1. Turkey and UK battle to save fighter jet project
2. Selahattin Demirtaş and Human Rights in Turkey’s Elections
3. Demirtas offers to withdraw from Turkey’s presidential race
4.Letter by HDP’s Imprisoned Yüksekdağ: Women Will Overcome Threshold of Oppression
5. Erdogan slams Ince visit to Diyarbakir after promising Kurdish education
6. The truth about Kurdish politics
7. Supporters campaigning for pro-Kurdish presidential candidate detained
8. Tweets from Demirtaş on Erdoğan’s claims on Kobani protests
9. Erdogan’s party accused of ordering deadly Isis suicide bombing
10. Ahval reveals a top secret EU report: ”AKP commissioned ISIS for Ankara Massacre”
11. Turkish opposition leader appeals to Corbyn from prison
12. Erdogan calls for his Kurdish rival to be tried ‘quickly’


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Fifth Demirtas Hearing Takes Place Two Weeks Before Election

Written by Margaret Owen (pictured), International Trial Observer and Barrister

Margaret 2018
Friday 8th June

I have returned to Istanbul in order to observe the fifth hearing of the trial of former HDP co-chair: Selahattin Demirtas. Given that Turkey’s presidential election is only two weeks away, we the international observers, anticipate a final verdict.Selahattin Demirtas has been detained since November 2016 in Edirne prison under anti-terror law. He faces numerous charges and is accused of making terrorist propaganda.
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1. KNK: Stop the Turkish invasion of South Kurdistan
2. SDF fighters liberate a village east of Shaddadi
3. HDP MP candidate and two others detained in Istanbul
4. Southern Kurdistan people protest against Turkish invasion
5. Report on torture by Turkish soldiers in Şemdinli
6. Caricaturist Kurtcebe arrested for ‘insulting’ President Erdogan
7. YPG: “Last advisory group withdrew from Manbij”
8. Turkey Threatens Strike on Kurds in Iraq
9. Syrian Kurds to leave Manbij under delicate US-Turkey deal
10. Turkey: Kurdish Militants Leaving Syria’s Manbij will be Disarmed
11. 16 Turkish soldiers killed in guerrilla actions
12. U.S. and Turkey Agree on Kurds’ Withdrawal From Syrian Town
13. Turkey threatens to invade Kurdish stronghold of Qandil mountains soon
14. Free Journalists Initiative releases monthly report
15. It was a bad weekend for the BBC, as protesters accused it of ‘complicity’ in Turkey’s invasion of Syria
16. Syrian Democratic Forces capture Turkish militant sleeper cells SOFREP Original Content

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Thursday, 24th of May 2018, 12.30-14.30

Altiero Spinelli Room: A3G-2

Interpretation: English, French, Turkish and Kurdish




  • Renée LE MIGNOT, Co-president of the Movement Against Racism and Peoples’ Friendship (MRAP), France
  • MEP Marie-Christine VERGIAT, GUE/NGL Group, France



1. Pro-Kurdish Peoples Democratic Party Launches Election Manifesto
2. Human rights abuser Erdoğan is set for a rocky last day of his UK state visit
3. Turkey bans nine books on Kurds, ranging from genocide, Barzani, and Mahabad to Ezidi faith
4. State broadcaster gives AKP’s alliance 37 hrs, pro-Kurdish HDP 0 hrs of coverage
5. Erdogan faces protests in London
6. Reading protest: Kurdish teen ‘hurt in police clash’
7. Campaigners call for UK to act on rights as Turkish president arrives
8. Turkey, UK aim for $20 billion in trade volume, Erdoğan says
9. Joint operation by the SDF and Iraqi army at Iraq-Syria border
10. Body of Ezidi man murdered in Afrin found
11. Turkish invasion forces kidnap 5 more people from Afrin
12. Turkey Using Illegal Cluster bombs
13. EXCLUSIVE: UK has sold $1bn of weapons to Turkey since coup attempt
11 May 2018 / Middle East Eye
14. UK prepares to roll out the red carpet for Erdogan
15. Turkey arrests 150 soldiers in latest crackdown on coup network
16. PKK and Turkish army clash in Sidakan
17. Turkey opposition candidate visits jailed Kurdish leader
18. Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan to visit UK next week | The Independent
19. Critics demand Theresa May stand up to Turkish President Erdogan over human rights abuses
20. State of emergency must be lifted for ‘credible elections’ in Turkey, says UN rights chief
21. #Tamam trends in Turkey against President Erdogan
22. Rojava parties urge Kurdish unity in face of threats
23. Erdogan tells Turkish media to gloss over domestic abuse
24. Syria’s Kurds put IS on trial with focus on reconciliation
25. Erdoğan vows fresh military action against Kurdish militants
26. Turkey’s Erdogan vows new military border operations after Syria offensives
27. Turkey: Going for the guns
28. Turkish opposition parties unite against Erdoğan in elections
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Theresa May gives backing to President Erdogan and Turkey’s war on the Kurds

