Labour’s Brexit policies are “very clear to anyone who has actually read it”, says Baroness Blower

8 December 2019|Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

Journalist Alaettin Sinayic speaks to Baroness Christine Blower who has been recently appointed to the House of Lords. They discuss the upcoming general elections as well issues being overshadowed by the constant reference to Brexit, such as health, social care, education, climate justice and the ‘Green New Deal’. She also said that while members of the press may not get what Labour’s Brexit policies are about they are in fact “very clear to anyone who has actually read it”. A Corbyn government will seek to renegotiate the current deal, which the Baroness called “terrible”. Following which there would be another referendum within six months with the newly negotiated “better deal” with a “soft Brexit” or “remain”.

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Green Party member Jean Lambert discusses Brexit, Turkey’s invasion of Syria and the general election

8 December 2019|Peace in Kurdistan Campaign

Journalist Alaettin Sinayic and former Green Party executive chair Jean Lambert spoke about the upcoming UK general elections, Brexit, and the Turkish invasion and occupation of North East Syria. Lambert explained that the political structure of the UK has contributed to a dysfunctional Brexit policy and negotiations.

Jean Lambert has been an active member of the UK Green Party since 1977 and was Principal Speaker for the Green Party of England and Wales from 1992-93 and 1998-99. She was chair of the Green Party Executive in 1994. She has been London’s Green MEP from 1999-2019. Jean has a close working relationship with community groups, NGO’s, trade unions and policy makers across the capital.

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The National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, the Armenian National Committee UK and Peace in Kurdistan strongly condemn Turkey’s illegal invasion of northern Syria.

Statement on Turkey’s illegal invasion of northern Syria:

The National Federation of Cypriots in the UK, the Armenian National Committee UK and Peace in Kurdistan strongly condemn Turkey’s illegal invasion of northern Syria. Turkey’s invasion has already caused the deaths of many thousands of civilians, created hundreds of thousands of refugees and lead to the release of ISIS terrorists from prisons. We are also deeply concerned and appalled by the reports of violations of international law by Turkey in Syria including summary executions and forced demographic change following the invasion – both constitute war crimes.

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English PEN Turkey/Syria: Attacks on journalists must stop

29 October 2019 – by Rachel Crome 

English PEN condemns attacks against journalists and the ongoing media crackdown following Turkey’s offensive in Northern Syria, and calls on all parties to protect journalists from harm and to uphold …

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Ken Loach in corresponds with Peace in Kurdistan and raises the Turkish invasion of Rojava on Question Time.

Dear Estella

 Thanks for writing. I’m very pleased to sign the call for a cultural and academic boycott.  This accompanying letter amply justifies the need for this action in clear and measured language.

 I’m afraid my capacity to organise supporting events is limited, but I’ll do what I can.

 Thanks for organising this. Clearly the situation is desperate.

 With warmest good wishes,


Segment starts 55 minutes in, starts talking about the Kurds at 56 minutes in.


Ken Loach (in answer to a question about border controls after the lorry deaths earlier this week): We know people trying to seek asylum from many other countries, war torn countries. I think we have to be much more intolerant of countries that abuse human rights. China is certainly one of them and there are many other countries as well I mean we don’t need to list them all but I think we need a United Nations. We need a UN that can actually impose some sense of morality on these self seeking warring nations. What’s happened in this instance is appalling but also what’s happened to the Kurds is appalling, I mean I’m surprised the Kurds aren’t trying to cross- they’re approaching genocide there Continue reading

Syrian Democratic Council statement regarding Turkish violation of ceasefire agreement

18 October 2019|The Syrian Democratic Council


Upon the request and approval of the SDF, and with the mediation of the United States, an immediate ceasefire agreement was reached last night between the SDF and the Turkish state along the distance between Sri Kaniye / Ras al-Ain and Tal Abyad / Gre Spi. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) abided by it from yesterday night at 22:00 Syrian local time until this moment, while the Turkish state forces and the militias affiliated with it did not abide by this decision, but this morning they targeted the village of Bab al-Khair, southeast of Ras al-Ain . The bombing caused five martyrs from SDF and a number of civilians. The shelling is still continuing , hindering access to the wounded and helping the civilians.

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