URGENT CALL FOR ACTION: Global Rally against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity!

Global Rally against ISIS – for Kobanê – for Humanity!
Date for the Global Rally: 1 November 2014, 2pm

ISIS launched a major multi-front military campaign against the Kurdish region of Kobanê in northern Syria. This is the third ISIS onslaught on Kobanê since March 2014. As the ISIS was unsuccessful on the two previous occasions, they are attacking with larger forces and want to take Kobanê.

In January this year, the Kurds in western Kurdistan (Rojava) established local administrations in the form of three cantons. One of the three cantons formed is Kobanê. The Turkish border is to the north of Kobanê and all the other sides are surrounded by ISIS-controlled territories. The ISIS has approached the Kobanê borders, using US made heavy weapons. Hundreds of thousands of civilians are threatened by the most brutal genocide in modern history. The people of Kobanê are trying to resist using basic weapons against the most brutal attacks of ISIS terrorists, with only the assistance of People’s Protection Unit in Western-Kurdistan, the YPG and YPJ, but without any international help. Continue reading


1. Turkish jets bombard Kurdish positions
2. Turkey bombs Kurdish rebel targets in southeast
3. Turkey Bombs Anti-ISIS Kurds Inside Its Own Borders
4. People flock to border to join the vigil after crackdown by troops
5. Syrian Kurds on hunger strike over detention by Turkish forces
6. Turkey to expel detained Kobane Kurds to Syria: MP
7. Turkey outlines locations for potential safe zone in Syria
8. Syria warns Turkish government against a possible intervention
7. ‘Turkey is supporting IS’ ~ Mecdel Eseed, Arabic Patriotic Group
8. Kurdish Rebels Assail Turkish Inaction on ISIS as Peril to Peace Talks
9. KRG recognizes Rojava’s cantons
10. YPG Spokesman Can: We are Working with the Coalition against ISIS Continue reading

5,000 in London join global demonstrations in support of Kobane

Reel News documents last weekends huge demonstration in central London in solidarity with the resistance of the people of Kobane. Speakers on the day included Stop the War Coalition’s John Rees, Peace in Kurdistan’s David Morgan and Memed Aksoy, member of the Kurdish People’s Assembly.

Revolutionary Anarchist Action-DAF: “Revolution will win in Kobane!”

Original source here

Our Comrades in Boydê Village Reports

It’s the 24th day of ISIS attacks on Kobanê. While people’s defending forces in all border villages are on human shield sentry for Kobanê against attacks, everyone, everywhere in the region we live, rised up not to let Kobanê fall.

We have been on human shield sentry for around three weeks in Boydê village west of Kobanê. In the last two days, explosions and sounds of clashes got intense in Kobanê’s outer districts and town center. During this period of intense clashes, military forces increased their attacks on human shield sentries at border villages. Soldiers of Turkish State has been attacking with gas bombs to those who approach the border from both sides, including the village that we are in, which was attacked on Tuesday. Soldiers also used live ammunition from time to time in their attacks and wounded people. Continue reading

UNISON branch declares support for Rojava

The South Lanarkshire Branch of UNISON recently passed a motion in support of the Rojava initiative and in solidarity with the defence of Kobane. The motion is below in full.


This meeting expresses its concern at the events in Syria in recent times with the bloodshed and violence resulting in thousands of deaths and displacement of people throughout the country. We note that in Rojava attempts have been made to establish an inclusive, non-sectarian and democratic self-rule since the Assad’s army was forced to withdraw over two years ago. We wish to express our support for the people of Rojava in their effort to build a peaceful community where all people, Kurds, Arabs, Alevis, Shia, Sunni, Christians and others can live and work together and contribute to peaceful change across Syria. Continue reading

Tamils stand with Kurds in London over Kobane


Tamil solidarity at the Kobane protests on Saturday

Originally posted on Phil Miller Info:

A small group of Tamil musicians and activists supported the Kurdish march through London yesterday, expressing their solidarity with the struggle in Kobane.

Tamil parai drummers

Parai drummers show solidarity with Kurds in Kobane

One Kurdish man spoke to the group in fluent Tamil, remarking that the Sri Lankan state was only able to defeat the Tamil Tigers because Karuna, a senior rebel commander, had defected.

Thousands of Kurds rallied in Parliament Square, London, in scenes reminiscent of the Tamil community mobilisations during the 2009 massacres

Thousands of Kurds rallied in Parliament Square, London, in scenes reminiscent of the Tamil community mobilisations during the 2009 massacres

big flag

After the police violently arrested some young Kurdish protesters, the streets were blocked by sit-ins demanding their release.

2014-10-11 16.05.36On a lighter note, here are the highlights from a football match between Tamil and Kurds.

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New KNK joint committee issues appeal on Kobane

The appeal below has been issued by the newly established Joint Diplomatic Committee consisting of several Kurdish political parties and organsiations:

An Urgent Appeal to the International Community

Protecting the Kurdish people and preventing the forced displacement of our nation in our land can only be achieved through a mutual stance on this matter.

Following a series of brutal ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) attacks on Kurdistan, on 10/08/2014 the Foreign Relations Commission of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) sent an urgent request to the foreign offices of all the Kurdish parties across the diaspora to initiate joint lobbying and diplomatic relations. Continue reading

Indian Workers’ Association and Brazilian Centre of Solidarity with the Peoples issue statement in support of Kobane

Today we received this statement in solidarity with the people of Kobane from the Indian Workers Association and the Brazilian Centre of Solidarity with the Peoples:

Joint statement by
Indian Workers’ association, Great Britain

CEBRASPO – The Brazilian Centre of Solidarity with the Peoples

Condemn the brutal assault and besieging of Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani by ISIS!
Condemn killing of 19 Turkish Kurdish demonstrators by Turkish government!
Stand in solidarity with the Kurdish people who are defending Kobani from ISIS!

Continue reading

KNK Appeal for Kobane

The Kurdistan National Congress has today issued this appeal for Kobane:

10 October 2014


The UK government must recognise that the Kurdish forces on the ground, the YPG and YPJ, are the most effective fighting force against ISIS.

They have resisted ISIS advances on Kobane for over a year, and were instrumental in evacuating thousands of Yezidi refugees who fled ISIS in Mount Sinjar.

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The Battle for Kobani is a Historic Struggle between the Past and the Future

David Morgan, Peace in Kurdistan Campaign, 7 October 2014

President Erdogan of Turkey has said “For us the PKK is the same as Isis. It is wrong to consider them in different ways.” What a clear admission of cynical collaboration with what President Obama, David Cameron, President Hollande and others, have all described as the greatest threat to the world – namely ISIS.

Turkey’s conduct during the current crisis in Kobani is further proof of Ankara’s cooperation with ISIS to advance its own political aims – to defeat the Kurds.

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