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 Turkish, Syrian governments hold secret meeting in Algeria: El-Watan


According to the Algerian online publication “El-Watan“, the Turkish and Syrian governments have been secretly conducted meetings in Algiers to discuss the federalist government the Kurdish PYD regime was promoting inside northern Syria.

Citing a diplomatic source, El-Watan alleged that Turkey requested to meet with the Syrian government to ease the tensions between the two countries; these meetings have been reportedly facilitated by the Algerian government.

The same source stated that the Algerian government also played a role in easing tensions between Turkey and Russia after the former’s military shot down an SU-24 fighter jet inside the Latakia Governorate’s northern countryside in November 2015.

Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid Mu’allem, reportedly met with the Algerian mediators to discuss this topic during his state visit in late March.


Wednesday 17/08/2016

Clashes in Hesekê: 14 regime soldiers killed by Rojava Security Forces.

HESEKÊ (Al-Hasakah) – Clashes that erupted in the downtown area of Hesekê city of Rojava when Baath regime forces attacked the Asayish forces control point continued into the night. 14 regime soldiers were killed in the clashes while 8 soldiers, 1 of them high-ranking, were wounded.

Reports say the clashes ended due to the efforts of local opinion leaders after 21:00, but continued in various points.

Regime soldiers attacking civilians in Neşwa Şerqî neighbourhood during yesterday’s clashes wounded 8 civilians including women and children. 2 Asayish members trying to protect the civilians also lost their lives.

A child named Samî Yasîn Mihêdî (10) was reported to be heavily wounded and under treatment in Wetenî Hospital. Mihêdî’s father said they were waiting in front of their home close to the Şerîa crossing when suddenly his son was covered in blood. The father said his son took a bullet to his head and fell down. Doctors said the child was wounded by a sniper rifle bullet and was in critical condition.

Clashes spread in the area starting from Kaziya Merşo to the central bazaar and between Şerîa crossing and Neşwa Şerqî neighbourhood when Asayish forces retaliated against the attacks. Asayish members saved civilians stuck in Neşwa Şerqî neighbourhood and central bazaar.

Hesekê Asayish Forces issued calls to the people to stay away from the clash zones and act responsibly.

Names of the wounded civilians are as follows:

Xiklûd Ezîz (35), Telal El-Elî (45) wounded in Neşwa Şerqî neighbourhood.

Remezan Ehemed (35), Comerd Xelef (16), Fadî Ebûd (34), Xalid Ebdulfetah Salih (12) wounded in the city bazaar.

Şadî Elî Qedûr wounded in Neşwa neighbourhood.



Thursday 18/08/2016

Clashes continue in Hasaka

HESEKÊ (Al-Hasakah)- after the announcement of the ceasefire yesterday in the city of Hasake, clashes broke out again after a breach of the truce by regime forces, and are still ongoing.

Last night at 23:00 regime forces broke the truce in the city of Hasake and attacked Asayîş forces barricades in Al-Masaken, city centre, Marsho and Neshwa(Neşwa Şerqî) neighbourhood, Asayîş forces repelled the attack and violent clashes erupted.

Clashes continued till 04:00, and at 05:15 regime forces launched another attack, and clashes are taking place now about Assyrians church in Al Masaken neighbourhood, south of Marsho station, around Issam Baghde hospital and Neşwa Şerqî neighbourhood.

Results of the clashes have not been obtained yet.

Friday 19/08/2016

YPG: We won’t remain silent in face of attacks on our people

NEWSDESK-In a statement regarding the developments in Hesekê, YPG said; “To protect the people, we will strongly stand against the assaults, and respond to those killing our people.”

General Command of the People’s Defense Units (YPG) has released a statement regarding the developments in Hesekê city of Rojava, West Kurdistan.

YPG said that on August 18, 2016, Syrian regime warplanes struck civilian areas and Asayish Security Forces’ headquarters in Hesekê city. Simultaneously, regime forces randomly targeted the city with artillery and heavy gunfire – killing and injuring tens of civilians. This has led to a great fear among Hesekê residents, forcing them to leave their homes and flee the city.

YPG recalled that there were previously heavier clashes between Asayish and regime forces inside Hesekê – yet warplanes were never utilized by regime forces.

The YPG statement underlined that; “At a time the People’s Defense Units (YPG) and the Democratic Syria Forces (SDF) have achieved yet another success in the fight against ISIS gangs , using warplanes and heavy weaponry to target residential neighborhoods interprets into an attempt to undermine the good results of Manbij offensive, and backing ISIS gangs. This, too, means the regime sees IS mercenaries’ losses as its own – to accomplish its sordid plans, the regime hopes for the remaining of ISIS gangs. By implementing such actions, the regime is committing a suicide.

Deceiving the public opinion, Syrian regime claims “there is a ceasefire in Hasakah”. To this moment, regime forces are severely shelling all neighborhoods in Hasakah, applying all types of weapons.”

YPG stressed that they as the People’s Defense Units, shall not remain silent in face of these brutal attacks on the people, adding; “To protect the people, we will strongly stand against the assaults, and respond to those killing our people.”

