1.Yazidi women ‘ready to fight’ to avoid repeat of massacre
2.Women of Shengal: We have organized to avoid further massacres
3. YPJ: We reiterate our pledge to avenge Yazidi women
4.TJK-E calls on women to join demos for Shengal on 3 August
5. PKK’s intervention in Shengal
6. Following genocide, Shengal reinvented itself anew
7. Events all over the world to remember Shengal
8. TJA Statement to Remember the Yezidi Genocide of 3 August 2014
9. The 5th Anniversary of Shengal Massacre Infographic
10. My people were massacred five years ago. The genocide continues.

  1. Yazidi women ‘ready to fight’ to avoid repeat of massacre
    2 August 2019/Morning Star
    YAZIDI women have explained how they have organised themselves to prevent a further massacre by jihadists in the run-up to events worldwide marking the anniversary of the Shengal genocide.
  1. Women of Shengal: We have organized to avoid further massacres
    2 August 2019/ANF News
    Women of Shengal said the ISIS attacks and massacres haven’t broken their will and stressed that they have organized so the massacres against the Yazidi people won’t happen again.
  1.  YPJ: We reiterate our pledge to avenge Yazidi women
    2 August 2019/ANF News
    “We as the Women’s Defense Units (YPJ) have seen the protection of the women of Shengal, its people, and women as a whole as our historic duty. There proved to be no other way except to stand up and fight, once faced by an enemy as ISIS was.”
  1. TJK-E calls on women to join demos for Shengal on 3 August
    1 August 2019/ANF News
    The European Kurdish Women’s Movement (TJK-E) called for a minute of silence and protests on 3 August, the anniversary of the genocide attacks on Shengal.
    In its written statement, TJK-E said that “ISIS is the most barbaric power of the male sovereign mentality and on 3 August 2014 we saw how it launched its most inhumane attack on the Yazidi people, women and children.”
  1. PKK’s intervention in Shengal
    3 August 2019/ANF News
    The whole world watched the Shengal genocide as if it was a movie. Unfortunately, nobody took action to stop this massacre. There was an absolute humanitarian tragedy. Yazidis (Êzidîs) experienced the greatest trauma of recent history. On the fifth anniversary of the Shengal massacre, there is still a need for this massacre to be analyzed in all aspects and brought to light still. Was the reason for the 73 genocides, the inhuman cruelty and genocide just that the Yazidis have a different faith? What other factors are at play? Who are attacking Yazidis, and why? Who has how much responsibility? These questions need to be asked and answered.
  1. Following genocide, Shengal reinvented itself anew
    3 August 2019/ANF News
    Following the 73rd genocide on the 3rd of August 2014 in which thousands of Êzidîs (Yazidis) were massacred and thousands of girls and women taken as slaves, the Êzidî community has formed its very own military forces, councils, educational organisations, academies and political parties to protect their community from being subjected to any new massacre.
  1. Events all over the world to remember Shengal
    3 August 2019/ANF News
    From Germany to Australia, from the UK to Belgium, many demonstrations were organised to commemorate the victims of ISIS.
  1. TJA Statement to Remember the Yezidi Genocide of 3 August 2014
    5 August 2019/Peace in Kurdistan Campaign
    On August 3, 2014, Êzidî (Yezidi) people, who have fought for existence, experienced the 74th genocidal massacre in their history in the witness of the whole world. Tens of times, Êzidîs have been subjected to attacks and massacres carried out by the male-dominated mindset having been in power for thousands of years with the help of the national state and fascist militarist understanding and exploitation of belief. Daesh, a form of deposited, ganged and militarist ruling male-dominated mindset, drove Êzidî community to the brink of annihilation and carried out the most profound massacre on August 3 against the women, who are  the essence of life and the existence of the community.
  1. The 5th Anniversary of Shengal Massacre Infographic
    3 August 2019/ANHA
  1. My people were massacred five years ago. The genocide continues.
    31 July 2019/Washington Post
    Nadia Murad is a Yazidi activist and president of Nadia’s Initiative, an organization advocating for survivors of genocide and sexual violence. She was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018.
    Five years ago, Islamic State fighters invaded my ancestral homeland of Sinjar, Iraq, and waged a systematic ethnic-cleansing campaign against the Yazidi community. Their campaign included mass executions, forced religious conversions and widespread sexual violence. These attacks resulted in the massacre of Yazidi men, women and children; the enslavement of nearly 7,000 Yazidis; and displacement of more than 400,000 Yazidis to camps in northern Iraq.

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