Contact Details: 11 Portland Gardens, Fairfax Hall, Londond, N4 1HU. Phone: 0208 8880 1804

Contact Details: 11 Portland Gardens Fairfax Hall, Londond, N4 1HU kurdscentre@gmail.com 0208 8880 1804


During Turkish President Erdogan’s visit to Britain, the British Prime Minister Theresa May expressed her support for Turkey and said that Erdogan was seeking to defend his country from ‘the extraordinary pressures of a failed coup and Kurdish terrorism’. This designation of ‘Kurdish terrorism’ is exactly the formulation that Erdogan uses to legitimise the Turkish states’ war on the Kurds in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. This is a designation that we utterly and categorically condemn. The Kurds far from being terrorists have been Britain’s staunch allies against the scourge of the terrorism of ISIS, providing the boots on the ground in the Middle East and paying a heavy personal price for the freedom of us all . The Metropolitan Police has however brought Turkey’s war to the streets of London, using police dogs and horses to threaten people and arrest some 16 or so people in Whitehall, who were protesting at Erdogan’s visit to Downing Street. Kurds, and their supporters, in Britain are being criminalised as they are in Turkey. Continue reading


Tourism 2 girls.png

Thinking of Holidaying in TURKEY? Please think again!

Why you might consider visiting Turkey

Turkey is known for its inexpensive holiday packages and for pleasant weather, beaches, and historical sites dating back thousands of years.

Why you should avoid visiting Turkey

Turkey has become increasingly autocratic, with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan solidifying his grasp on power following a referendum of questionable legitimacy on presidential powers in 2017. Erdogan has purged the ranks of the country’s government, judiciary and military, and Turkey has become the number one imprisoner of journalists worldwide. Erdogan’s authoritarian regime instrumentalises Islam for its own power purposes and has put immense pressure on women and religious and ethnic minorities such as Alevis and Yezidis, and anti-Semitism and anti-Christian rhetoric are mainstream. Foreign visitors may not feel welcomed with open arms or at least will instantly see a change in attitude once they question the actions of Erdogan and Turkey – doing so can mean risking detention and deportation, or even jail time. Continue reading


1. PYD Co-Chair: We’ll expel the Turkish invaders from Afrin
2. Turkish policy of Turkification and demographic change in Afrin
3. Luxembourg calls on NATO to discuss the Turkish invasion
4. Elderly man witnessed of brutal practice by Turkish gangs in his village
5. Syrian writer: Erdogan devotes dictatorship based on religious ideology
6. War crimes in Afrin: 58 people including 26 Êzidîs abducted
7. Turkey to hold snap elections on 24 June, says Erdoğan
8. Salih Muslim warns of ‘dangerous’ demographic change in Afrin, calls on UN to respond
9. Turkey: Cumhuriyet journalists and executives heavily convicted for changes in “editorial policy”
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Survivors of the Syrian Wars

Patrick Cockburn

When I first visited Kurdish-held territory in northern Syria, early in 2015, it was rapidly expanding. With the help of massive US air-power, the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) had just retaken the city of Kobani from Islamic State. YPG fighters were linking together the Kurdish population centres south of the Syrian-Turkish frontier to create a de facto Kurdish state – they called it Rojava. I met a squad of YPG fighters mopping up after a battle with IS for control of a range of forested hills called Mount Abdulaziz, west of the Kurdish-Arab city of Hasaka. Signs of the recent IS presence included the burned-out remains of cars that had been used as bombs and some fresh pro-IS graffiti on the walls of a captured building. Lying in the debris inside were neatly printed IS ration cards with the names, ID numbers and personal details of recipients: evidence that IS, monstrous militarised cult though it was, was also a well-organised administrative machine. Foreign IS fighters had evidently been stationed in the building: in a discarded notebook were Arabic words translated into various languages as well as drawings of household items – a desk, a chair – along with their names in Arabic. The YPG soldiers, who all looked very young, were cheerful after their success. Botan Damhat, the squad leader, who was only 18, said the swift victory had come about through the combination of YPG ground troops and US airstrikes. ‘Without the American planes it would have been much harder to take the mountain,’ he said. ‘We would have won in the end, but we would have lost a lot more men.’ Continue reading