Peace in Kurdistan Campaign organises events and meetings as part of its political and solidarity work.  You can find information on our events here, as well as related events held by other organisations from London and across the country.

Wednesday 3rd February 2016, 7pm
Public Meeting – Kurdish Freedom struggles, Friends Meeting House,
Brighton, Weds 3rd Feb, 
Admission Free
A talk by Kurdish activists about their fight against oppression by the Turkish State followed by an account from UK activists who have just visited Rojava, a Kurdish majority in the North of Syria, which has declared autonomy from the Assad regime. In Rojava, people are organising themselves in confederations of communes, cooperatives and local assemblies. Anti-capitalist and feminist ideas are flourishing, which have the power to truly transform society. This is all happening as Rojava’s People’s Protection Units are defending themselves against ISIS attacks. Activists from Brighton have just visited Rojava, and will talk about their impressions and what they learned.

Saturday 6th February, 8pm -10pm
Revolution in Rojava – Islington Mill, Manchester.

We will bring together several speakers to discuss the historical origins, current developments, and, future challenges and opportunities that the situation in Rojava throws up. These speakers will come from a variety of perspective and we hope to have an honest, open, and comradely discussion about the situation and both the potentials and limits of the social struggle in motion in Rojava.
*** Speakers *** Dr Jeff Miley: Dr Miley is a sociology lecturer at Cambridge University. He has visited Rojava and has given many lectures on the topic.
* Erdelan Baran: Member of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK).
* Tabitha, a member of our Rojava Solidarity Cluster, based in Leeds, also involved with Leeds Friends of Rojava.
This will be a free event but we ask for attendees to register their interest via Eventbrite:

Thursday 4 February 2016 at 6.30pm to 8.30pm
Haldane Women Human Rights Lecture: Free Her! Women Political Prisoners, with Radha D’Souza and Shiva Mahabobi (CFPPI), former women political prisoners from Iran.
Basement Lecture Theatre (GSB01), School of Law, London Metropolitan University, 16 Goulston Street, London, E1 7TP.

Sunday 7th February 4pm
The Kurdish Revolution – A new hope for the Middle East
Organised by the Kurdish Solidarity Network Ireland.
Venue: St Bosco Youth Centre, Dublin.
Erdelan Baran of the Kurdistan National Congress will address the meeting outlining the current realities of the revolution in Kurdistan and outline how we in Ireland can best organise effective solidarity with the Kurdish Revolution.
Bígí Linn!

Tuesday 9th February 8.30-9.30 pm
Kurdistan, Turkey, Peace and Human Rights – Hackney Green Party
Speaker – Mehmet Aksoy, film-maker and activist. 
Halkevi Community Centre, 31-33 Dalston Lane . E83DF
Near: Dalston Junction, Dalston Kingsland.  Buses: 30, 56, 38, 236, 242, 277,

Sunday 6 March
National Demonstration in London to protest the sieges in Kurdistan: #BreaktheSilence 
Save the date now! Assemble at the BBC 12 noon. Rally at Trafalgar Square 2pm.