1. Lawyers appealed against isolation of Abdullah Ocalan
2. 400 
teachers from Raqqa and Ayn Îsa complete training cycle
3. Step by step towards the liberation of Raqqa
4. Syria Kurds preparing first vote in ‘federal region’
5. Edinburgh Kurdish families raided by “anti-terror” police
6. Erdogan critic urges Spain to block his extradition to Turkey
7. Will Interpol close for Erdoğan?
8. PUK Spokesperson: When MİT’s PKK operation failed, they blamed us
9. Germany: Our definition of terror is different from Turkey’s
10. Revolutionary Forces Commander: Turkey is trying to seize Idlib
11. Repression without borders 2: Second writer with Turkish roots arrested in Spain
12. Body of British volunteer, 22, killed fighting ISIS in terror group’s Syrian stronghold is returned home to a hero’s welcome
13. Iraq’s contested Kirkuk province to vote in Kurdistan independence referendum Continue reading




1. Hunger strikers Gülmen and Özakça taken in custody
2. Kemalbay elected co-chair of HDP in place of Yüksekdağ
3. Turkey forming a new military force of gangs
4. Up to 22,5 years in prison sought for Co-mayor of Dersim
5. Gorran leader Nawshirwan Mustafa dies in Iraqi Kurdistan at age 73
6. Turkey Calls on Trump to Fire Obama Appointee McGurk
7. Syrian force ‘tightens noose’ on Islamic State in Raqqa: U.S.-led coalition
8. U.S. envoy to the U.N. will visit Syrian refugees in Jordan, Turkey
9. Turkey demands US replace envoy in spat over Syrian Kurds
10. SDF Secures 350 Square km in Past Week, Coalition Spokesman Says
11. US delegation in Rojava
12. Kurds disappointed by Trump statements after Erdogan meeting
13. Ankara hunger strikers reach 70 days without food
14. The role given to Turkey: to be the protectorate of jihadists
15. Death sentence for Rojavan Kurd in Iran
16. “Elections in Iran are a show and fraud” Continue reading


1. Trump to Arm Syrian Kurds, Even as Turkey Strongly Objects
2. Will US-Kurdish deal force Turkey back to PKK negotiation table?
3. Ankara prevents the publishing of CPT’s report on İmralı
4. Moslem: The circle around ISIS tightens around Turkey as well
5. Underlying reasons for Erdoğan-Masrour Barzani meeting in the US
6. 15 thousand civilians rescued in Raqqa operation in three days
7. Turkish state continues to build walls around itself
8. Academic freedom Turkish style: Prosecutor issued arrest warrants for historians who criticized Atatürk
9. Turkish parliament strips membership of pro-Kurdish lawmaker
10. Star Reporter Held By Armed Turkish Police
11. Syrian Kurds clear mines after taking town and dam from ISIS
12. Rojda Felat: We avenged Yazidi women with the liberation of Tabqa
13. The Latest: Syrian FM Describes Kurdish Role as ‘Legitimate’
14. In blow to U.S.-Turkey ties, Trump administration approves plan to arm Syrian Kurds against Islamic State Continue reading


1. War in Syria and Iraq could spread to Iran: PKK foreign relations head
2. Russia pushing Turkey into Rojava to force Kurds submit to Assad rule: PKK official
3. Political representatives call for struggle for Öcalan’s freedom
4. Syrian Kurdish leader hopes Russia didn’t betray the Kurds through Turkey deal
5. Kurdish YPG fighters repel ISIS attack on Syrian gas facility
6. Political Representatives call for struggle for Ocalan’s Freedom
7. Imprisoned opposition leader signals new alliances in post-referendum Turkey
8. Turkey bans poem of imprisoned Kurdish leader Demirtaş
9. Syria’s Kurds march on to Raqqa and the sea
10. Advances in Kurdish struggle shake up wars in the Middle East
11. Trump to tell Turkey: We’re going to take Raqqa with the Kurds Continue reading



