Call foraid at Newroz Campa in Rojava

Urgent call for the international community


We are calling for all international organizations, human rights bodies, civil society organizations, United Nations bodies, the League of the Arab States, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, all humanitarian relief organizations, the international charity organizations, we are calling on all of them to stand with us, support us and live up to their humanitarian obligations and provide relief for the Yezidi people. The Yezidis are facing genocide, ethnic cleansing and forced displacement by the ISIS. We have been able so far to rescue nearly a hundred thousand of people in very difficult conditions. A large number of them have lost their lives as a result of the hardships, many of them summarily executed, including women and children. Thousands have been forced into the Badush prison in Mosul, where also a large number of women are being held, some of them sold into slavery.

We would like to stress that at this moment 12 000 refugees are placed in the Newroz refugee camp, and many more are expected to come. All of them are in great need of humanitarian aid, essential necessities of life (food, medicine, clothing, etc. including tents.

We are confident that our call will be heard and that you will meet your moral obligations and support us in providing for the victims and those who have been forcibly displaced.


Executive council of the Democratic Self Rule Administration, al Jazeera Canton – Syria

Executive committee of the Newroz refugee camp



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