USA: Syrian regime’s attacks on Hesekê target our special forces

NEWS DESK – An officer at US Defense Ministry said that the Syrian regime’s attacks on YPG positions in Hesekê also targeted USA’s Special Forces centres.

According to CNN, the American officer said “this is not an ordinary attack. There are 300 American soldiers who train Kurdish and Arab fighters of Democratic Syria Forces”.

CNN also noted that YPG has been an important ally for US and in the liberation operation of Minbic, YPG played a significant role.


Rojava defense forces advance as clashes in Hesekê continue

HESEKÊ (Al Hasakah) – The clashes in Hesekê that intensified in Mesekin, East Newşa and central neighbourhoods last night continue in several locations since 05:00 this morning. Tens of regime soldiers were killed and many soldiers were captured alive during the clashes.

YPG and Asayîş (Public Security) members killed tens of regime soldiers during the clashes that began after the attacks of regime forces on the Rojava Asayîş centre 2 days ago.

After receiving heavy blows, the regime forces bombarded the city center with planes yesterday. 6 civilians, 4 of whom are children, lost their lives and 8 civilians were injured during the air strikes.

No official statement has been made on last night’s clashes, and local sources report that YPG and Asayîş members killed tens of regime soldiers and captured many soldiers alive during the clashes.

YPG, YPJ and Asayish forces control most of El Newşe neighborhood

HASAKAH-YPG, YPJ and Asayish forces took control of 90 percent of the El Newşe neighborhood in Hesekê.

YPG, YPJ and Asayish forces took control of 90 percent of the El Newşe neighborhood in Hesekê. Regime soldiers abandon their arms and flee the region, and local sources report that Iranian forces support the remaining soldiers.

Clashes continue near Mesayaqin, Merşo gas station and East Neşwa neighborhoods in Hesekê city center. Rojava Asayish Forces, People’s Defence Forces, YPG and YPJ participate in the clashes and inflict heavy blows against the soldiers, and have cleared 90 percent of Neşwa neighborhood.


YPG, YPJ and Asayish forces have killed tens of regime soldiers since last night, and tens of soldiers have surrendered so far. Remaining soldiers shell different parts of the city.


Local sources report that forces affiliated with Iran support regime soldiers in Hesekê.


Regime warplanes strike Neshwa

HASAKAH-Regime warplanes bombarded Neshwa neighbourhood in Hasakah as the clashes between soldiers and YPG, YPJ and Asayish forces continue in the city.

Regime warplanes bombarded Neshwa neighbourhood in Hasakah, and the numbers of dead and injured people have not yet been clarified.

7 civilians, 4 of whom were children, had been killed and many people had been injured during the regime bombardment yesterday.

YPG, YPJ and Asayish forces continue to inflict heavy blows against the regime soldiers in the city.





Saturday 20/08/2016

Heavy clashes ongoing in two neighborhoods of Hesekê

HASAKAH-Clashes between Ba’ath regime forces and YPG/YPJ – Asayish forces are getting heavier in two neighborhoods of Hesekê city of Rojava, West Kurdistan.

Heavy clashes between YPG fighters / asayish members / Civilian Defense Forces (HPC) and the Ba’ath regime’s paramilitary forces / Iranian Hezbollah members are ongoing in Nashwa and Xiwêran neighborhoods since last night.

Jets of the Ba’ath regime shelled Nashwa Sherqiye and Xerbiye, Xiwêran neighborhoods and city centre yesterday. While the aerial attacks caused heavy material damage, no information was immediately available if these resulted in casualties or not.

Regime forces also conducted artillery attacks on the neighborhoods of Miftî, Salihiyê, Til Hecer, Ezîziyê, Xeşman, Nashwa and Nasra, which left a 17-year-old youth by the name of Hanî Îsa dead.

The aggression also wounded civilians Xelîl Îbrahîm Bedrî (13) in Nashwa Xerbiye neighborhood, Yehya Ebdulrezaq Xinêş (13) in Salihiyê neighborhood, Mihemed Rakan Mihemed (17) in Xishman neighborhood, and Hisên Elûş El-Necim (35) in Ezîziyê neighborhood. The bombing inflicted huge material damage on the mentioned neighborhoods.

Nine civilians have lost their lives as a result of the attacks of regime forces during the last three days.


Rojava: the regime should not be testing power on us

HASAKAH- The commander of YPG Lewend Rojava said that intervention of YPG in the war against regime forces is an inevitable necessity, after they targeted civilians, saying to Baathist regime “do not show off your power and test it on us”.

Lewend Rojava the commander of YPG said in an interview” Al-Hasakah city is witnessing violent clashes between our forces and the regime forces, the main reason is the chauvinism of the Baathist regime, and resistance to change its approach which denies the existence of coexisting peoples in the region. ”

He continued saying” We have always wanted Hasake City to live in stability and safety and we dismissed use of heavy weapons in the fighting to ensure the safety of civilians in Hasake, because components of Hasake city coexist peacefully together, because it is different from all the other cities in the Jazeera canton and Rojava, even that the Autonomous Administration has been handling carefully with the ongoing clashes with regime forces in the past periods in order not to endanger people safety in Hasake to displacement and other policies used in many Syrian areas by the Syrian regime. ”

The commander of the People’s Protection Units said “attempts of the tribes to stop the shelling have failed and YPG did not intervene at first and he added saying” three days of battling and People’s Protection Units did not intervene, despite numerous attempts by the Arab figures and tribal leaders to stop the fight because that people harmed, However, the Syrian regime forces used heavy weapons and mortars, and randomly targeted civilians, and bombarded residential buildings and gatherings which led to our intervention because our mission is to protect people”.

