The Continual Trials of Selahattin Demirtas



Written by Margaret Owen, International Trial Observer and Barrister

Sunday 15 April

My last blog on 13th February reported that the case of Selahattin Demirtas, the former co-chair of Turky’s HDP (Peoples’ Democratic Party), had been adjourned until 11th April. With his parliamentary immunity removed, Demirtas faces many separate indictments and trials under Turkey’s Anti Terror Laws. In February, before a court in Akara he had eloquently conducted his own defence, (see previous blogs) but as his request for bail was refused, he remained in custody at Evirne prison.

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KNK Statement on South Kurdistan

Turkey continues its genocidal and colonial policies in Kurdistan in defiance of its
international responsibilities

The Turkish state, in its guise as the inheritor of the Ottoman Empire, is not pulling out of Kurdistan and is intensifying its military operations there. On the one hand it is bombarding Kurdish civilian areas with heavy artillery and fighter jets, and on the other hand, it is spreading its occupation to the rest of Kurdistan in Syria and Iraq. The Turkish state has just widened its occupation by entering Western Kurdistan (Northern-Syria). First, it entered Jarablus, El-Bab and most recently it entered Efrin with all its military power and is now committing ethnic cleansing in the city. Continue reading

Ecology in Democratic Confederalism

Ecology discussions and practices in the Kurdish Freedom Struggle with a focus on North Kurdistan (Bakur)

by Ercan Ayboga
September 2017

Mesopotamia Ecology Movement,

Ecology is one of the three pillars of the paradigm of Democratic Confederalism, the political-theoretical concept of the Kurdish Freedom Movement. Besides democracy and gender liberation, ecology has been mentioned explicitly as a dimension in this concept since 2005. However to date, ecology is less discussed and practiced than the two other pillars. Continue reading


Thinking of Holidaying in TURKEY? Please think again!

 Why you might consider visiting Turkey

Turkey is known for its inexpensive holiday packages and for pleasant weather, beaches, and historical sites dating back thousands of years.

Why you should avoid visiting Turkey

Turkey has become increasingly autocratic, with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan solidifying his grasp on power following a referendum of questionable legitimacy on presidential powers in 2017. Erdogan has purged the ranks of the country’s government, judiciary and military, and Turkey has become the number one imprisoner of journalists worldwide. Erdogan’s authoritarian regime instrumentalises Islam for its own power purposes and has put immense pressure on women and religious and ethnic minorities such as Alevis and Yezidis, and anti-Semitism and anti-Christian rhetoric are mainstream. Foreign visitors may not feel welcomed with open arms or at least will instantly see a change in attitude once they question the actions of Erdogan and Turkey – doing so can mean risking detention and deportation, or even jail time.
Boycott T .jpg

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Freedom for Abdullah Ocalan and the political prisoners in Turkey. Ocalan’s freedom will mark a breakthrough for the democratization of Turkey and peace in Kurdistan.

4 April 2018 –                       For immediate use

 Birthday Greetings to jailed Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan

 The trade union based Freedom for Öcalan Campaign has asked the British Ambassador to Turkey to help them deliver birthday greetings to jailed Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. Continue reading


Peace in Kurdistan sends its solidarity greetings to Abdullah Ocalan, the leader of the Kurdish people, on the occasion of his 69th birthday on 4 April 2018.

Abdullah Ocalan has spent too many of his birthdays in confinement, so that his birthday has become just another day like all others: a day that is not his own, whose freedom has been stolen from him.

Normally a birthday is a time to see friends and family. it is a time to share with all those who are closest to you, to celebrate, reminisce and look to the future. It is an occasion for people to come together, for you to learn how much you are respected, appreciated and loved. Continue reading


1. “Invasion of Afrin was a repeat of what happened in Shengal”
2. Thousands march for Afrin and condemn silence in Brussels
3. Claudia Roth: “What is the reason for this great silence on Afrin?”
4. Thousands march for Afrin and condemn silence in Brussels
5. 10.000 Turkey-backed FSA militia ready to start offensive against Manbij: pro-government newspaper
6. Turkey jails 28 people who attended Newroz in Istanbul
7. HRW slams Turkey’s social media crackdown
8. US Defense Secretary says Turkey’s actions hurt fight against ISIS, PKK needs to leave Sinjar US
9. Two Turkish soldiers killed, six others wounded in Afrin
10. Sweden’s SSU calls for international action for Afrin
11. Syrian Democratic Forces formed its first brigade in Raqqa
12. Egypt: “Events in Afrin are reminiscent of the Armenian Genocide”
13. Series of demonstrations for Afrin in Italy
14. Police arrest protesters as they promise Anna Campbell ‘we will fight on’
15. Protest for Afrin in front of the Council of Europe
16. HDP MP Botan sentenced to 18 years in prison
17. Die Linke MPs: “Europe should consider Afrin the new Vietnam”
18. NATO ally Turkey found guilty of war crimes
19. In Afrin the Turks are Looting and Pillaging with Gunfire
20. British woman killed fighting Turkish forces in Afrin
21. Syria condemns Turkish aggression on Afrin, calls for withdrawal
22. Pro-Kurdish protests close King’s Cross and Manchester Piccadilly stations
23.While the world looks to Eastern Ghouta, civilians in Afrin are being slaughtered in their hundreds by Turkish forces
24. Ankara Faces Mounting Pressure Over Syria Operation
25. ‘Dossiers are being built up’ for prosecution of crimes in Syria, says UN rights chief
26. Turkey accused of recruiting ex-Isis fighters in their thousands to attack Kurds in Syria

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Weekly News Bulletin from Afrin # 6

Information Center of

Afrin Resistance

16.03.2018 – 22.03.2018

The Information Center of Afrin Resistance is providing direct information from the

inside of Afrin. Since the 26th January 2018 we report up-to-date about the invasion

and war crimes of the Turkish state and the resistance of the people in Afrin.

This is the weekly summary of the developments in and around Afrin.

Follow daily news onTwitter: @ICafrinresist and @ICafrinresist2



Email: ic

Tel: 00963-998113029

The Developments in Afrin 16th-22th March, 2018


With the defeat of the IS in Syria and especially after the liberation of Raqqa in October 2017, the

Turkish state intensified its threats and attacks on the Democratic Confederation of Northern Syria. Continue reading

Solidarity Statement of the Indian Workers’ Association of Great Britain, condemning the Turkish Invasion of the Kurdish town of Afrin, Northern Syria

Dear Comrades and friends,

On this day of Nawroz, we, at the Indian Workers’ Association (Central Organising Committee) extend our solidarity to the Kurdish people who are fighting for their right to self-determination. We condemn the barbaric invasion of Afrin and other Kurdish areas by the Turkish State. We condemn the looting and ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish population in and around Afrin town being conducted by the Turkish State in deliberate collusion with the Jihadi forces such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda, subsequent to the tactical withdrawal of the YPG and YPJ. We condemn the killings of hundreds of innocent civilians including women and children by the Turkish Army and the Jihadists. We at the IWA hail the heroic resistance to the Turkish and ISIS invasion by the Kurdish people under the leadership of YPG and YPJ. We salute thousands of Kurdish martyrs, who laid down their invaluable lives for the cause of Kurdish national liberation in Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. We would like to remind you all that we the IWA marched in the streets of London along with the Kurdish people in solidarity, when ISIS was attacking Kobane. Continue reading