Urgent HDP call for action for Cizre and Sur.


“We could be massacred at anytime“


It has come out that Turkish forces are committing yet another savagery in another basement in Şırnak’s Cizre district where as many as 40 people have taken shelter

As more details are coming out regarding this basement in the Sur neighborhood, it came out that around 20 civilians were massacred as a result of tank strikes aimed at the building several hours ago. Continue reading

Open Letterto EU about the killing of Mehemet Tunc


Open letter to the European Parliament



There are injured people who have taken refuge in basements in Cizre for almost a month. There was a man who informed us, the whole world, in fact you, the European Parliament as well, about what is happening in Cizre, that man was Cizre People’s Assembly co-chair Mehmet Tunç.

Even though news of Mehmet Tunç’s death is being shared on social media for two days I didn’t want to believe it. For the past two days, telephone in hand, speaking to people from places spanning from Cizre to Brussels, I have been trying to find out what happened to him. I didn’t want to believe that this brave man had died. Continue reading

The important reports reveal destruction, damage and detentions in southeast

Today we received three important new reports about the physical destruction and humanitarian situation in North Kurdistan, the Southeast of the Republic of Turkey.

First, a new and important report of the Union of Southeastern Anatolia Region (GABB) on the damage in the cities which were faced with a curfew by the Turkish Government in the last half year. This report has been prepared by a large number of people in
different provinces.
Download the GABB Regional Damage Assessment Report

There is secondly an overview about the arrested, detained, dismissed and warrented co-mayors of the Democratic Regions Party (DBP), the main member party of the HDP.
Download the GABB list of mayors dismissed, imprisoned and prosecuted since July 2015

Finally you can find a short information about the situation of the displaced people of the old city of Amed (Diyarbakir).
Download the DPP Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality

Information about Displaced Persons



Address: Elazığ Cad. Nr. 10, 21100 Yenişehir / Diyarbakir

Tel: 0090 (0) 412 229 48 80 / 309 – Fax: 0090 (0) 412 228 75 44

E-mail : baskan@diyarbakir.bld.gov.tr – Web: http://www.diyarbakir.bel.tr/en

Information on forcibly displaced People as a result of the curfew in the Sur

district of the Diyarbakır province

Continue reading

KURDISH NEWS WEEKLY BRIEFING, 29th January-5th February 2016



  1. International Delegation led by Judge Moosa asks to visit Ocalan in Imrali.
  2. UN rights chief urges Turkey to probe shooting by security forces
  3. Turkey’s opposition to PYD reveals inconsistency in foreign policy
  4. Democracy’s Challenge with Turkey’ debated at Abant Platform
  5. Under pressure from Turkey, UN excludes PYD from Syria talks
  6. US anti-IS envoy visits Kurdish, Arab fighters in Syria: sources
  7. Syrian civil war: Could Turkey be gambling on an invasion?
  8. Raising the States: ‘Unpredictable’ Erdogan May Start Intervention in Syria
  9. Kurds bomb strongholds of al-Qaeda in Aleppo, ISIS in Raqqa
  10. Canadians Fighting the Islamic State Could Face Terror Charges for Helping the Kurds

  11. Behind Turkey’s war on the Kurds
  12. Erdogan’s failing foreign policy is in ruins
  13. Interview – Nadje Al-Ali
  14. A Nobel Peace Prize Laureate’s Views on the Kurds
  15. Our People Will Never Accept Slavery
  16. Russia Is Exploiting Syria’s Kurds And U.S. Frustrations To Complicate The Fight Against ISIS


  17. The Turkish Government’s All Out War against the Kurds

Continue reading



  1. YPS-Jin declared in Diyarbakır
  2. Some 200,000 at risk in Turkey’s fight against Kurdish militants: Amnesty
  3. European Lawyers Delegation visits Diyarbakir
  4. Vandana Shiva Plants Seeds At Yedikule Gardens
  5. Davutoglu visits: Letter critiques Merkel Turkey policy
  6. Turkey rounds up academics who signed petition denouncing attacks on Kurds
  7. The #WarOnKurds and Academics for Peace
  8. Storm on the Horizon: Is A Turkish ‘Ground Invasion’ of Syria Looming?
  9. Turkey Freaks Out After Russia Insists Kurds Participate in Syrian Talks
  10. Ottawa protests atrocities in Kurdistan
  11. Tommy Sheppard MP attends Scottish solidarity demo
  12. The US is considering a new plan for Syria — and the Kurds ‘will not be happy about it’

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Urgent call to feminists and women’s organisations for solidarity

The call below was issued by the Free Women’s Assembly. They also put together a factsheet about the blockades, which you will find below:

To Women’s Organizations;

Urgent Call for Action

Women’s Freedom Assembly (KÖM) is calling on your solidarity against the war and massacres that we have been living through for the past eight months. The AKP government and President Tayyip Erdoğan are repressing, through violence, all opposition forces who have been resisting the authoritarian regime that they have been trying to establish in Turkey and destroying all channels of political struggle. They have brought the Parliament to disfunction and suspended the rule of law by taking the judiciary system under their control. Continue reading


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