A New Song Celebrating the Rojava Revolution

The Kurdish campaign for a new democratic feminist environmentalist civilization. Lyrics: Hey freedom seekers


Julie Ward MEP raises her voice for Kurdistan

Julie Ward MEP addresses the European Parliament

Millions of people from diverse ethnic and religious communities in this region are under threat. Tens of thousands have been displaced. Besides Kurdish and Arabic villages, Christian neighborhoods have been targeted. It’s obvious these attacks are carried out by Turkish military with the aim of ethnic cleansing and demographic change.


As a member of  Women Defend Rojava,an international campaign against fascism and patriarchy, I raise my voice here to call for:


  • An immediate end to Turkey‘s invasion and occupation in North and East Syria
  • The establishment of a No-Fly-Zone
  • An end to the weapons trade with Turkey
  • Political and economic sanctions against Turkey
  • The recognition of war crimes already committed by Turkey and the prevention of further war crimes and ethnic cleansing by Turkish forces, ISIS, El Nusra and other jihadist terror groups
  • The acknowledgement of the democratic Autonomous Administration of the people of North and East Syria
  • A political solution with representation and participation of women and people from all the different national, cultural and religious communities in Syria


We need an inclusive peace.

Maxine Peake condemns the Turkish invasion of Rojava and urges public support for the Kurdish people.

This is a women’s revolution. From the factories to the front lines, women are leading at every level of society. As Maxine says, the heart of this revolution is the spirit of internationalism and solidarity. 11,000 men and women of Rojava died in the fight against the fascism of the Islamic State. They gave their lives in the building of a better world. The world owes them a great debt and it’s time we repaid it!

Linked here are templates for motions and letters of support that can be edited as necessary: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y…#WomenDefendRojava #RiseUp4Rojava


Peace in Kurdistan

Campaign for a political solution of the Kurdish Question

Email: estella24@tiscali.co.uk


Contacts Estella Schmid 020 7586 5892 & Melanie Gingell – Tel: 020 7272 7890


Patrons: John Austin, Christine Blower, NEU International Secretary, Prof Bill Bowring, Julie Christie, Noam Chomsky, Jeremy Corbyn MP,  Prof Mary Davis, Lord Dholakia, Simon Dubbins, UNITE International Director,  Jill Evans MEP, Desmond Fernandes, Lindsey German, Convenor STWC, Melanie Gingell, Christopher Gingell, Rahila Gupta, Nick Hildyard, Dafydd Iwan, Former President Plaid Cymru, James Kelman, Bruce Kent, Jean Lambert, Elfyn Llwyd, Aonghas MacNeacail, Scottish Gaelic poet, Mike Mansfield QC, Doug Nicholls, General Secretary, GFTU, Dr. Jessica Ayesha Northey, Sinn Fein MLA Conor Murphy, Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley, Kate Osamor MP, Margaret Owen OBE, Ali Gul Ozbek, Former Councillor and Mayor of Haringey; Gareth Peirce, Dr Felix Padel, Maxine Peake, actor, Trevor Rayne, writer, Lord Rea, Joe Ryan, Tony Simpson, Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation, Stephen Smellie, Jonathan Steele, Steve Sweeney, Gianni Tognoni, General Secretary Permanent People’s Tribunal, Dr Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, Dr Tom Wakeford, Dr Derek Wall, Julie Ward MEP, Hywel Williams MP.


Press Release: American Kurdish Association (AKA), Emergency Committee for Rojava (ECR), Outlive Them NYC and Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC)

For Immediate Release  –  October 11, 2019

The American Kurdish Association (AKA), Emergency Committee for Rojava (ECR), Outlive Them NYC and Metropolitan Anarchist Coordinating Council (MACC) today called upon Congress and the United Nations to press for the immediate implementation of a No-Fly Zone along the Syrian border with Turkey.

“Already dozens of innocent civilians have been injured or killed, thousands of people are being displaced. ISIS terrorists have escaped from prisons, Islamic State women are trying to seize the over-crowded Al-Hol camp — the Turkish invasion of Rojava is turning into exactly the catastrophe predicted,” said Kurdish ECR member Ozlem Goner, an assistant professor of sociology at CUNY Staten Island.

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Thirteen major trade unions urge UK government to condemn Turkey’s invasion of Syria – and act to avert ethnic cleansing and potential genocide

Unite News Release

For immediate issue Thursday 10 October 2019


Trade unions representing millions of UK workers and their communities have demanded that prime minister Boris Johnson deploy the UK’s influence to prevent a humanitarian disaster as a result of the Turkish invasion of north and east Syria. Continue reading

Heyva Sor A Kurd – Report on Turkish and islamic groups military invasion in Northeast Syria


On October 9, 2019 the Turkish army with islamic allies started an offensive targeting mainly the area between Serekaniye and Tilebyed. SDF in turn started to defend the area, after few hours a massive displacement of population started toward south areas such as Hasake city and Tiltemir city.

It was reported that 2 airplanes were used so far targeting the following areas: Continue reading

Third Ways Between All Antipodes

Comment on Current Events

Nilüfer Koç

The War for Hegemony and its Consequences

It is becoming increasingly clear that the war for hegemony between the Pacific, led by China, and the Atlantic, led by the US, is turning the political strategies and tactics of the 20th century upside down. In many places of the world, the brutal power struggle between the two hegemonies is fought in the form of an economic and trade war. Economically weak nation states are forced to face this competitive war and strive for the maintenance of their status quo. Because of this war, they are forced to position themselves in support of one of the giants. On the Asian, African and Latin American continents, this war for the division of spoils has a direct influence on the life of the civilian population. Increasing poverty, rural flight, the privatization of natural resources such as waters, forests and soils by foreign companies as well as the privatization of education and health care are the consequence. Continue reading

Sinn Fein presses Minister about removal of Kurdish Mayors

For Written Answer on : 06/09/2019
Question Number(s): 41 Question Reference(s): 36084/19
Department: Foreign Affairs and Trade
Asked by: Seán Crowe T.D.

To ask the Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade if his attention has been drawn to the fact that the Turkish Government has removed three democratically elected Kurdish mayors from office and Turkish authorities arrested more than 400 political activists in August 2019 as part of a deepening crackdown on Kurdish political parties (details supplied); his views on this development and the worsening human rights and democratic situation in Turkey; and if he will raise the issue with his Turkish counterpart. (Details Supplied) the mayors of Diyarbakir, Mardin and Van, who are all members of the People’s Democratic Party (HDP), were democratically elected by large majorities in March 2019 Continue reading

A Sage of Our Times – Immanuel Wallerstein

International Initiative

”Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan – Peace in Kurdistan“

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Our collective hearts are heavy with sympathy upon learning of the death of Immanuel Wallerstein. His loss is a profound loss for us all. What set Wallerstein apart from other sociologists was that he had a much stronger analysis of how to break from the world-system.

In this sense, both Fernand Braudel in his analysis of the world history through different terms and especially the longue durée and Wallerstein through his world-system analysis have immensely contributed to Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish freedom movement in better analyzing the defeat of actually existing socialism. But not only this, their contribution can be better observed in Öcalan’s choice of unit of analysis for the historical-society: moral and political society.

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