10,000 demonstrat in Diyarbakir for Kobane

Stephen Smellie, Unison South Lanarkshire and Peace in Kurdistan Patron, is currently on a delegation to Diyarbakir to meet with local officials and learn about the democratic autonomy project and the struggle for self-determination. You can read his observations in his blog.

Stephen Smellie

Yesterday 10,000 Kurds demonstrated in Diyarbakir in support of Kobane the Kurdish town on the Syrian/Turkey border besieged by ISIS. This was international day for Kobane and whilst demonstrations across Europe were held hundreds of Kurds also gathered at the Syrian border overlooking the town that has become a symbol for both the resistance to ISIS and the resurgence of the Kurdish question.

Visiting the region as part of a delegation to find out how the refugees from Kobane feel about the heroic defence of their home town and what assistance people from the UK can give, I am trying to put Kobane onto perspective.

Turkish Premier, Erdogan, hss asked Why Kobane and not another town was becoming the focus of attention. He pointed out that only about 4000 people are left there whereas other towns have bigger population who are also being besieged.

Kobane is strategic ti ISIS due…

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