Defend the People of Afrin Platform Letter Delivered to New Scotland Yard on 14 February 2018


Zerdest Zagrosi
33 Dalston Lane
E8 2PE

Dear Sir/Madam,

is an appalling injustice that the Kurdish community in the UK is being subjected to severe harassment under Terrorism legislation through night raids, port stops, questioning by MI5, and disproportionate and violent policing of demonstrations, despite the tireless campaigns that we have organised over the years against ISIS terrorism.

We deeply regret the fact that this targeting is occurring in the UK, a country in which the Kurdish people have felt safe and integrated over the last four decades, a country in which we have sought asylum from persecution in Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq. It is a tragedy that the UK authorities are now mirroring the intolerance towards Kurdish people that is shown in Turkey and are using increasingly repressive methods to curb any political organisation. Continue reading


Response to Racist Raids of Kurdish Family Homes in Edinburgh.

For the attention of Members of the Scottish Parliament,

In the early hours of Wednesday 30th August 2017, the police carried out raids at the homes of members of the Kurdish community living in Edinburgh. Families were woken from bed by six plain clothes police officers citing terrorism laws and waving a document that accuses a member of the family of participating in a terrorism activity on 26 March 2017. This so called terrorist activity was in fact a celebration of Newroz (the Kurdish New Year). Later, a forced entry was used to raid the Kurdish community centre in Wester Hailes, Edinburgh, despite the police being told that the key holder would be there “in twenty minutes.” Continue reading

Solidarity message to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party

As supporters, representatives and members of the Kurdish community in the UK, we wish to send our solidarity to you as leader of the Labour Party for a successful general election campaign.
We look forward to seeing you elected as Prime Minister on June 8th: your election victory would mark a great dramatic change in the domestic and foreign policy of the UK.
With Jeremy Corbyn as PM, the UK will stand as a beacon of hope and peace around the world.
You deserve to be given this chance to implement the policies of social justice, equality and peace for which you have always been a staunch campaigner.
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Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan

c/o UNISON South Lanarkshire, 21 Beckford Street, Hamilton ML3 0BT
Co-convenors –          Roza Salih and Stephen Smellie

MEDIA RELEASE                 8 January 2017
Police action risks criminalising a community
News that police in Edinburgh are investigating alleged fund raising for the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), which is considered a terrorist organisation, has raised concerns that Turkish officials are attempting to intimidate the Scottish Kurdish community.
News reports suggest that police have submitted a report to the procurator fiscal following an investigation.
However Scottish Solidarity with Kurdistan (SSK),which promotes awareness of issues in Kurdistan, is concerned that this comes at a time when the community and others in Scotland are increasingly concerned with the actions of the Turkish government in attacking Kurds in Turkey and in Syria.
Stephen Smellie, Co-convenor of SSK, stated
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Statement on the Closure of Women’s Organisations on 12th November in Turkey.

Peace in Kurdistan Women’s Alliance for Kurdistan, Iraq and Syria 


Peace in Kurdistan Women’s Alliance deplores the latest assault on Kurdish women’s movement in Turkey. Women such as those in KJA (Free Women’s Congress) have been waging a battle for women’s freedom for over 40 years, in the face of extreme opposition.

They have undoubtedly been instrumental in breaking down the barriers that have traditionally trapped women in the private sphere; they have been at the fore front of the movement to break down the barriers, inspiring women across the region to demand their equal rights and to participate equally in society, to seek equality in political office, for example, with each post being held jointly by a women and a man. Continue reading

The Closure of KJA

Dear Women and Friends,

 On 12 November 2016, at 08.30 am, Turkish state security forces circumvented the KJA (Kongreya Jinen Azad – Free Women’s Congress) center in Diyarbakir and at 11.00 am, based on a statutory decree article issued under the State of Emergency rule, Turkey’s Ministry of Interior has suspended the KJA activities, and sealed and shut down its building.   Continue reading

Kurdistan Report interviews Nilufer Koc, Co-Chair of the KNK

“Is the era of the Kurds approaching?”

nilufer-kocHere, Nilüfer Koç, Co-chair of the KNK is interviewed for the latest issue of the Kurdistan Report, a bimonthly publication produced in Germany, about the 15th General Assembly Meeting of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK). This is a translation of the German original.


You held your general assembly meeting at a period favourable for the Kurds in the Middle East. How did this affect your meeting?

 The political and social developments of the last year once more have been reflected on our 15th General Assembly Meeting. The countless successes against the Islamic State (IS) in Rojava [kurd.: Western; Western Kurdistan/North Syria] and Başur [kurd.: Southern; Southern Kurdistan/North Iraq], Abdullah Öcalan’s three years long political struggle of negotiations with the Turkish AKP (Justice and Development Party) government, the consolidation of the democratic autonomy in Rojava and the increasing international political interest in Kurdistan were the significant common denominators of the debates. Despite their political differences the 52 speakers of various Kurdish political parties were in agreement on many issues: that it was now indeed the era of the Kurds.

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Global Rally for the freedom and reconstruction of Kobane

many_rally_in_rome_in_solidarity_with_kurdish_city_of_kobane_crop1446327675978.jpg_1718483346Thank you to everyone who took part in the Global Rally for Kobane on 1st November – now World Kobane Day. It is the second year in a row that thousands of people in dozens of countries have raised their voices for Kobane, which still suffers the consequences of a brutal 6 month ISIS siege which caught the conscience of many across the world. This time, over 400 separate actions took place in over 25 countries as far apart as India and Brazil, Denmark and Australia, Venezuela and Afghanistan, all calling for people and governments to support the reconstruction of Kobane and the lifting of the blockade. Demonstrations also took place in Rojava. Once again, it was a remarkable demonstration of solidarity and the spirit of internationalism. We send our thanks and solidarity to all those who took part and hope that collective efforts will lead to freedom and a new future for Kobane – and Rojava.

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Congratulations from friends in Peace in Kurdistan campaign

jeremy newrozJeremy Corbyn MP
Leader of the Labour Party

Dear Jeremy,

Peace in Kurdistan would like to send its warm congratulations to you on the gre
at news of your victory in the Labour leadership contest.

Your election will be greeted with enthusiasm as excellent news by all who believe in a better world. The Kurdish people, who are proud to count you as a friend, certainly share in the celebrations of your election victory.

This successful result is a real tribute to your tireless campaigning for social justice and the rights of peoples at home and abroad.

We take the opportunity to pay tribute to you for your staunch and consistent support in Parliament and your solidarity with the Kurdish community in London.

We wish to thank you for all your support over the years for our campaigns on behalf of the Kurds and in particular for the peace process in Turkey which seeks to resolve the conflict in that country.

We would like to wish you well in your new role as you lead your party onto electoral success in coming months and years.

Peace in Kurdistan  looks forward to working with you in the future as Labour’s new leader.

In solidarity

Peace in Kurdistan

Shilan Ozcelik trial begins at the Old Bailey*) in first PKK trial in over a decade


7 September 2015


The trial against Kurdish woman Shilan Ozcelik, who was arrested in January for allegedly attempting to join the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), will appear in court on Monday 7 September, 2pm, for the first day of her trial.

The 18 year old was charged with ‘engaging in conduct in preparation to for giving an effect to an intention to commit acts of terrorism’ under section 5 (10) (a) of the Terrorism Act 2006 and has been held on remand in Holloway prison since early March.

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