1. Kurds call for probe into Ocalan conditions after coup attempt
2. PKK: Democracy bloc must be formed in Turkey immediately
3. Conference participants demand freedom for Öcalan
4. Turkey’s Erdogan promises ‘new blood’ in armed forces after post-coup shake-up
5. Erdogan gets stronger but Turkey is weak and even more divided
6. Turkey: Human rights in grave danger following coup attempt and subsequent crackdown
7. Bahçeli: If AKP Is Ready For Death Penalty, Count Us in Too
8. Erdoğan: ‘We Will Build Military Barracks in Gezi Whether They Like It or Not’
9. Thousands of public employees suspended after failed coup attempt in Turkey
 Turkey’s coup may have failed – but history shows it won’t be long before another one succeeds
11. Pentagon loses Turkish airspace access crucial in airstrikes against Isis
12. Injured but not out of action: Rojava’s Mala Birîndara
13. John Kerry Meets Vladimir Putin to Discuss New Syria Plan

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We condemn the coup but remain concerned by continued repression in Turkey. Democratic freedoms must be respected and we repeat our call for Abullah Öcalan to be freed.
GMB joins the widespread condemnation of the attempted coup d’etat by elements of the Turkish armed forces but is concerned that President Erdogan will exploit it to justify further repression of those who are opposed to his increasingly authoritarian rule.
So far, some 30,000 civil servants have been suspended from their posts, including 15,200 from the Department of Education, many of whom are school teachers from all levels. Over 1500 university lecturers have also been removed. 1481 judges and prosecutors have been arrested while 24 TV and radio stations have had their licences revoked and shut down. Regardless of the coup, these measures represent a continuation of a programme designed to suppress all sources of potential dissent. Trade unionists, journalists, human rights defenders and opposition politicians have been attacked, harassed or detained and independent media outlets silenced. We note with alarm that there are calls to reintroduce the death penalty which was abolished in 2004, having not been used for 20 years previously. Continue reading




  1. Shengal women call for international action against the genocide of Êzidîs
  2. Êzidî woman freed from ISIS tells the story of barbarism
  3. Êzîdî women respond to Barzani: We won’t let the PKK leave Shengal
  4. Women march for the freedom of Öcalan in Marseille
  5. ‘Rojava Revolution tore down all the taboos identified with women’
  6. Women, who throw away their black dresses, shout ‘long live freedom’
  7. Women from Manbij: We feel safe in liberated areas
  8. Hearing on murder of Sakine, Fidan, Leyla postponed
  9. The carriers of unwritten culture: Dengbêj women
  10. She resisted 26 years ago, she will again
  11. [Video] Ezidi girl kidnapped by Islamic State recalls her escape

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1. Demos for Öcalan’s freedom in Gävle, Marseille and
2. Kurds in Athens stage three-day march for Öcalan’s freedom
3. Shengal women call for international action against the genocide of Êzidîs
4. Êzidî woman freed from ISIS tells the story of barbarism
5. ISIS confessor:Erdoğan supports us because he is against Kurds –PART I
6. ISIS confessor: Turkey’s passage ways always open for us – PART II
7. ‘Concerns of major cover-up’: Turkey bans probes into Kurdish op killings, HRW says
8. Human Rights Association Istanbul Branch Releases Report on Turkey’s War on Kurds
9. In Turkey, a loud disagreement finds a common ground: Journalism is not a crime
10. Legal shield for Turkish soldiers in anti-terror ops becomes law
11. PKK accuses Kurds and Turkish diplomats of spying
12. Kurdish Representative: Kurds Must be Involved in New UN Strategy on Syria
13. Syrian rebels stunned as Turkey signals normalisation of Damascus relations
14. Great interest in the Rojava exhibition in the European Parliament
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Oppose the EU refugee deal with Turkey


Oppose the EU refugee deal with Turkey

No European Union deal with Turkey on refugees until the Turkish government demonstrates a willingness to end its war on the Kurdish people and begins negotiations with their representatives instead of imprisoning and killing them.

The flow of refugees out of Syria constitutes a humanitarian crisis and presents the European Union and its member states with a profound political challenge. Democratic values and respect for different peoples are threatened by totalitarian and racist tendencies that exploit anxieties exacerbated by the so-called “refugee crisis”. The European Union must confront the challenges both within its constituent countries and in its relations with other states, in particular with Turkey. Threats to democracy and peace have to be faced and overcome. Continue reading



  1. Moslem: There are documents to enable the ICC to prosecute Erdoğan
  2. Erdoğan silences the opposition
  3. ‘Placement of refugees in Kurdistan aims the destruction of Kurdishness’
  4. Number of prisoners in Turkey doubles the 12 September coup period
  5. Elif Şafak takes a swing at Turkish bourgeoisie in latest novel
  6. The reality of life under Turkey’s internet censorship machine
  7. Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney to defend Yazidi women, ISIS sex slaves
  8. Russia and US agree on closer military cooperation in Syria, after Putin calls Obama
  9. Syrian Kurds declare Qamishli as capital for the new federal system
  10. Draft of the Social Contract is being discussed

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Support Turkish Academics under Attack.

Call for Support to the Academics under Judicial Harassment

Please make a small video on your phone in support of the academics who are standing with Kurdish people under attack in South-East Turkey and who are losing their jobs and facing prosecution as a result. See below for details.
Turkish scholars have been subject to heavy pressures and constraints since the declaration of the petition “We’ll not be a party to this crime” launched by the Academics for Peace initiative in mid-January. In Mersin, a middle-sized city on the Mediterranean Coast, this climate of pressure has been experienced in an accentuated manner as the twenty-one petitioners of the city’s University have since then faced very serious threats and sanctions. Continue reading

Stand with Jeremy Corbyn, True Friend of the Kurds!

Peace in Kurdistan Campaign (PIK) Stands with Jeremy Corbyn, True Friend of the Kurds

It is hard to believe that it is still less than ten months since Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of his party on an overwhelming mandate of nearly 60 percent of the membership.

Many thousands of new members were inspired to join the Labour Party during his leadership campaign and they continue to do so. This is almost unprecedented in British politics and has the potential to create a new form of politics by restoring some credibility to a discredited political process where self-interest and cynicism have for too long seemed dominant. Continue reading

International Call for the Freedom of Öcalan

International Call for the Freedom of Öcalan

international call for o 1

Press Conference Report:

Several European parliamentarians and human rights defenders met in front of the Council of Europe last Friday and issued a call for the freedom of Öcalan.

As the vigil for the freedom of Abdullah Öcalan being in front of the Council of Europe by representatives from institutions in the European Kurdish Democratic Society Congress (KCDK-E) continues, a press conference was held emphasizing the importance of the Öcalan’s freedom for peaceful solutions in Kurdistan and the Middle East.

Kurdish politician Adem Uzun said they wanted to give a message to institutions and all of humanity with the Freedom For Öcalan Vigil, which has continued for four years. Uzun said they are working towards the freedom of all prisoners, as well as Öcalan, and thanked the people carrying out the vigil for four years. Continue reading


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