Lewened Rojava linked the battle in Hasakah with the victory of Manbij saying” we believe that the victory in Manbij was among the most important reasons that led to the outbreak of the last battle because the Syrian regime is worried about the liberation of Manbij city

Rojava noted that there is a large number of prisoners from regime forces, including military officials from the Syrian regime forces.

At the end of his speech the leader of the People’s Protection Units Lewend Rojava said, “We are following the meetings that are held between the Syrian regime, Turkey and Iran, but we hope it will not make Turkey a part of these attacks, and we wish the Syrian regime would not take part in the Turkish plot against our forces”, referring to the escalation of the Turkish government against their forces, and added, “the regime is using all the brutal, anti-human rights tactics in this war, and we emphasize that regime will not be able to undermine our will and I tell them” do not test your power on us”


A man lost his life and 5 wounded in Hasakah

HASAKAH– as result of the shelling by regime forces on Hasakah city a civilian lost his life and 5 others were wounded.

Hani Al-Essa a 17 year-old youth from Al-Tel‘a neighborhood lost his life in National hospital, due to the random shelling, many civilians were wounded: Xelîl Îbrahîm Bedrî (13 years old) in Nashwa Xerbiye neighborhood, Yehya Ebdulrezaq Xinêş (13) in Salihiyê neighborhood, Mihemed Rakan Mihemed (17) in Xishman neighborhood, and Hisên Elûş El-Necim (35) in Ezîziyê neighborhood, in addition to a child (3) in Salihiyê neighborhood.

Al-Hasakah city is witnessing shelling by aircrafts and the artillery of the Baathist regime, according to records of the National Hospital in the city of Hasakah, nine civilians have lost their lives as a result of the attacks of regime forces during the last three days, and the causalities were taken to the city of Qamishlo, and another who was transferred to the city of Amuda lost their live.


Dozens of displaced people from Hasakah arrived to Amuda

AMUDA– dozens from the city of Hasakah arrived to Amuda fleeing frequent regime attacks.

Displaced people are residing in two schools at least in the southern end of the city of Amuda and others in the homes of their relatives.

The popular council in the city and the Office of the affairs of organizations, in addition to some charitable organizations to provide assistance to them as shelter, water and food.

Majid Ali from Neshwa xerbi neighborhood said” when the regime targeted Neshwa we escaped to Mifti neighborhood then to Kelasa neighborhood, these neighborhoods are not safe however due to the shelling’’.

He added” the regime target the city without care for civilians, so we decided to flee to the city of Amuda”.

Morad Yasin a child who fled with his family, described the battle in the city saying” regime is maniacally shelling the city, Mifti neighborhood was rained with dozens of mortar within a single hour”.

On the other hand, mother for 4 children named Nariman Abd Alrezaq expressed her support to YPG and said” we have ran out of patience with the acts of the regime and their mercenaries, and we are confident that our forces will liberate the city from them.”


Clashes continue in Hasake amid YPG progress

HASAKE– clashes continue in Hasake city amid noticeable progress on People Protection Units’ part, and some mortalities were reported among the Baathist regime forces.

Violent clashes are ongoing in many areas in Hasake, and were majorly centered in Panorama ring road and in Eastern Nashwa neighbourhood where Protection Units managed to proceed 100 m there. Forces fighting the regime could take control of a point of the regime, kill a number of their mercenaries and wound others and have also destroyed a vehicle loaded with a machine gun.

Regime snipers have targeted a civilian and wounded him at noon, while regime forces are targeting the city with heavy artillery, mortars, and tear-gas bombs, and the regime’s warplanes are hovering over the city without targeting any points.

On the other hand, Hasake residents are displaced and most of them are heading for areas under People Protection Units’ control and Asayîş forces.

Rojava forces help people to arrive to safe area

HASAKAH– people from the area under control of regime are fleeing to the areas held by Asayîş forces and YPG.

As a result of the random bombardment by regime forces on Hasakah‘s neighborhood, people are escaping to areas under Asayîş forces and YPG control which are helping people to arrive to safe areas.

In this context, one citizen from Al-Masaken neighborhood said” violent clashes broke out in our neighborhood, and in order to protect our children and women we got out of the neighborhood and turned to here. ”

He added” in fact Rojava forces helped us to get out from the neighborhood, we thanked them”.

Janyar Ahmad a member of Civilians Protection Units said” civilians of Al- Mesaken neighborhood are asking us for help and we meet their demands and get them out”.

Baath regime continue shelling the city while Rojava forces are bravely repelling them .


















Names of the Injured





Names of the Martyrs

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