Peace in Kurdistan Campaign organises events and meetings as part of its political and solidarity work.  You can find information on our events here, as well as related events held by other organisations from London and across the country.

Saturday 9 May, 12-7pm
London Radical Bookfair: Takeover 2015
In the second event of our Takeover series, we’ll be taking over 47/49 Tanner Street with a day that champions all radical publishing – from its independent bookshops and publishers to its DIY-ers; the small press, self-publishers, and zinesters. A collaboration between Alternative Press and London Radical Bookfair, the inaugural Takeover event took over Bishopsgate Institute in 2014. Spread over three floors, this was the first event of its kind to bring together U.K’s radical publishing and self-publishing communities.
Takeover 2015 will see us take this event to a new height by taking over an entire Victorian warehouse.
VENUE: 47-49 Tanner Street, London, SE1 3PL.

Saturday 9 May, 3-7pm
Racism – we are here because you are still there
We are experiencing and witnessing a surge of racism in Britain today. The anti-immigrant agenda is being spewed out daily from the mainstream political parties and mass media. It is not only UKIP but the entire British establishment and institutions that are racist. Racism did not start with this election; it is deeply embedded in society. Immigrants suffer difficulties in getting visas. Constant changes and new regulations make us suffer the uncertainty of not being sure about where we belong, our country of origin or here in UK. People of colour have the worst housing and jobs, suffering unemployment or ‘malemployment’. Cuts and benefits policies hit hardest on the poor, who are mainly immigrants. We face state repression from the police and security forces. Racist behaviour against us in daily life has been whipped up and is intensifying. Our religious beliefs are mocked, our dreams scorned. Enough already! No more racism!
Halkevi, Kurdish Peoples House. 31-33 Dalston Lane, London E8 3DF. Organised by the Inter Community Forum

Thursday 21 May, 8pm
We Are Many – Film Screening and Q+A
On 15 February 2003, over 15 million people marched through the streets of 800 cities around the world to try to avert the war in Iraq. Director Amir Amirani’s fearless, thought-provoking documentary reveals the remarkable inside story behind the biggest protest in history, and chronicles its surprising social and political legacy.The screening will be followed by a live satellite Q&A and panel discussion, looking at the global movement’s impact and legacy 12 years on. Journalist and broadcaster Jon Snow will host the discussion with guests including the film’s director Amir Amirani, executive producer and comedian Omid Djalili, convenor of the Stop The War Coalition Lindsey German and professor of international law at UCL Philippe Sands, with an additional panelist to be announced.
VENUE: Hackney Picture House, 270 Mare Street, London E8 1HE

Saturday 30 May, 1-4pm
Darcus Howe, Race Today and Black Power in Britain 2015
The fight for social justice is never far away, and we can look to the living past and its history to inform how we organise today.This tribute to Black activism welcomes Darcus Howe, broadcaster, former British Black Panther and ex editor of Race Today and Leila Hassan, former member of Black Unity and Freedom Party and ex editor of Race Today. Joining them will be Paul Field and Robin Bunce co-authors of Darcus Howe: A Political Biography, and Arnie Hill of London Black Revolutionaries. Adam Elliott-Cooper will chair the discussion. The event includes a book signing of Darcus Howe: A Political Biography (Bloomsbury Publishing), and a screening of Franco Rosso’s 1973 documentary Mangrove Nine.
VENUE: Room 8, Lambeth Town Hall, Brixton Hill, London SW2 1RW, (after at Black Cultural Archives)
TICKETS: £7 and available from Black Cultural Archives

Thursday 4 June
National day of action: Drone Against Drones
Join a national day of action on Thursday 4th June any time, any place and in any from to protest against the use of drones. Last year saw the first ever Drone Against Drones event, a street action designed to highlight the menace of armed unmanned aircraft, which have caused widespread civilian deaths in recent years, from Afghanistan to Gaza. A group of people armed with musical instruments gathered on Hastings seafront and played, or sang, sustained notes for as long as they could. The resulting drone drew the attention of passers-by and gave an opportunity to raise awareness of this issue, and create a media splash. Please, take up your instrument, gather on your streets, visit your MP, or even your local arms factory, and show that we will not stand for this new form of terrifying remote controlled killing.
VENUE: All over. Find our more information here.

