Imprisoned HDP Co-Chair Selahattin Demirtaş and Deputies Join Prison Hunger Strikes

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31 March 2017

On 31 March 2017, our co-chair Selahattin Demirtaş and MP Abdullah Zeydan, both held captive in Edirne High Security Prison, have initiated a hunger strike in solidarity with the protest actions of political prisoners across Turkey. Continue reading

Julie Ward MEP denied visit to Leyla Birlik HDP MP.

MEP Julie Ward visited Diyarbakir with Peace in Kurdistan this weekend. Following the visit she attempted to meet with Leyla Birlik the MP arbitrarily detained in Silivri prison outside Istanbul. Julie is twinned with Leyla as part of an international campaign of solidarity. Unfortunately she was denied permission to enter the prison and was harassed by military police. Her full statement appears below. Continue reading

HDP Statement and Messages from Jail. November 7th 2016

Following the detention of Selahattin Demirtas and Figen Yiksekdag together with  nine of their colleagues last week, and the issue of warrants for all the remaining HDP MPs, the HDP Executive Committee issued a statement full of strength and determination (copied in full below). Clearly parliamentary activity will be suspended but the struggle continues. The statement entitled “We will win- No matter What !” concludes “We will not bow down to this regime and its practices; we will continue to spread our proposals for democracy in defiance of this dictatorship. Lest we forget, we, all of us, are Turkey’s hope; we are its light of democracy and freedom. We will nourish this hope and light together.” Continue reading

HDP Europe: Latest updates November 2016

Please find below 4 documents from the HDP setting out information and reactions to the detention of the Diyarbakir co-majors, the court ruling on Figen Yuksekdag, the state of emergency and the speech by Demirtas on 27th October

1.  The court ruling on Figen Yüksekdağ is not lawful but arbitrary and political

Şanlı Urfa 5th High Criminal Court ruled today “to bar HDP co-chair Ms Figen Yüksekdağ from travel abroad by way of judicial control”. This action is entirely arbitrary and in conradiction of legal precedents. Continue reading

Building solidarity with the Kurdish struggle for democracy, equality and freedom: Fringe Meeting at Labour Party Conference 2016

“This was a very well attended and successful fringe meeting and the first one that has been held at the Labour Party. It builds on the great work that UNITE, GMB and other unions have been doing with Peace in Kurdistan to build solidarity with the Kurds in their struggle for democracy, equality and freedom. It also builds on the path-breaking emergency motion that the TUC passed during its September conference in which all UK unions joined the call for the release of Abdullah Ocalan and the restart of the peace process. We intend to hold another fringe at next years party conference and to continue to push the case and spread the message.” Simon Dubbins Director of International for UNITE

The Freedom for Ocalan campaign held a fringe meeting at this year’s conference, co-sponsored by the GMB, UNITE and Peace in Kurdistan campaign. The Union movement has been very supportive of the campaign to free Ocalan, and in this, his 18th year of incarceration, it has passed an emergency resolution calling for, among other things , “the restart of the peace process that was unilaterally terminated by the Turkish government in June 2015, and for the release of imprisoned Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan as an essential element for such a process to be successful.” Continue reading

Feleknas Uca Speech at Labour Party Conference 2016

Dear all, today I will talk about the political situation in Turkey.

In April 2016, the ‘Freedom for Öcalan’ campaign was started in the UK. The members of the campaign are now totally convinced that a peaceful solution to the current conflict will only be found if the jailed Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan is freed and allowed to play a full role in the development of a new peace process. Indeed, for the Kurdish people and supporters across the world, these campaigns that build solidarity amongst trade unionists, for the freedom of Öcalan constitute a significant initiative. Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE Building solidarity with the Kurdish struggle for democracy, equality and freedom

For immediate release

27th September 2016

The Freedom for Ocalan Campaign is holding a fringe meeting at Labour Party Conference in Liverpool today in Room 3a Conference Centre • 12.30pm – 2pm. Refreshments provided.

The meeting, entitled Building solidarity with the Kurdish struggle for democracy, equality and freedom is co-sponsored by the GMB, UNITE and Peace in Kurdistan Campaign. Continue reading

50 Kurdish Politicians Begin Indefinite Hunger Strike in Amed/Diyarbakır


5th September 2016

50 Kurdish politicians began an indefinite hunger strike demanding that the state abide by international human rights and allow either his family or his lawyers of a party delegation to see Mr. Abdullah Öcalan with whom all communication has been cut for the last 515 days. Moreover, it is certain that during the 15 July failed coup attempt the coupists targeted him and there were clashes in the İmralı prison island. The whole world must know that there is profound anxiety over Mr. Öcalan’s health and security. Kurdish people and their institutions and representatives will not accept such inhuman and unlawful treatment of their leadership. The group on hunger strike at DBP headquarters in Diyarbakır, includes MPs, co-mayors, municipal assembly members, party executives, members of the women’s movement, lawyers, artists and members of many civil society associations began an indefinite hunger strike in Amed/Diyarbakır. The Hunger Strike has been organised by DTK (Democratic Society Congress), HDK (Peoples’ Democratic Congress), KJA (Free Women’s Congress), DBP (Democratic Regions Party) and HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party). The strike will continue until this most legal and legitimate request is fulfilled. Continue reading

Attacks on the HDP are a cynical attempt to repress Erdogan’s main democratic opponent – the Kurdish movement

Statement, 16 August 2016

Attacks on the HDP are a cynical attempt to repress Erdogan’s main democratic opponent – the Kurdish movement

Recent attacks on the HDP in Turkey mark a dangerous development that threatens to push a country still reeling from the coup and counter coup crises into further chaos and conflict.
Selahattin Demirtas, the HDP’s respected co-leader, is facing prosecution for promoting “terrorist propaganda” and could be jailed for up to five years if convicted. The baseless charges stem from Demirtas’s outspoken stand against political violence and staunch advocacy for the reopening of the peace process with the Kurds. The prosecution is surely an attempt, under the cover of the counter-coup chaos, to remove an effective politician who has proved to be a thorn in the side of President Erdogan. Peace in Kurdistan condemns this action against Demirtas and notes that it comes at the same time as the closure of the largest Kurdish newspaper in the country, the daily Ozgur Gundem.  Continue reading

HDP Urgent Call for Solidarity on the Closure and Storming of the Daily Özgür Gündem


Urgent Call for Solidarity on the Closure and Storming of the Daily Özgür Gündem

On August 16, 2016, Erdoğan regime’s attack on the media and press since the July 15 abortive coup took a different turn by the closure of the daily Özgür Gündem on court orders, and the storming of its Istanbul headquarters by special operations police. The quarter-of-a-century-long history of Özgür Gündem represents all there is to know about the militant censorship of information and press under the state of emergency lawnessness in the context of the Kurdish conflict in Turkey. It also represents a venerable and dedicated press tradition of struggle and solidarity for the right to information and freedom from censorship. Continue reading