The Kurdish community supports Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour Party and the next prime minister

The Kurdish community have known Jeremy Corbyn over many years during which time he has earned our profound respect for his honesty, decency and unshakeable commitment to the values of peace, justice and equal rights that we all share.

Jeremy’s record speaks for itself. He is a rare MP who is prepared to stand up for his principles, which are founded on social justice and international solidarity.

He has never drawn any distinction between fighting injustice in this country and expressing support with people struggling for justice abroad. Continue reading



  1. Support for Öcalan’s freedom and autonomy at 16th World Social Forum
  2. HDP releases urgent call for solidarity on closure and storming of Özgür
  3. Turkish journalists recount three days of torture & threats in detention
  4. Editor Can Dündar: ‘Time to say farewell’
  5. Five years in prison sought for HDP co-chair Demirtaş and MP Önder
  6. Turkey calls for schools to destroy books and newspapers6. 
  7. Syrian Kurds blame regime attacks on Iran and Turkey
  8. Assad regime targets Kurdish positions in Hasakah
  9. KNK: We enter a new period with Manbij victory
  10. People’s Congress of Kurdistan (KONGRA-GEL) releases important declaration

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Attacks on the HDP are a cynical attempt to repress Erdogan’s main democratic opponent – the Kurdish movement

Statement, 16 August 2016

Attacks on the HDP are a cynical attempt to repress Erdogan’s main democratic opponent – the Kurdish movement

Recent attacks on the HDP in Turkey mark a dangerous development that threatens to push a country still reeling from the coup and counter coup crises into further chaos and conflict.
Selahattin Demirtas, the HDP’s respected co-leader, is facing prosecution for promoting “terrorist propaganda” and could be jailed for up to five years if convicted. The baseless charges stem from Demirtas’s outspoken stand against political violence and staunch advocacy for the reopening of the peace process with the Kurds. The prosecution is surely an attempt, under the cover of the counter-coup chaos, to remove an effective politician who has proved to be a thorn in the side of President Erdogan. Peace in Kurdistan condemns this action against Demirtas and notes that it comes at the same time as the closure of the largest Kurdish newspaper in the country, the daily Ozgur Gundem.  Continue reading

HDP Urgent Call for Solidarity on the Closure and Storming of the Daily Özgür Gündem


Urgent Call for Solidarity on the Closure and Storming of the Daily Özgür Gündem

On August 16, 2016, Erdoğan regime’s attack on the media and press since the July 15 abortive coup took a different turn by the closure of the daily Özgür Gündem on court orders, and the storming of its Istanbul headquarters by special operations police. The quarter-of-a-century-long history of Özgür Gündem represents all there is to know about the militant censorship of information and press under the state of emergency lawnessness in the context of the Kurdish conflict in Turkey. It also represents a venerable and dedicated press tradition of struggle and solidarity for the right to information and freedom from censorship. Continue reading

Rally for Freedom for Ocalan

Nearly 300 people rallied in London on Sunday 14th July to protest the continued incarceration of Abdullah Ocalan, the imprisoned Kurdish leader. Steve Sweeney, UNITE media branch and member of the Imrali peace delegation  and Father Ryan, Chair of Westminster Justice and Peace Commission and delegation member, were among the speakers who emphasised the increasingly precarious situation for Ocalan as the Turkish state spirals out of control following the coup attempt on 15th July. Continue reading



  1. Five years in prison sought for HDP co-chair Demirtaş and MP Önder
  2. 20 detained in ongoing political genocide operations
  3. Final declaration of KONGRA GEL General Assembly Meeting released
  4. KONGRA GEL holds 10th General Assembly Meeting
  5. Protests for Öcalan spread across Europe
  6. KCK’s Sabri Ok urges Turkish state to enable urgent access to İmralı
  7. Saleh Moslem: Liberation of Manbij is of great importance for Rojava
  8. Turkmen Commander: Manbij operation is an initiative for joint and free life
  9. ‘You can’t deny the people forever’: Kurdish Voices in Exile.
  10. Kurds Sceptical About Erdogan’s ‘Change of Heart’ After Talks With Putin
  11. Syrian Kurds Worried Erdogan Will Try to Mend Ties With Assad of Spite
  12. Turkish Asylum Application To Germany On The Rise
  13. Austria is capital of radical racism, says Turkish foreign minister
  14. How a Turkish daily targeting army tutelage was banned for supporting a coup
  15. Kurdish political prisoner Mohammad Abdullahi executed in Iran
  16. U.N. rights boss says executions in Iran were “grave injustice”

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CAMPACC Call to support the “Freedom for Ocalan” Campaign.



In April 2016,  UNITE and GMB, two of the biggest trade unions in the UK, together with a number of sympathetic MPs, launched the ‘Freedom for Öcalan’ campaign. This was the result of a UNITE and GMB delegation visiting the region and engaging in discussions with local groups on the ground. The unions are now totally convinced that a peaceful solution to the current conflict will only be found if the jailed Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan is freed and allowed to play a full role in the development of a new peace process  Continue reading

Writers for Peace STATEMENT

Dear Colleagues, members of the Writers for Peace Committee,

This message includes a statement that our Peace Committee has issued regarding the events in Turkey. I kindly ask you to share it on your websites or your social networks and, if possible, please forward it to the Turkish embassies in your countries. I hope to see you soon at the Galican Congress. Continue reading

Freedom for Ocalan Rally and March

Meet at 2pm Trafalgar Square for a rally followed by March to BBC Headquarters. Following the coup attempt on 15th July , the atmosphere is disintegrating and concern is mounting for the wellbeing of the Kurdish leader, Abdullah Ocalan who is being held in solitary confinement in an island prison. No one has been allowed access , including his lawyers and family, since April of last year. Please join the protests all over Europe this weekend to demand his freedom.



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