1. Erdogan’s Plan Was Against The HDP And PKK, But The Trap Has Failed
  2. Kurdish neighbourhoods take up arms as they declare autonomy in Turkey
  3. Cizre People’s Assembly calls people to the fronts of self-defense
  4. Kurds Fighting the Islamic State Enraged at Turkey Over Brutal Killing of Female Fighter
  5. Another mayor jailed over ‘self-rule’ claims: Van Public Prosecutor
  6. CHP discusses parliamentary move against President Erdoğan
  7. Now Erdogan is cooking up a coup to overthrow himself
  8. Exclusive: The Kurds’ Quest For A New Democracy
  9. Two British journalists detained in southeast Turkey
  10. Syrian rebels: Turkey tipped al Qaida group to U.S.-trained fighters Continue reading

Women’s Movement releases report about the latest violence in Turkey

The Kurdistan Women’s Community (KJK) have released a report with their evaluation of the latest developments in Turkey and across the region. You can download the full report here and we have included below the first part of the report.


Kurdistan Women’s Community (KJK)
Umbrella organisation of the Kurdish Women’s Liberation Movement

Background Information File

Roadmap of the escalation: How did the Turkish-Kurdish conflict upsurge again?

  1. Political Evaluation by the KJK:

The Turkish state has declared total war on the Kurdish people. The decision to undertake this strategy of total war was made at the meeting of Turkey’s National Security Council on 30 October 2014, when the resistance against attacks by the ISIS terrorist organisation in Kobanê, Rojava (i.e. western Kurdistan, the Kurdish region Syria) reached its peak. This meeting, which lasted more than 10 hours, was illegitimately chaired by the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan; according to Turkish law, only the country’s Prime Minister can lead National Security Council meetings. Continue reading

Joint appeal from Kurdish Women’s Movement calls for signatures

To sign your name, you can contact Ceni – Women’s Office for Peace: ceni_frauen@gmx.de

Sign the appeal for Kurdish women!

The patriarchal mentality of the complicity of the AKP-DAESH is the most atrocious figure of “feminicide”

The Kurdish Women’s Movement in Europe (TJK-E), the International Representation of Kurdish Women Movement (IRKWM), the Office of Kurdish Women for Peace CENI, the Womens Centre UTAMARA, the International Free Women’s Foundation (IFWF), Roj Women, the Hêlîn Foundation as well as the local women’s councils condemn the execution of Kevser Eltruk (Ekin VAN), who was a YJA STAR Kurdish fighter, killed by torture by Turkish soldiers and exposed naked in public in an inhumane manner in the very middle of the town of Varto in Kurdistan, Turkey. The shame and dishonour of this event will go down in history. Continue reading

Mesopotamian Ecology Movement call to action against forest fires and ecological warfare

Please contact the organiser if you want to take part!

+++ Mesopotamian Ecology Movement +++

*10.000 hectares burnt down in Kurdistan by the Turkish Army – International Delegation needed more than ever!*


We want to renew our call to form an international delegation to investigate the forest fires in North-Kurdistan caused by the Turkish Army. It is more and more urgent to raise international public as in the last one week the number of forest fires and burnt forests increase daily.

Around ten days ago activists of our movement did a first investigation together with a group of Turkish ecological activists in different parts of Kurdistan (the report will be published in the next days). According to this and further gathered information from local people the number of forest fires has exceeded the number of 50 in at least eight provinces: Dersim (Tunceli), Çewlik (Bingöl), Amed (Diyarbakır), Mardin, Siirt, Şirnex (Şırnak), Çolemerg (Hakkari) and Bitlis. The total number of forest areas burnt down in the last one month has reached 10.000 hectares land! We are concerned that this will be intensified in the next weeks as long as the military operations of the Turkish Army continue. Continue reading

Save Hasankeyf: Statement from the demonstration today at the Andritz offices, Derbyshire, UK

We received this statement from a group of solidarity activists raising their voices about the massive displacement and ecological destruction taking place in the regions around Hasankeyf in southern Turkey, where a huge internationally funded dam building project has been ongoing for several years. The group protested against Andritz Hydro, a company based in Belper, Derbyshire, which is playing a leading role in the construction of the Ilisu dam, which, if constructed, would leave the 12,000 year old town of Hasankeyf under water. 

Find out more about actions agains the Ilisu Dam here

Today people came together to protest against Andritz Hydro, a company that plays a leading role in the construction of the Ilisu dam in North Kurdistan (the area of Kurdistan which lies within eastern Turkey).

