled in Turkey and Syria in particular, the Kurds once again renew their determination during the celebrations to mark this unique occasion when they give collective public expression to their heritage and culture.

    Peace in Kurdistan salutes the Kurds and their historic struggle; we offer special greetings to the Kurdish men and women engaged in the fight against Islamic State (ISIS) and those Kurds who are facing the wrath of Erdogan’s increasing dictatorial rule in Turkey, especially those languishing unjustly in Turkey’s jails. Continue reading


    1. Decisions and demands from the International Êzidî Women’s Conference
    2. Possible election fraud: Ballot boxes in Kurdish towns relocated
    3. Dutch Kurds call on Netherlands to ally against Erdogan
    4. Manbij Democratic Civilian Administration Council takes office
    5. Former peshmergas: Attack on Shengal serves the enemy
    6. Êzidîs in Europe organise a sit-in and long march against KDP’s betrayal
    7. Saleh Muslim” International Socialist adopted the federation”
    8. MPs Slam Jet Sales To Erdogan Regime
    9. Damning UN report slams Turkey, revealing the extent of its anti-Kurdish war
    10. UN report on the destruction and rights violations in North Kurdistan
    11. Turkey-PKK conflict: UN report tells of ‘2,000 dead’ since truce collapse
    12. Michael Flynn Was Paid to Represent Turkey’s Interests During Trump Campaign
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  • Plaid Cymru Spring Conference 2017

    Peace in Kurdistan and the Kurdistan National Congress attended the Plaid Cymru Spring Conference in Newport last weekend.

    Leader, Leanne Wood, gave the keynote speech, recalling the Newport Uprising in 1839 when 10,000 Chartists marched on the town demanding democratic reform. She said the Charter was about regaining control of lives, of communities and a new democratic landscape. She said that this was precisely what was needed today: a new charter, with equality, especially of income and justice. We should be vigilant as we leave the EU, that we don’t lose our hard-won rights. Inequality divides people and regions. Local councils must protect, heritage, culture and language.
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  • Ezidi Women’s Conference March 2017 Germany.

    Report by Peace in Kurdistan Women Alliance:

    The first International Conference for Ezidi women took place in Germany last weekend providing an opportunity for a diverse group of women to come together to discuss, in their mother tongue, the Ezidi genocide and its aftermath. The high-level conference gave a platform to an authoritative group of women, representing both those who had survived the genocide, and those whose expertise ranged from the ethnic, political, historical, and psychological aspects of what had occurred. Continue reading

  • Break down of relations between KRG (KDP) and the Yazidis.


    How the KRG Restrictions Harm Yazidi Recovery

     Some evidence about Sinjar and KDP policy regarding Yazidi`s

    1. Urgent call by Yazidi-Sinjar council and its YBŞ Self-Defense force
    2. Disproportionate Limits on Goods Entering, Leaving Sinjar
    3. Report Human Rights Watch: Iraq: KRG Restrictions Harm Yezidi Recovery (Human Rights Watch)
    4. Kurdish Officials Shut Down Group Aiding Yezidis (Human Rights Watch)

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