1. KCDK-E calls upon Europe to prosecute Erdoğan
2. Guerrillas in Shengal: Our goal is Leader Öcalan’s freedom
3. Hunger strike in Şakran enters its 48th day, prisoners in a critical stage
4. Long line of ‘NO’ voters in front of the Turkish consulate in Paris
5. Brussels assailant turns out to be Erdoğan’s man
6. HDP Co-chair Demirtaş and deputies join prison hunger strikes
7. Hunger strike in Edirne Prison ends after dialogue with the management
8. No NO allowed on TV screens, and no HDP either!
9. HDP and DBP Co-chairs and MP Zeydan to go on hunger strike – UPDATE
10. Turkey deals death blow to Kurdish leadership with DBP conviction
11. Women and Defense workshop kicks off in Rojava
12. At least 5 Turkey-backed rebels defect to SDF’s Manbij Military Council
13. Turkey ‘ends’ Euphrates Shield campaign in Syria
14. Amal Clooney calls for collection of evidence of Isis atrocities
15. 107 defendants receive record prison sentences in KCK main case Continue reading


1. UK Parliament calls for action to stop conflict between Turkey and Kurdish YPG in Syria
2. Turkey’s Kurds could sway tight referendum vote
3. Veteran politician says Turkey referendum a ‘test’ for Kurds
4. Swiss parties and people rally for ‘NO’ against Erdoğan’s regime
5. Turkey’s Erdogan warns Europeans ‘will not walk safely on …
6. CHP MP Tanrıkulu Visits HDP’s Imprisoned Co-Chair Demirtaş
7. Human Rights Association Diyarbakır Branch Chair Bilici Released
8. SDF forces liberate strategic Tabqa Airport, push further into ISIS capital
9. PYD’s Muslim: The US and Russia may tell Turkey to ‘get out of Syria’
10. Êzidîs marching to Brussels for Shengal cover 185 km in eight days
11. On Nowruz, massive pro-Kurdish rallies flood Turkey’s Diyarbakir
12. The Latest: US claims Tabqa dam is not in danger of bursting
13. Russia wants Syrian Kurds in Geneva talks despite Turkey’s resistance
14. The peoples of Rojava celebrates Newroz everywhere
15. Turkey Says Fires Into Kurdish-Held Syria After Soldier Killed by Sniper Continue reading



  1. YJA Star: We will prevail in 2017 with the spirit of Newroz
  2. PKK: Let’s celebrate Newroz with the spirit of resistance
  3. How Erdoğan’s ruthless drive for more power is shaking a divided Europe
  4. Kurdish voters still undecided on Turkish referendum
  5. Kurdish supporters in Frankfurt protest against Erdogan
  6. Academic Freedom Must Be Defended
  7. PYD’s Muslim at Newroz rally in Frankfurt: Victory will be ours
  8. Turkish police detain 740 Kurds over alleged PKK links: minister
  9. PKK Prisoners Around Turkey Start Hunger Strike to Free Ocalan
  10. Turkey bans Kurdish New Year celebrations in Istanbul, Ankara
  11. Erdogan is ‘stoppable,’ pro-Kurdish lawmakers say
  12. Dozens including 3 journalists, 2 deputies detained in anti-HDP operations
  13. Dozens of pro-Kurdish officials arrested in Turkey crackdown
  14. Syrian Kurdish police fears ISIS attacks during Newroz celebrations
  15. Kurdish YPG leader says attack on Raqqa city to start in April
  16. UN says no ethnic cleansing by Kurds in northern Syria
  17. Syria conflict: Unravelling the puzzle
  18. US-led coalition says no plans to incorporate Rojava Peshmergas in fight against ISIS in Syria
  19. British YPG member says ISIS leadership fleeing Raqqa, Turkey excluded from the operation

