Special News Briefing : International Forum on ISIS.


The Rojava Centre for Strategic Studies (NRLS) hosted the three-day International Forum on ISIS (Da’esh) which focused on security, social, economic, and legal issues currently facing the region as a result of the five-year war. International intellectuals, academics, and political experts from 15 different nations travelled to the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) to participate and hear from local military, civil society, and administration officials. This is the second forum the NRLS has held, the first of which focused on the on-going ethnic cleansing in Afrin after it fell to Turkish backed militant groups in March 2018 during Turkey’s Operation Olive Branch.

  1. Press Kit International Forum On ISIS
    6 July 2019/Rojava Information Centre
    Today the International Forum on ISIS began, bringing together 200 participants – approximately 30 from Europe and North America, 75 from other countries in the Middle East, and the rest from the civil society, military and administration of North East Syria – to explore challenges and solutions for bringing ISIS to justice and restoring stability to the region and globally.
  2. ISIS victims call for justice during international forum in Syria
    7 July 2019/Kurdistan 24
    Victims of the so-called Islamic State from different backgrounds who survived attacks and massacres at the hands of the terror group called for justice during an international forum on Saturday in the Kurdish town of Amude in northern Syria.

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Suna Alan – Hope Is Closer

via Suna Alan – Hope Is Closer


Suna Alan – Hope Is Closer

Illustrated by Hannah Kirmes-DalySuna Alan: Musician, human rights activist, journalist, feminist. Her repertoire of folk songs spans a rich cultural heritage and includes Kurdish, Turkish, Greek and Armenian songs. She uses her music to raise awareness of Kurdish issues and give another side of the story beyond politics. As a journalist and an activist she has published stories of Yazidi Kurdish women abused by Daesh, and she has written a song to raise awareness of this issue through music.



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Peace in Kurdistan – Women Alliance for Kurdistan, Iraq and Syria

 Dear Prime Minister

 On International Women’s Day 2018 we call on your government to acknowledge and condemn the Turkish invasion of Afrin and the attacks currently taking place there against a women’s revolution in Afrin in Northern Syria.

 The invasion constitutes a war of aggression and is therefore in breach of international law. Its continuation is in clear breach of Security Council Resolution 2401.  Continue reading

The Yezidi people are exposed to genocide in Afrin and their holy places violated

Foreign Relations Commission

Yazidis in Afrin

d.k.derve.r.x@gmail.com Email: 1


The Yazidis have a historical presence in Syria that goes back to thousands of years, and they are indigenous to the region. Despite attempts to obliterate the Yazidi identity and history and to hide and distort archaeological sites, archaeological discoveries in several areas of Syria, including the “Lilon Mountains” in the Syrian northwest, The Yezidi religious symbols found on the walls of the temples and the monuments discovered in Afrin are the best proof of the existence of Yezidis there. Continue reading

Peace in Kurdistan
Campaign for a peaceful solution of the Kurdish question

Press Release 27 July 2017

Peace in Kurdistan- Women Alliance has launched a petition in support of
Yezidi Women in Sinjar, Iraq to mark the 3rd Anniversary of the Genocide and Feminicide perpetrated by ISIS.

The petition supports the call from the Free Yazidi Women’s Movement (TAJÊ) to make 3rd August an International Day Against Feminicide.

On the 3rd August 2014 ISIS attacked and massacred the Yazidi community in Sinjar, Iraq, systematically targeting women and girls who were killed, raped and enslaved in their thousands. This amounted to feminicide, a feminicide which continues to this day as thousands of women remain captive and used as sex-slaves, across Iraq, Syria and the Arabian Gulf.

Three years on there is still no justice for these women or any concerted attempt by the international community to rescue the thousands still enslaved. The petition supports the self-determination and self-defense of women who have returned to Sinjar and who have organised to ensure they are never victimised in this way again and stands as a challenge to the continued inaction of the international community.

See the statement here:  https://peaceinkurdistancampaign.com/2017/07/21/call-for-an-international-day-of-action-against-feminicide/


We, the undersigned, express our support for our Yazidi sisters’ call for August 3rd to be declared International Day against Feminicide!

The 3rd August 2017 marks the third anniversary of the day in 2014 when ISIS attacked and massacred the Yazidi community in Sinjar, Iraq, systematically targeting women and girls who were killed, raped and enslaved in their thousands. This amounted to feminicide, a feminicide which continues to this day as thousands of women remain captive across Iraq, Syria and the Arabian Gulf.

The United Nations has officially designated what happened in Sinjar as genocide. For the Yezidis this was the 74th Genocide that they have endured in their history and one which was perpetrated by way of feminicide. With this feminicide, the Yazidi people have to face the bitter reality that their existence, their belief and their freedom can only be secured through self-determination, self-organization and self-protection. Women in particular hold the vital role in this process of self-organization in response to genocide and feminicide. They have thrown off their victimhood and will now determine and take control of their fate organized as the Free Yazidi Women’s Movement (TAJÊ) in Sinjar and in Europe.

