Resisting dictatorship in Turkey and building a democratic alternative in Syria – the critical role of the Kurds in defining a new Middle East.

Tuesday 26 September, 12.30 – 14.00

The Charlotte Room, The Grand Hotel, Brighton


Chair: Simon Dubbins – Director of International UNITE
Julie Ward – MEP
Bedia Özgökçe – HDP MP for Van, Turkey
Havin Guneser – International Initiative Freedom for Ocalan – Peace in Kurdistan
Dilar Dirik – Activist of the Kurdish Women’s movement and Cambridge University
Ibrahim Dogus – Director, Centre for Kurdish Progress
Paul Maskey – Sinn Fein MP

All Labour Party delegates and friends welcome

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1. Lawyer for jailed HDP politician Yuksekdag in Turkey: independent verdict would be a ‘miracle’
2. Turkey revokes passport of writer Aslı Erdoğan
3. Keskin: Without peace Turkey can’t be democratized
4. “It is a sacred duty for the YPJ to defend and free all women”
5. YPJ fighters: we will liberate all women
6. Female fighters plant flags in Raqqa center
7. Kurdish Women Take Up Arms to Fight Daesh on Iraqi Frontline.
8. Working as a nurse, she was imprisoned, flogged by IS
9. Women in al-Tabqa rapidly heading towards economic independence

10. Iran: Kurdish women stage a protest in Baneh
11. Life After ISIS Slavery for Yazidi Women and Children
12. Justice essential to help Iraqi victims of ISIL’s sexual violence rebuild lives – UN report
13. First course opened in Afrin Women Research Center

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1. Kurds in Canada and Europe demand freedom for Öcalan
2. Ocalan’s lawyer: Rule of law suspended in Imrali
3. PKK captured 20 Turkish spies including 2 high ranking officials
4. Did the Turkish state withdraw MİT operatives within ISIS?
5. Russia stops Turkey in its path as it plans possible YPG attack
6. “The Syrian Crisis needs a solution based on a strong foundation”
7. Over 50 Families Return Home to Aleppo Province – Reconciliation Center
8. University of Raqqa liberated by SDF
9. “Organized women build decentralized, pluralistic, democratic Syria”
10. Staffan de Mistura: SDF liberate al-Raqqa
11. We will take our municipalities back!
12. 171 journalists behind bars in Turkey: Main opposition CHP report
13. Novelist Erdoğan says travel ban is psychological torture
14. Radiology professor, extradited from Bahrain, gets tortured in Turkish jail: lawyer
15. Some 50 post-coup victims committed suicide, 14 disappeared in 2017: main opposition
16. Turkey’s Mass Persecution of Christians and Kurds
17. Scottish police accused of acting on behalf of a ‘racist’ foreign government
18. Hundreds of British Kurds protest at arms fair over sales to Turkey

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Reorienting the PKK: Rojava and the Political Thought of Abdullah Öcalan


In its 1978 manifesto, the PKK declared the establishment of an independent state to be the most important political goal of any national liberation movement. Twenty years on, the party’s leader Abdullah Öcalan changed this when he developed an ideological framework based on the idea of self-governing, stateless societies as the best way of addressing socioeconomic and sociocultural injustices. In this talk, Joost Jongerden explains this paradigm shift, which reoriented the PKK as well as other Kurdish movements in the Middle East.

Joost Jongerden is Assistant Professor at the Rural Sociology Group and the Center for Space, Place and Society at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. He is also a Professor at the Asian Platform for Global Sustainability & Transcultural Studies at Kyoto University in Japan.

Join the conversation on Twitter using #LSEKurds

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TUC FRINGE MEETING: Resisting dictatorship in Turkey and building a democratic alternative in Syria – the critical role of the Kurds in defining a new Middle East.