Thursday 4 June, 6pm
Rally for Venezuela! A special event in solidarity with Venezuela and celebrating 10 years of the Venezuela Solidarity Campaign
With special guests from Venezuela plus: Tariq Ali (writer & broadcaster); Mark Weisbrot (US based writer & campaigner); Jeremy Corbyn (Liberation); Alicia Castro (Argentinian Ambassador); Professor Doreen Massey
Neil Findlay MSP (former election observer in Venezuela); Roberto Calzadilla (Bolivian Ambassador)
Guissell Morales-Echaverry (Nicaraguan Ambasador); Bethan Jenkins AM (Plaid Cymru)
Bruce Kent (peace campaigner); Grahame Morris (Labour Friends of Venezuela); Andy De La Tour (actor & former election observer); Sandra White MSP (SNP & former election observer); Dr. Francisco Dominguez (VSC Secretary); Explo Nani Kofi (peace campaigner from Ghana); Colin Burgon (VSC Chair); Derek Wall (Green Party, International); Lindsey German (Stop the War Coalition); Richard Burgon ((Labour Friends of Venezuela); Tony Burke (Unite Assistant General Secretary); Ben Chacko (Morning Star); Kate Hudson (Campaign for Nuclear Disarnament); Chris Williamson (VSC EC Member)
VENUE: Mander Hall, Hamilton House (NUT HQ,) London, WC1H 9BD. Nearest tube: Euston

Saturday 6 June, 10am – 5pm
Confronting a World at War: Stop the War Conference
The world is a much more dangerous place than it looked fourteen years ago, before the launch of the War on Terror.  The Middle East is in flames as a result of a series of Western interventions. The War on Terror has in fact spread violence and instability across an arc from Central Asia through the Middle East and into the African continent. Meanwhile, great power confrontation has returned to Europe as NATO has pushed progressively Eastwards towards the Russian border, triggering crisis and civil war in Ukraine. Confronting a World at War brings together key writers, campaigners and politicians to analyse this alarming situation and to discuss and plan how the anti-war movement should respond.
Speakers include Tariq Ali • Medea Benjamin • Mustafa Barghouti • Lindsey German • Seumas Milne  • Victoria Brittain • Bruce Kent • Jeremy Corbyn MP • Myriam Francois-Cerrah  • Mark Weisbrot • George Galloway MP • Explo Nani-Kofi • Kate Hudson • Jonathan Steele • Andrew Murray • Joe Lombardo • David Edgar • Sabby Dhalu
VENUE: TUC • 23 – 28 Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS
Booking essential. Call 0207 561 4830 or book here:

Monday 8 June, 7.30pm
Robert Fisk: The Armenian Genocide a century on
The UCL Armenian Society, in collaboration with the SOAS Armenian Society and the Armenian Genocide Centenary Commemoration Committee – UK, are extremely proud to welcome Robert Fisk for a talk on the Armenian Genocide and its echoing effects a century on. We will be hosting Dr Fisk, seven time British International Journalist of the Year, at UCL on Monday 8th June, 7:30pm.
VENUE: Anatomy G29 JZ Young LT, UCL, London. More details here.

Friday 12 – Saturday 13 June
Minorities and Popular Culture in Modern Middle East: Representation and Participation
These workshops aims at exploring the contribution of all religious and ethnic minorities to the popular culture industries and how popular culture products have represented minorities and dealt with the minority question in modern Middle East during the twentieth century and at present. The workshop hopes to examine national, regional, and cross-regional case studies covering the area from Iran to Morocco, from Turkey to Sudan and beyond. A full programme of workshops is available on the website.
VENUE: B102, Brunei Gallery, SOAS University. Conference fees for two days:  £10 students and £20 for non-students. Please contact Emma Harris for registration:
Organiser: The Woolf Institute, Cambridge & The Centre for Cultural Literary and Postcolonial Studies, SOAS Sponsor: London Middle East Institute

Saturday, 13 June, 2-5pm
Preventing violent extremism?
IHRC’s conference plans to address the UK government’s PREVENT strategy. In practice those who criticise UK foreign policy have been treated as ‘extremists’ by the Prevent programme. This has spread fear within Muslim communities, as well as among voluntary organisations and public employees who are expected to implement the programme. Even worse, it is given a statutory basis by the Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill. Speakers include: Arun Kundnani, NY University; Cerie Boulivant – CAGE; Alex Kenny – National Union of Teachers, member of National Executive Committee, and more.
VENUE: The Waterlily, 69-89 Mile End Road London E1 4TT.

Saturday 20 June, 12pm
National Demonstration: End Austerity Now
“With the Tories going it alone in government we know exactly what to expect. More nasty, destructive cuts to the things ordinary people care about- the NHS, the welfare state, education and public services. We’ll be assembling the demonstration in the heart of the City of London right on the doorstep of the very people who created the crisis in the first place, the banks and their friends in Westminster. We demand that the bankers and elite should pay for the crisis and not the vast majority who had nothing to do with it. Now is the time to get organizing, to mobilize our communities, to prepare transport and spread the word. We need to do all that we can to make this demonstration bigger and bolder than ever we have done before.”
VENUE: Bank of England (Queen Victoria Street), London (Tube: Bank)