1. Hunger strikers Gülmen and Özakça taken in custody
2. Kemalbay elected co-chair of HDP in place of Yüksekdağ
3. Turkey forming a new military force of gangs
4. Up to 22,5 years in prison sought for Co-mayor of Dersim
5. Gorran leader Nawshirwan Mustafa dies in Iraqi Kurdistan at age 73
6. Turkey Calls on Trump to Fire Obama Appointee McGurk
7. Syrian force ‘tightens noose’ on Islamic State in Raqqa: U.S.-led coalition
8. U.S. envoy to the U.N. will visit Syrian refugees in Jordan, Turkey
9. Turkey demands US replace envoy in spat over Syrian Kurds
10. SDF Secures 350 Square km in Past Week, Coalition Spokesman Says
11. US delegation in Rojava
12. Kurds disappointed by Trump statements after Erdogan meeting
13. Ankara hunger strikers reach 70 days without food
14. The role given to Turkey: to be the protectorate of jihadists
15. Death sentence for Rojavan Kurd in Iran
16. “Elections in Iran are a show and fraud” Continue reading



This is a message to all CAMPACC supporters.

The General Election on 8 of June is a critical for our future. Theresa May as Home Secretary under David Cameron has played a key role in pushing through some key police powers which criminalise innocent people. There are many issues that we face. Here we are going to focus on the issues that CAMPACC has been working on for a long time. For each issue, we are going to give you some background information and then suggest the kind of questions you can put to prospective parliamentary candidates.

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1. Trump to Arm Syrian Kurds, Even as Turkey Strongly Objects
2. Will US-Kurdish deal force Turkey back to PKK negotiation table?
3. Ankara prevents the publishing of CPT’s report on İmralı
4. Moslem: The circle around ISIS tightens around Turkey as well
5. Underlying reasons for Erdoğan-Masrour Barzani meeting in the US
6. 15 thousand civilians rescued in Raqqa operation in three days
7. Turkish state continues to build walls around itself
8. Academic freedom Turkish style: Prosecutor issued arrest warrants for historians who criticized Atatürk
9. Turkish parliament strips membership of pro-Kurdish lawmaker
10. Star Reporter Held By Armed Turkish Police
11. Syrian Kurds clear mines after taking town and dam from ISIS
12. Rojda Felat: We avenged Yazidi women with the liberation of Tabqa
13. The Latest: Syrian FM Describes Kurdish Role as ‘Legitimate’
14. In blow to U.S.-Turkey ties, Trump administration approves plan to arm Syrian Kurds against Islamic State Continue reading


1. War in Syria and Iraq could spread to Iran: PKK foreign relations head
2. Russia pushing Turkey into Rojava to force Kurds submit to Assad rule: PKK official
3. Political representatives call for struggle for Öcalan’s freedom
4. Syrian Kurdish leader hopes Russia didn’t betray the Kurds through Turkey deal
5. Kurdish YPG fighters repel ISIS attack on Syrian gas facility
6. Political Representatives call for struggle for Ocalan’s Freedom
7. Imprisoned opposition leader signals new alliances in post-referendum Turkey
8. Turkey bans poem of imprisoned Kurdish leader Demirtaş
9. Syria’s Kurds march on to Raqqa and the sea
10. Advances in Kurdish struggle shake up wars in the Middle East
11. Trump to tell Turkey: We’re going to take Raqqa with the Kurds Continue reading


Dear Sir

We understand that you have notified two Kurdish run television channels, Sterk TV and Ronahi TV, they must stop broadcasting through your satellite following a demand from the Radio and Television Supreme Council of Turkey. We note that you believe that the closure is in line with requirements of the Council of Europe Convention on Transfrontier Television and is based on allegations of support for and glorifying terrorism. Continue reading

MODEL LETTER for election campaign


As a member of this constituency, I wanted to find out what your views are on an important foreign policy matter, namely UK relations with Turkey. I am a supporter of  the Kurds in Turkey, having followed the news about the horrific attacks on the majority Kurdish regions in the South-East of the country since July 2015.

I am also concerned about the slide into authoritarianism which we have witnessed over the last few years in Turkey and have been horrified that our government has not seen fit to speak out about this.
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Key Election Demands

Please see a list of key demands we have identified for the purposes of lobbying activities during the current election campaign. Feel free to use all or some of them when writing to your MP or to the local paper!

To condemn the slide into authoritarianism in Turkey and the full frontal assaults on democracy in the wake of the widely criticised referendum on presidential powers, and in particular:

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Revolution in Rojava: Democratic Autonomy and Women’s Liberation in Syrian Kurdistan. Review.

Michael Knapp, Anja Flach and Ercan Ayboga, 2016, Revolution in Rojava: Democratic Autonomy and Women’s Liberation in Syrian Kurdistan. London: Pluto Press (320 pp., paperback, £15.00)

Pluto Press has done a wonderful service in publishing a “Revolution in Rojava”, a first-hand account of the alternative social project being implemented at this very moment in the area called, in Kurdish, Rojava, or West -three cantons in the north of Syria with a sizeable Kurdish population, but which is home also to Arabs, Assyrians, Chaldeans, Arameans, Turkmen, Armenians and Chechens. As the world has shown images of armed Kurdish guerrillas, the YPG, and as their female counterparts, the YPJ, have made it to the front news, while leading the struggle against the Islamic State (IS). As the world looked in horror at the spread of IS which seemed for some time unstoppable, this group of determined fighters not only held them back, but inflicted them their first massive defeat in the defence of the city of Kobane –with it, their aura of invincibility was irreparably damaged. Continue reading


1. Thousands rescued in Tabqa operation head to SDF-held areas
2. Russia shows more support for Syrian Kurds after Turkish airstrikes
3. US forces patrol Syrian border amid clashes between Turkey and Kurdish militants
4. Tensions rise between Turkey, US along Syrian border
5. Turkey blocks Wikipedia under law designed to protect national security
6. EUTCC calls for the release of MPs and end to Öcalan’s isolation
7. The pressures on the democratic opposition in general, and on the HDP in particular continues
8. YPG: No attack of the Turkish state will go unanswered
9. PKK: Attacks on Rojava and Shengal will be retaliated in kind
10. Kurds to protest Turkish airstrikes in European capital
11. Is Turkey trying to disrupt Raqqa operation?
12. Turkish opposition lawmaker appeals to European court over referendum
13. Turkey’s Syria gamble: How far will Ankara go?
14. Syrian Kurdish delegation visits Japan for first time
15. Turkey deports foreigners working with Syrian refugees
16. Kurds Say Turkey Is Aiding Isis With Raids In Syria And Iraq
17. Iraq Angers Turkey, Qatar for Denouncing Attack, Payment to jihadists
18. US criticizes Turkey for striking Kurds in Iraq, Syria
19. Council of Europe downgrades Turkey as Erdogan bombs Kurds
20. Turkey targets Kurdish fighters in Iraq and Syria Continue reading

Solidarity message to Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party

As supporters, representatives and members of the Kurdish community in the UK, we wish to send our solidarity to you as leader of the Labour Party for a successful general election campaign.
We look forward to seeing you elected as Prime Minister on June 8th: your election victory would mark a great dramatic change in the domestic and foreign policy of the UK.
With Jeremy Corbyn as PM, the UK will stand as a beacon of hope and peace around the world.
You deserve to be given this chance to implement the policies of social justice, equality and peace for which you have always been a staunch campaigner.
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