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1. Kışanak: We will build a colourful future through women’s solidarity
2. Intellectuals and academics visit Qandil in support of guerrillas
3. IHD: 47 ill prisoners died in Turkish jails in 2016
4. HDP Batman MP Ayşe Acar Başaran Detained
5. Turkey deports NYT reporter for critical article on Kurds
6. Sarıyıldız: AKP tries to change the constitution to avoid standing trial
7. Merkel ‘plans to visit Turkey’ next month
8. Why Ankara’s honeymoon with Trump may be short-lived
9. Prosecutor seeks up to 142 years in prison for jailed HDP co-chair
10. Muslim: Astana meeting is another game doomed to fail
11. PYD holds conference in Hasakah Governorate to discuss future of Rojava
12. Responding to Turkey: US says they only arm SDF Arabs, not Kurds
13. Yezidi NGO resumes activities in northern Iraq after talks with Kurdish officials
14. Iranian Kurdistan: Two Activist Writers Detained in Turkey
15. Hrant Dink Commemorated on 10th Anniversary of His Murder

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  1. 10 thousand people march against AKP fascism in Brussels
  2. Mardin Co-mayor Ahmet Türk: They cannot suppress us, we will resist
  3. HDP MPs meet EP President Schulz in Brussels
  4. Turkey stops HDP MP from briefing TDs on Ankara’s crackdown on Kurds and opposition
  5. Pictures: Scots Kurdish solidarity activists step up fight as Turkey continues clampdown
  6. EPSU Executive Committee expresses deep concern regarding recent Turkish developments
  7. US-led coalition strikes ISIS headquarters in Raqqa
  8. Syrian Kurds tackle conscription, underage marriages and polygamy
    9.  Kurdish volunteers dismantle hundreds of explosives
    10. YBŞ fighters: We’ll resist all attacks, no matter where they come from
    11. BBC must stop ‘false & negligent’ Raqqa coverage, say Kurds

    12. Erdogan’s War on Women
    LT. GEN. Michael T. Flynn: “Gun for Hire”
  9. 14. Team Trump’s first ethics scandal?
    15. Why Turkey’s Islamist Leader Is So Happy About Trump
    HDP arrests: on the road to dictatorship in Turkey
  10. 17. Sarah Glynn: More than ever we need to show our support for Kurds and others under threat around the world
    18. The Middle East Will Bring an End to the EU
    19. Op-ed: Turkey has declared war against the Kurds
    20. Does Turkey have upper hand in EU membership battle?
    21. Will Turkey’s negative growth rates lead to political crisis?
    22. The Repression And War Crimes Inflicted On Turkey’s Kurds
    Turkey: the road towards dictatorship and the west’s responsibility
  11. 22. Kurdish war history preserved through art

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1. The End of Democracy in Turkey
2. Full text of the joint statement of detained MPs of the HDP at court The End of Democracy in Turkey
3. DBP Co-chair: Words have become obsolete, now it’s time for resistance
4. Arrest Warrants Issued for Arrest of All 59 HDP MPs
5. International Women’s Alliance expresses solidarity with Kurdish women
6. Belgian Court decided not to prosecute Kurdish politicians and associations
7. Britain Must Condemn Tyranny In Turkey
8. HDP MP: The people of Diyarbakır won’t recognize the trustee 9. A ‘state of obeyers’ is being constructed
9. Kışanak, Akat Ata, Anlı Held in One-Person Cells
10. DBP: Diyarbakır has Witnessed Trustees Twice; 1980 Coup, 2016
11. Supreme Court Affirms HDP’s Yüksekdağ’s 10-Month Jail Term
12. RSF Places Erdoğan on List of Predator of Press Freedom
13. 22 Regions Declared Special Security Zone in Şırnak
14. Of 1,267 Academics Dismissed in New Statutory Decree, 24 Are Academics for Peace
15. Moslem: YPG to join the Raqqa operation under the umbrella of SDF
16. Inspired by Kurdish units, al-Bab Military Council creates all-female battalion
17. Islamic State, Turkey-backed rebels launch simultaneous attacks on Kurdish positions
18. Shahba Turkmen refuse the Turkish occupation

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