The 4th New World Summit – Stateless States, Brussels

Report by Isabel Käser, Peace in Kurdistan Campaign, UK

From 19 – 21 September politicians, activists, academics, artists and philosophers gathered at the New World Summit in Brussels to rethink the concept of ‘state’. Founded by visual artist Jonas Staal, the New World Summit uses the space of art to develop parliaments for stateless politics. This fourth summit took place inside the Royal Flemish Theatre, giving voice to twenty stateless states within a specially built parliament arena.

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“The Mirage of ISIS: The Threat from Islamic State, the US and the Reshaping of the Middle East”

Peace in Kurdistan Campaign’s David Morgan has written an excellent article for Live Encounters, a monthly online magazine, on ISIS, western military aggression and the Kurdish struggle against both. We reproduce it below; the original source can be found here.

David Morgan explains why the US-led campaign against ISIS ultimately lacks integrity and its aims lack credibility. Kurds are on the front- line against ISIS but not all Kurds are equally favoured by the West. 

Undeniably the Islamic State or ISIS presents a great danger, especially to non-Sunni minorities and women in the Middle East, and the group has demonstrated that it is capable of committing the most heinous and ruthless crimes that sicken all normal feeling people. Nevertheless, the rhetoric raising the alarm of its “imminent threat” to the world issued from the mouths of Western politicians seems much exaggerated and overblown. Interestingly, when addressing the UN General Assembly, US President Obama claimed that Russian aggression in Europe posed an even greater threat to world peace than ISIS. He cannot have it both ways; either ISIS is an existential and unique threat sufficiently menacing to warrant waging war or it isn’t. Continue reading

DTK delegation reports from visit to Rojava and Kurdistan

Selma Irmak and several other DTK delegates visited towns and cities across the effected regions of South Kurdistan and Rojava in August following the massacre of Yezidi Kurds in Sinjar by ISIS mercenaries. They produced the following report, which is also available for download.




August 2014




SELMA IRMAK (Spokesperson of the Delegation)



The smallest part of Kurdistan, known to Kurds as Rojava, has gifted “Rojava Revolution” from Kobanê to all over the world on 19th July 2012. The fate of nearly three million Kurds who have been occupied by the Syrian regime has emerged as an upheaval against nation-state in which very important developments and overwhelming events were experienced, and its status quo cringed everywhere and this upheaval has become a revolution.

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HDP: Act now to stop genocide

Latest statement by the HDP:

Civilians in Kobane (Ayn Al-Arab) under imminent threat of mass atrocities by ISIS

Since yesterday, 24 September 2014, the situation around Kobane has dramatically deteriorated. The terrorist organization ISIS has continued to subject villages south and west of Kobane to intensive attacks, by tanks, heavy artillery and thousands of fighters. Following last night’s heavy clashes, ISIS’s new positions pose an imminent threat to the civilian population in Kobane city.

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KURDISH NEWS WEEKLY BRIEFING, 12 – 19 September 2014

1. Turkey: A Reluctant Partner in the Fight against the Islamic State
2. Turkey moving from reluctant partner to embarrassed ally
3. Turkey is supplying munitions by train for ISIS military attacks on Kobane
4. Davutoglu: Only success story in Middle East is reconciliation process
5. Three schools in Turkey open Kurdish education for the first time
6. Turkish police attack Kurds protesting against closure of school
7. 7 Public Schools Burnt Down in Cizre, Yüksekova
8. ISIS Draws a Steady Stream of Recruits From Turkey
9. Turkish soldiers shoot two Rojava shepherds
10. Youngster Dies After Checkpoint Protests in Lice
11. Civilians killed and wounded due to IS shelling on villages in Kobanî
12. IS shells Kobanî with Grad rockets Continue reading