Freedom for Ocalan  Peace in Kurdistan TUC 2017 Fringe Meeting
TUC Kurdish Struggle Leaflet_5

Chair – Simon Dubbins, Unite the Union Director of International
Christine Blower – NUT International Secretary
Michelle Allison – Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) women representative
Stephen Smellie – Branch Secretary, UNISON South Lanarkshire
Doug Nicholls – General Secretary, General Federation of Trade Unions
Elif Sarican – Kurdistan Students Union

Tuesday 12th September, 12.45 The Regent Room, The Grand Hotel

All TUC delegates and friends welcome
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Halt the war machine


Statement condemning the international arms fair in London

Peace in Kurdistan condemns the Defence and Security Equipment International arms fair being held at the ExCel Centre in London’s Docklands from 11th to 14 September 2017. It is the world’s biggest arms fair and will host guests from among the world’s most oppressive regimes, including from Turkey. This exhibition, promoting the wares sold by the merchants of death, will be addressed by British government ministers. Britain is the world’s second largest, and Europe’s largest, arms exporter. Over half of the weapons that British companies sell go to the Middle East. British companies and politicians share responsibility for the murder and mayhem inflicted on the Middle East for decades. There are some 9,000 arms companies in the UK, including smaller businesses. These firms seek to profit from the war being waged by the Turkish state against the Kurdish people. This must be stopped. Continue reading


1. Lawyers appealed against isolation of Abdullah Ocalan
2. 400 
teachers from Raqqa and Ayn Îsa complete training cycle
3. Step by step towards the liberation of Raqqa
4. Syria Kurds preparing first vote in ‘federal region’
5. Edinburgh Kurdish families raided by “anti-terror” police
6. Erdogan critic urges Spain to block his extradition to Turkey
7. Will Interpol close for Erdoğan?
8. PUK Spokesperson: When MİT’s PKK operation failed, they blamed us
9. Germany: Our definition of terror is different from Turkey’s
10. Revolutionary Forces Commander: Turkey is trying to seize Idlib
11. Repression without borders 2: Second writer with Turkish roots arrested in Spain
12. Body of British volunteer, 22, killed fighting ISIS in terror group’s Syrian stronghold is returned home to a hero’s welcome
13. Iraq’s contested Kirkuk province to vote in Kurdistan independence referendum Continue reading

  Call for “2nd Hasankeyf Global Action Day”  

+++ Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive +++
23 September 2017

We call activists, social movements, NGO’s and all others in the world to join the second global action day for the defense of Hasankeyf and the Tigris River on 23rd September 2017! It is under threat by the Ilisu Project; lets protest this one of most controversial dams in the world! Continue reading

Response to Racist Raids of Kurdish Family Homes in Edinburgh.

For the attention of Members of the Scottish Parliament,

In the early hours of Wednesday 30th August 2017, the police carried out raids at the homes of members of the Kurdish community living in Edinburgh. Families were woken from bed by six plain clothes police officers citing terrorism laws and waving a document that accuses a member of the family of participating in a terrorism activity on 26 March 2017. This so called terrorist activity was in fact a celebration of Newroz (the Kurdish New Year). Later, a forced entry was used to raid the Kurdish community centre in Wester Hailes, Edinburgh, despite the police being told that the key holder would be there “in twenty minutes.” Continue reading


  1.  KCK’s Bayık: Raqqa will determine the future
    2. Syrian Democratic Forces announce liberation of 60% of Raqqa city
    3. Raqqan women prepare for freedom
    4. PKK on August 15: Resistance and unity a must for victories
    5. Democratic autonomy declared in Shengal – UPDATE
    6. Global Coalition and al-Raqqa Civil Council meet
    7. Al-Raqqa clans support Federalism elections
    8. The Elections High Commission opens its center in al-Shahba
    9. Yousef: elections to be held is the first experience in Syria.
    10. SDF general promises to liberate Syria’s al-Bab from Turkey-backed rebels
    11. At the request of Erdogan, the Spanish authorities arrest a German writer
    12. HDP demands compensation from Erdogan over calling Demirtas ‘terrorist’

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