We hung a banner from a bridge which forms part of the building where Andritz has its offices in Belper, Derbyshire in the UK. We hung a banner, which read: “Andritz Hydro = Ilisu Dam. 78,000 people displaced in Kurdistan.” Continue reading



  1. PKK threatens to send fighters to southeast Turkey as violence flares
  2. Detentions And Torture By Turkish Forces In Kurdistan Continue
  3. Kurdish civilians under fire as Turkey bombs PKK in Iraq
  4. Women activists report: Silvan is a war zone
  5. Eight soldiers killed, Kurdish mayors arrested as southeast Turkey erupts
  6. ISIS, Syria, and Turkey’s New War on the Kurds
  7. Kurds Decide On Self-Government In The Face Of War
  8. Naked and bloodied corpse of a female Kurdish militant killed by Turkey’s special forces is leaked online, sparking fury among activists
  9. Now Erdogan is cooking up a coup to overthrow himself
  10. Turkey accuses BBC of ‘openly supporting terrorism’
  11. Continue reading

KURDISH NEWS WEEKLY BRIEFING, 8 August – 17 August 2015

After a short break, we are bringing you a round up of useful news items about the Kurdish struggle from the last couple of weeks. 

We have also highlighted here a selection of some of the latest statements, appeals and reports from important organisations within the Kurdish movement. Here at Peace in Kurdistan Campaign we always aim to bring you information and reports directly from Kurdish organisations on the ground.


Appeal: OPEN UP A CORRIDOR TO KOBANE, Kobane Reconstruction Board. This is an open appeal. Sign your name today!

Further reports, needs assessments and information on how to donate or support the reconstruction of Kobane can be found at the Reconstruction Board’s dedicated website, http://www.helpkobane.com. There is also just two days left to donate to the Board’s crowdfunding initiative – please donate!: https://www.firefund.net/

Call for Participation in an International Convoy for the Opening of Humanitarian Corridor from Turkey to Kobane, Kobane Reconstruction Board. This is also an open call. If you would like to take part, please contact us.

Joint Declaration by Kurdish, Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian Parties and Associations, KNK Press Release.

15 August is the spirit of the Kurdish freedom struggle, KCK Statement.

The Free Women’s Congress issues appeal for an end to violence in Silopi, KJA Appeal.

Village Of Zergelê Massacre Investigation Committee Report, HDP Investigative Report, 12 August 2015.

The Turkish State’s attacks and their impact on the status of the Kurdish Issue, KNK Dossier. 6 August 2015.

Continue reading

The Free Women’s Congress issues appeal for an end to violence in Silopi

The FREE WOMEN CONGRESS (KONGREYA JİNÊN AZAD –KJA) has released this urgent statement on the continued state-sponsored violence in Silopi, southern Turkey, which has seen some of the worst of the latest wave of unrest across the country. 



The denial and destruction policies, human rights violations, arrests, evacuation of villages and unidentified murders applied on civilian Kurdish people by the Turkish State as a consequence of the escalation of the conflictual atmosphere between PKK (Kurdistan Workers Party) and state forces in the early of 90s have caused deep wounds in society. Upon the call of Kurdish People’s Leader Mr. Abdullah Öcalan in Newroz, on 21st March 2013, the society in Turkey has breathed easy and set great hopes on democratic solution and peace-building. However, with the process started with the rejection of the negotiations just after the general elections in Turkey on 7th June 2015; the insist on isolation implemented on Mr. Abdullah Öcalan, bombing attacks, political and military operations, forest burnings, sexual violence against women and massacres against civil people are enhanced by the State violently. Continue reading

Appeal for a “Humanitarian Corridor” released

Peace in Kurdistan Campaign is supporting this important appeal from the Reconstruct Kobane platform calling for a humanitarian corridor to be opened up into Kobane. Still, after years, Rojava and Kobane and suffering a complete embargo with essential goods like food, medicine and clothing being refused entry through the Turkish border. It appear the only thing the border does not apply to is ISIS-affiliated fighters. This hypocrisy must stop and the demands are simple. Sign the appeal today!

To add you name, please contact estella24@tiscali.co.uk with your name, organisation and profession.


Kobane desperately needs our help to rebuild itself and for this to take place, the establishment of a humanitarian corridor between Kobane and Turkey is an urgent requirement.

As of today, July 2015, the city of Kobane, located on the Syrian-Turkish border, remains subject to the merciless attacks of ISIS. Equipped with far less sophisticated weapons and with limited resources, the people of Kobane’s unflinching determination to survive is their only real means of opposing ISIS, to hold on to their independence and to be free from this brutal violence. And this is what they have undertaken, at times supported by the US air force as part of the international coalition to resist the advance of ISIS. The price of Kobane’s resistance has been high: countless dead and injured, and an almost completely destroyed city infrastructure, which has left essential supplies of water, electricity, food and medicine in a state of collapse. And the threat from ISIS has still not been eliminated. Continue reading


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