Kurdish News Weekly Briefing, 5 – 11 September 2014

1. Kurdish Question Litmus Test for Turkey’s New Government, Experts Say
2. Abdullah Ocalan’s message to DTK congress
3. Investigation into murder of three Kurdish women in Paris reopens
4. Dedêran Camp hosts its new guests
5. Sinjar aid crosses into Rojava
6. HDP, DBP and DTK delegation visiting South Kurdistan
7. Kurdish spring: what are the PKK fighting for
8. West widens contacts with Syria’s Kurds in western Kurdistan but suspicion remains
9. VIDEO: How British Kurds are heading to fight IS
10. PHOTOS: Meet the Kurdish Women Fighting ISIS in Syria
11. Yezidi MP: Militants Retreated from Villages to Escape Stench of Massacred Victims
12. Kurds’ Baghdad ties continue to weaken
13. New Iraq oil minister faces security challenge, Kurdish dispute
14. Kurds to US: Give us the heavy weapons we need to fight ISIS
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KURDISH NEWS WEEKLY BRIEFING, 30 August – 4 September 2014

1. Davutoglu Says Kurdish Issue is a Priority of New Turkish Government
2. Tensions in Lice as new Turkish PM Promises to Pursue Kurdish Peace
3. 49 Men and 5 Women to Bolster Turkey’s “Left”
4. Suspected PKK leader arrested in Germany
5. AI: ISIS carried out ethnic cleansing on a historic scale
6. Peshmergas kill ISIS amir, capture dozens of gang militants
7. Getting ready to fight back
8. Islamic State sells Kurdish Yazidi women.
9. German Chancellor Merkel says arms aid for Iraqi Kurdistan in Europe’s interest
10. Kurdish oil exports mark 10 million barrels despite Baghdad’s woes
11. Demonstration in solidarity against ISIS in Glasgow Continue reading

Appeal by Co-chairman of the PYD, Mohamed Saleh Muslim, on behalf of the people in the cantons of Rojava, Qamişlo, 01.09.2014

To the international community,
To the members of the United Nations,
To all international aid organisations,

On the occasion of the World Day of Peace, I want, as someone who has not lost his hope for peace, to address this letter to you. The purpose of this letter is not to describe to you the tragic events that have occurred in Syria over the past three years. However, I hereby appeal to you to take responsibility to make an end to this tragedy: I also want to tell you how we are trying to live up to our responsibilities. Continue reading


August 2014

1.Turkey shelters Yazidis running from ISIL
2. Ahmet Davutoglu, Turkey’s foreign minister, to ‘succeed’ Erdogan
3. Kurdish language teachers in Turkey begin hunger strike
4. Turkey makes volte-face, moves to curb ISIL
5. Women to take to the streets against ISIS on September 1
6. Elderly Yezidis brutally massacred in the tomb
7. More Yezidis to be sheltered in Amed
8. Syria and Isis committing war crimes, says UN Continue reading

An Urgent Appeal to the International Community

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) has issued this appeal from the Joint Diplomatic Committee of Kurdistan Organisations, formed after a meeting on 17 August 2014 with representatives from all Kurdish parties and organisations which called for unified diplomatic action on the current crisis. The appeal calls for humanitarian aid to be sent to Rojava as well as South Kurdistan, and for the international community to recognise the Sinjar crisis as genocide.


An Urgent Appeal to the International Community

(By the Joint Diplomatic Committee of Kurdistan Organisations)

Due to the brutal ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) attacks on Kurdistan, the Foreign Relations Commission of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) sent an urgent request to the foreign offices of all the Kurdish Parties and organisations to organise joint lobbying and carry out diplomatic relations in unison.

The meeting which took place on 17/08/2014 at the Kurdistan National Congress office in Brussels hosted the representatives from foreign offices of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Koma Civaken Democratic – Europe (KCD), the Leftist Party of Kurdistan (Hizbi Shuhy Kurdistan), Kurdistan Islamic Union, Kurdistan Islamic Group, The Federation of Yezidi Kurds, The Union of Assyrians in Europe, Democratic Union Party (PYD), The Party of Free Life of Kurdistan, (PJAK), the representatives of the Democratic Nations Party in Europe (HDP) and the Kurdish Institute in Brussels. However, due to the short notice and emergencies a number of invited political parties could not attend the meeting, and a request was made to organise another meeting in the near future.

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