We agree that August 3rd will be the International Day of Action against Feminicide and will raise our voices in support of this self-organisation and for the freedom of the kidnapped, enslaved and murdered women of Sinjar.

Name:                                                                  Organisation/Contact:

Peace in Kurdistan
Campaign for a political solution of the Kurdish Question
44 Ainger Road, London NW3 3AT
Email: estella24@tiscali.co.uk <../Desktop/News%20Briefings/2017/July%202017/estella24@tiscali.co.uk> <http://estella24@tiscali.co.uk <http://estella24@tiscali.co.uk> >  <mailto:estella24@tiscali.co.uk <mailto:estella24@tiscali.co.uk> >
http://www.peaceinkurdistancampaign.com <http://www.peaceinkurdistancampaign.com <http://www.peaceinkurdistancampaign.com> >
Contacts Estella Schmid 020 7586 5892 <tel:020%207586%205892>  & Melanie Gingell – Tel: 020 7272 7890 <tel:020%207272%207890>
Fax: 020 7263 0596 <tel:020%207263%200596>   

Patrons: Lord Rea, Lord Dholakia, Baroness Sarah Ludford, Jill Evans MEP, Jean Lambert MEP, Julie Ward MEP,  Jeremy Corbyn MP, Hywel Williams MP, Kate Osamor MP, Elfyn Llwyd, Dafydd Iwan, Former President Plaid Cymru, Sinn Fein MLA Conor Murphy, John Austin, Christine Blower, NUT International Secretary,  Simon Dubbins, UNITE International Director, Doug Nicholls, General Secretary, General Federations of Trade Unions, Bruce Kent, Gareth Peirce, Julie Christie, Noam Chomsky, James Kelman, Margaret Owen OBE, Prof Mary Davis, Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley, Mark Thomas, Nick Hildyard, Stephen Smellie, Derek Wall, Melanie Gingell, Steve Sweeney


Call for an International Day of Action against Feminicide

Let’s make August 3rd the International Day of Struggle

against Feminicide through our joint organization!

On August 3rd 2017 is the third anniversary of the genocidal attack by the so-called Islamic State (IS) on Êzidi (Yazidi) Kurds in the Northern Iraqi city of Sinjar. Starting on August 3, 2014 the attacks and massacres caused a humanitarian catastrophe but importantly had the genocidal objective of eradicating the whole Êzidi community. Women were systematically targeted within this genocide and therefore it also constitutes a feminicide.
On August 3, 2014 the world became witness to a genocidal attack by IS, having the ultimate goal of eliminating one of the oldest religious communities in the world, the Êzidis. Rendered helpless and defenceless when the peshmerga troops of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) withdrew from their positions in Sinjar without prior warning, the Êzidi community suffered systematic massacre, rape, torture, displacement, enslavement of girls and women and forced recruitment of boys as child soldiers.
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General Coordinator of the Democratic Self-Administration of Rojava-North Syria


“In the midst of our brutal war against terrorism and extremist forces, with

approaching victory against the terrorist organization known as IS in Tabqa

and Raqqa, the Turkish military used airstrikes to bombard media centers and

safe villages in the Derik region as well as attacking the Shingal region

and targeting the Yazidi people. Continue reading

Ezidi Women’s Conference March 2017 Germany.

Report by Peace in Kurdistan Women Alliance:

The first International Conference for Ezidi women took place in Germany last weekend providing an opportunity for a diverse group of women to come together to discuss, in their mother tongue, the Ezidi genocide and its aftermath. The high-level conference gave a platform to an authoritative group of women, representing both those who had survived the genocide, and those whose expertise ranged from the ethnic, political, historical, and psychological aspects of what had occurred. Continue reading

Break down of relations between KRG (KDP) and the Yazidis.


How the KRG Restrictions Harm Yazidi Recovery

 Some evidence about Sinjar and KDP policy regarding Yazidi`s

  1. Urgent call by Yazidi-Sinjar council and its YBŞ Self-Defense force
  2. Disproportionate Limits on Goods Entering, Leaving Sinjar
  3. Report Human Rights Watch: Iraq: KRG Restrictions Harm Yezidi Recovery (Human Rights Watch)
  4. Kurdish Officials Shut Down Group Aiding Yezidis (Human Rights Watch)

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The Yazidi Forces will defend the Yazidis against Turkey and Barzani

 Turkey and it’s ally Mahmoud Barzani have in the last weeks threatened to attack Sinjar. We as Yazidi’s are baffled that they want to attack the survivors of a genocide.

At the same time we declare that we will defend ourselves this time against any attack. We as YBS and YJS will fight against any force that attacks us.

Turkey has no right to attack a minority in another country. The KDP Peshmerga have no right to attack us as Sinjar is not part of the KRG but falls under the jurisdiction of Baghdad. We remind the world that the KDP Peshmerga fled when we were attacked by ISIS. Continue reading